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Lindsey Ashton

Updated: Sun, 12 Oct 2008 08:32 am

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Lindsey Ashton, born in Wigan, Lancashire 1984. I joined the Army as a medic in 2001, I have served in places such as Iraq, Kuwait, Canada and have assisted with humanitarian aid in Kenya. I am currently based in Catterick, North Yorkshire. I am new to performance poetry, though I did do a 'slam' in Wigan on 12th April and really enjoyed myself. It is something I would definitely like to do again. I have written a book which is called Listen. it was published and available online in May 07. My book is about some of the more serious things we may come across in life. Sometimes we may see things but not hear, or hear them but not listen. My darling wife (below) is in the book along with, Voice in the wind, She's an Angel, Stolen and others. The book is published by


MY DARLING WIFE "Goodnight my darling" he whispered, as he perched himself on the bed, "I was thinking of you today, you know, about the day we wed. You looked so pure and perfect, like a cherub upon a cloud, Approaching me from down the isle, you made me feel so proud. It's been forty years since that day, everyday spent with you, And now I sit here alone, I dont know what to do. I played your favourite song today and sat there on your chair, I closed my eyes and for a while I saw you standing there. But you wasn't weak and tired, nor sick or in pain, No, you were standing in your wedding dress, fit and healthy again. You tried to tell me something, but i could only hear the song, I tried to listen harder but your words weren't very strong. What was it my dear, that you tried to say, That we would be together again someday? I hope it be soon, for the pain is too much, A pain uncured without your loving touch. I love you, I need you, I don't want to be alone, Spending every waking day with no company but my own. I'm sorry my darling, I don't mean to go on, I've just found things difficult since you've been gone I love you my darling, I bid you goodnight." He laid down in bed and turned off the light. His tears moistened his pillow as he thought of his life, So empty and hollow without his darling wife. As he fell to sleep his wife's song started to play, He sat up straight without delay, And there she stood so perfect and true, She whispered him words, "I have come for you, So sad you are, in pain and weak" His lip trembled as he heard her speak. He stands up off the bed where his body still laid, She asked him towards her, "don't be afraid, I was tryin to tell you earlier" she said, "That I would come for you when you're resting in bed." He reached out his arms as he neared his angel wife, Taking her hand for eternal life, She kissed his head and held him tight, Then together they disappeared into the night. young girl There she stands staring at the ground, Unaware of whats happening all around. Why is she sad, what does she know, What could have happened to fill her with woe? Why is she silent, not making a sound, Why does she stand there staring at the ground? In a picture of sadness i feel her pain, So strong its bitter, it drives her insane. I try to get close to her but cannot get near, Each step I take she steps to the rear. She lifts her head and looks at me, Showin fear and pain for me to see. A darkened tear of blood and hate, Glides down her cheek to hide her state, Her anger and pain lock her in a place Where she cannot show emotion on her face. It keps her there, it locks her away, Not allowing her to break away. This poor young girl, who could she be? Suddenly she's close, This girl is me.

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<Deleted User> (3380)

Sat 6th Sep 2008 13:57

merci je peux comprendre ce que vous écrivez, parce que j'ai utilisé Google Translate. vous pourriez l'utiliser pour traduire mon poème, mais il pourrait ne pas traduire tous comment il convient

valentin Prochasson

Mon 26th May 2008 14:06

Tres joli poeme meme si je n ai pas compris tout les details, mon anglais etant mauvais. J ai eu beaucoup de plaisir a le lire.
Continuer ainsi! ;)
I hope you understand this comment.

<Deleted User> (3380)

Mon 28th Apr 2008 20:18

lol, i like to think wen i write i set set a scene, i can see the image in my head. :) thanx 4 ur comment

Rob Sarahs

Sun 6th Apr 2008 19:57

Very good,the first one would make a great picture don't you think.

<Deleted User> (3380)

Thu 3rd Jan 2008 20:32

thank you very much :)

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clarissa mckone

Thu 18th Oct 2007 03:25

You have such great talent, I enjoyed reading your poems, the first so sad, the next rather happy. thanks

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