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Leilanie Stewart

Updated: Fri, 4 May 2018 06:22 am

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I'm a writer and poet, mainly publishing in print and online, although I have promoted my poetry through Spoken Word events in Cambridge, London and Belfast. In 2015 my debut poetry pamphlet was launched by London-based Eyewear Publishing: In 2017 my second poetry collection was published by Canadian publisher, Fowlpox Press: You can read more about my poetry publications on my blog at: My online shop of poetry and fiction books is at: I also run Bindweed Magazine with my poet/writer hubby, Joseph Robert: I also promote my poetry readings through my YouTube channel: Here are a few reviews of my other poetry collections:


Pika Pika (Toebirds & Woodlice - page 12) Copyright © Leilanie Stewart 2012 A multi-faceted crystal when hung in the eyes of a house will break the bad feng-shui In the uterus of an empty place it’ll grow, filling the void with the nectar of new energy The sun will soon be siphoned off The light will not be shared. *** Voodoo (Metamorphosis of Woman - page 8) Copyright © Leilanie Stewart 2012 Sometimes I wish I could be one of those people who write nice, neat poems about winter, or cats, but life simply hasn’t made me that way. I had my innocence knocked out by a concrete block that hit my head, and narrowly missed severing the connection with my soul. I’m basically a second-rate voodoo zombie working the fields all day and stopping only to eat. Hopefully the poison will wear off soon When it does, I’ll leave the daily grind for good.

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Tommy Carroll

Mon 16th Mar 2015 19:56

...and with each step a jig

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Graham Sherwood

Tue 10th Mar 2015 22:50

Thank you for your very generous comments on 9th Age, Leilanie. They are very much appreciated.

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Leilanie Stewart

Tue 10th Mar 2015 07:33

Thanks Tommy. Enjoyed reading your poems too, will check out your website as well. :)

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Tommy Carroll

Wed 11th Feb 2015 19:19

Hi Ms Stewart. A busy woman for shore. Tommy

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Leilanie Stewart

Tue 14th Oct 2014 09:20

Hi Julian,

Thanks for your thoughts on my poems. Japan really did have a huge influence on my work, particularly Shintoism. I'm also inspired by Greek and Celtic mythology in some of my other poems :)

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Julian (Admin)

Mon 13th Oct 2014 21:33

HI Leilanie
Thanks for sharing all this with us here at Write Out Loud. I enjoyed reading the two poems, your samples, and particularly like the first stanza of voodoo. It seems to have a Zen quality to it; your Japanese experience, perhaps?
I look forward to reading more.

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