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Keiron Higgins

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Keiron Higgins is a Punk Poet (and self-proclaimed "Punk With a Northern Soul") from the aisle of Halifax, West Yorkshire. Coming from a creative background which over the years has seen him in his hometown of Halifax be a former DJ, music producer and radio presenter, Keiron started doing spoken word as a secondary outlet to music production in 2013 after seeing the likes of close friend and fellow punk poet Cayn White over the years, and being spurned on by attending his ever first spoken word night in 2013. His poems usually told at a rapid pace (quoted by the Firm Of Poets as been as "Halifax's Lyrical Machine Gun)" usually contain themes about the love of his ever-growing vinyl collection, outlooks of life and general humorous outlooks of current world events. During in his 4-5 years of performing his prolific CV has seen him be a supporting poet for the likes of Nick Toczek, Henry Normal, Attila The Stockbroker, Jeffrey Lewis and ex. Crass member Steve Ignorant. He is a regular at open mic nights across Halifax is often welcomed with praise and respect from his peers and headlining acts. With popularity growing and encouragement from friends and family in 2017 he published his first collection "Rebel Without A Prose:The Writings Of A Working Class Fake. "Keiron's poetry is as sharp as his dress sense. Stacatto rhythms that penetrate and empower. Pure punk" -Toria Garbutt "Northern chat - Keiron Higgins says it like it is. Halifax born and bred. Always smartly dressed, with attention to detail, he observes the crowd. His love for vinyl is close to his heart. And his passion for words is his daily reward."- Fiona Love "While his words truly come to life when you see him in person, they do not lose their charm and message when written down and read. "- Crossroads Today "You do your town proud"- John Hegley

Popular Recitals...

An introduction: This is a poetic introduction piece that i read to give people an insight of me: My Mum was a punk My Dad a ted Together they had a child mixed up in the head One loved Siouxsie Sioux The other Elvis Presley And that was the conception of me So whilst one went to see CRASS The other collected his giro pass Mixing black with white in the 80s Wasn't all the rage Luckily they had this flatcapped wearing miscreant in the color beige.. Confessions of A Vinyl Addict (parts 1 and 2) 7 inch 12 inch 45 The look and sound makes me feel alive Punk, Rock, Reggae and ska Is the sounds I play from sound systems afar The wheel is spinning This man is grinning The sound of a good record Spend money I can't afford On that one record Its scratched sometimes Comes with a hiss But there isn't a sound I find more authentic than this So when the needle hits the groove No time to be rude No time to be bored Its a 12 inch 7 inch 180 gram record. You see.. I love the sound of crackle I adore the sound of hiss People thought it was a dying trend But its a sound I'll never miss The sound of a new vinyl Is a sound I love to hear So pull yourself up real close And lend me your ear Now some people like jazz And others like rock But the only time I get sad Is when my records are outta stock So if you see me playing records Don't look at me smart or smug Keep ya CDs and your tapes Its my preferred kinda drug! The Midnight, The Stars and You I want the midnight the stars and you I want a glass of wine and a beer or two I want you to play me your records so we can brood to the hiss I want us to smile after each and every kiss I wanna be romantic like Al Bowlly in the 30s I want a kind of suit for you only that never dirty's I wanna laugh I don't want the world I want you And I want us to walk hand-in-hand together And catch a meal or two I want to write like this just to prove i'm not so mad I don't want much just not to be sad.. Again I want the midnight the stars and you and i want this poem to be less about her and more about you.

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Fri 20th Mar 2020 18:50

That's what we want Kieron - stay positive and uplift others as well. Enjoyed. P. 👍

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Tue 5th Feb 2019 19:18

No more heartfelt apologies....

Bloody brilliant piece of writing!

Keiron keep writing, keep telling how if really is.


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Philip Stevens

Tue 7th Nov 2017 19:16

Just listened to confessions of vynal addict.. loved it, the energy ... you provoked some memories... fluff on the needle... a penny on the arm to stop it from jumping... the scratch...keep the revival of the vynal alive..

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keiron higgins

Wed 4th Feb 2015 20:41

thanks very much Jackie! more to come, hopefully.

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Jackie Phillips

Wed 4th Feb 2015 16:56

Hi Kieron - welcome to WOL. I liked your sample poem, in fact I enjoyed it so much that I'm just popping off now to take a look at your blog posts.

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