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Updated: Sun, 5 Jun 2011 05:14 pm

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Hi, I’m Katy Lisa and I guess I wrote my first few poems when I was 16 or so but never did anything with them. Now many,many years after some encouragement from my boyfriend who is a known Poet on Write Out Loud, I have decided to start writing again. I am aware I am on a learning curve but I am appreciative of any help and /or feedback and am hoping to be able to W.O.L. Stockport soon


MY CATS Roxy and Roo Roo The mischief kicks in They play then fight They love then hate The excitement wears off They bore then tire They rest then sleep The hunger sets in They meow then cry They eat then drink And then I get some peace. *** THE CHORLTON GIG I watched you read your poetry with your nose in the air Like the cat that had smelled freshly cooked fish The words came through sweet and smooth like an ice cold sorbet on a hot summers day. The crowed laughed at the jokes like they would at a clown performing tricks to young children The enjoyment could be felt in the air like trapped fireflies buzzing in a jar trying to escape You shone through with your Percy poem as the audience calmed and listened like they would to a celebrated composer.

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Jeff Dawson

Mon 6th Feb 2012 19:56

hi KL, 7 billion thank yous for your comments on my last 3 poems, glad you like and enjoyed reading, will try to avoid chocolate! X

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Amy Houston

Thu 30th Jun 2011 13:28

Hi Katy,

thanks for the comment. x

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Jeff Dawson

Wed 29th Jun 2011 22:56

Hi Katy, thanks for comments on my poem! Yes being good with Andy, you've nothing to worry about, he plays his own organ! X

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Andy N

Wed 22nd Jun 2011 08:19

Manda Lee is also right - you should defo get some other pieces up on here as blogs xx

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Andy N

Sat 18th Jun 2011 21:49

excellent stuff, katy.. thank you for your comments! are you sure ain't stalking me with all of your comments - lol.the cat also looks familiar... looks like a cat i know who is like that - either sleeping or eating constantly??? lol x

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Gordon Zola

Mon 6th Jun 2011 10:48

Hi Katy - welcome to writeoutloud. Hey i like it. You've got me intrigued about the friend who recommended you - give me a clue?

<Deleted User> (9392)

Mon 6th Jun 2011 02:16

Always wondered why I never got a cat - must like my peace and quiet too much! Great stuff Miss Katy. X

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Jeff Dawson

Mon 6th Jun 2011 02:07

Hi Katy, welcome to WOL, oh yes he's known alright! Ha, nice opening poems and am sure he likes the tribute from Chorlton! JDX

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Andy N

Sun 5th Jun 2011 22:06

I can really see that poem about your cats.. It was almost they were stood next to me! lol but welcome onboard.. Look forward to hearing future poems! x

<Deleted User> (7075)

Sun 5th Jun 2011 21:27

Hi Katy, You are very welcome here. I think you will find Stockport very welcoming. Good luck. Winston

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