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Katherine M. Kelly

Updated: Tue, 5 Apr 2011 07:10 pm

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I have been writing poetry for several years now and am this year about to enter the scary world of performance poetry. My writing style is both long narrative rhyme and short pieces. I cover all subjects, tragedy, romance, hope, people, politics, humour and many more. I have no publications to date, but by being on this lovely website, I should be able to discover all I need to know, to take the next advancing steps and welcome all feedback and some friends too.


Short Poem #17. The Bad Date. David, knew he shouldn’t have taken Sally back home with him that night. He wished he hadn’t drunk so much wine and binged his way through the five course dinner date. As he straddled himself on top of Sally, rocking back and forth, he felt excessively unwell. He was sweating profusely, his whole body was pale and clammy. His stomach turning, churning and gurning within. The next couple of seconds, were not a pretty sight. Sally, went straight into the bathroom, to wash away the vomit and black mascara tears. David, was naked and comatose, unaware he was lying in his own putrid bile. It was pretty clear that when he would awake in the morning, he would never see Sally again. Copyright of Katherine Kelly. 02/03/2011© The Beauty Of Nature © As I trail along the path at pace, The air is fresh upon my face, Every breath exhaled, visible in the air, Tucking behind my ear, windswept hair, Skin pale, my cheeks red & rosy, Tightening my coat, to feel warm & cosy. Listening intently to the crunch as I walk on through, The grass that is freshly crisp with frosted dew, The leafs of trees glow an amber light, And rustle softly when the breeze is slight, Birds chirp within the thick bustle, Tweeting loudly as they tussle, Sweeping high & swooping low, Fighting the wind pressure as they go. Sky turning gloomy grey & dark, As I walk on through the lonesome park, The clouds cry out with a sound of thunder, Raindrops queue up to attack and plunder, Soaking the battered earth with beads, Providing natures land with what it needs. After the uproarious storm has had its say, Through broken clouds, the sun beams ray, Every physical being released from shelter, Continuing their daily helter-skelter. Material copyrighted 14/01/2011Katherine M. Kelly © Twitter Me This. Verse One Twit from me, Twit to you, Is 140 characters too few? Squeezing a day, to no less than a line, But we all seem to manage just fine, Writing about the things we hold dear, For strangers unknown, simply to hear. Verse Two Twitter me this, twitter me that, Let’s all have a jolly good chat, Look who’s brought a brand new hat, That bloke off the TV who is a twat, Look at me with my ginger cat, Click on this link, he’s sprawled on a mat, A computer desk is where I’m sat, Twitter me this, Twitter me that. Verse Three Tweet online, tweet from phone, Do it wirelessly or at home, Celebrities uncut and under dressed, We cling to every word, fan obsessed, Hoping that they will send a reply, So I can be friends with Stephen Fry. Verse Four Twitter me that, twitter me this, What’s going on? What did I miss? I dated a girl who spoke with a lisp, I dumped a bloke because he took the piss, Do you remember Willow The Wisp? Oh, I remember it with eighties bliss, Is a jam and cream roll really Swiss? Twitter me that, Twitter me this. Verse Five I will follow you, if you follow me, (Who the hell are you?) But friend’s we’ll be, delving into each others lives, Pretending to be newspaper, reporter spies, Reading, writing and repeating, We’ll always be, forever tweeting. Copyright of Katherine Kelly. 12/05/2010© More samples of my work can be discovered on my recently created blog that I will be frequently updating, both written, audio & video.

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Tommy Carroll

Wed 2nd Mar 2011 01:48

you were correct to take it so Katherine. Forgive my not being more explicit.

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Tommy Carroll

Tue 1st Mar 2011 01:50

now this is interesting...

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David Franks

Mon 28th Feb 2011 11:58

I like "The Beauty of Nature" Katherine...maybe a space after "cosy." and "go."..?

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Winston (Admin)

Thu 17th Feb 2011 11:06

Hi Katherine , welcome to Write out loud. Winston.

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