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Karen Deeks

Updated: Fri, 25 Apr 2014 01:31 pm

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Painter writer sketcher doodler and prolific dotter. I am not a writer I just like to write. I have been penning for four years now and it has been my saviour. I have read out loud my poems twice and hate the sound if my own voice. Fav poets. Naruda (a dog has died) Edwin Morgan (strawberries) Lewis Carroll hiawathas photographing Bill Kearn (entrapment) hysterical ! Maya Angelou. Men. And mommas welfare role Oh and le too notch! Oscar Wildes the Ballard of Reading Goal I've read that so many times.


Autumnal Tease.... (Goes with my sketch) Deep within the emerald, jaded summers days Whilst Mother Nature dances Exotically lays In the eyes and minds of human folk Autumn Elf clambers up Deep amongst the trees To whisper words To tempt her From summers verde beam At first she is easily distracted As a beautiful fledgling flirt Yet slowly Through Autumns persistent promises He softly tempts her She settles down beside him engrossed in smouldering embers mirth And whilst his teasing Tongue and breath Does tinker on her cheek The cloak of limes and lemon trees Does Very Slowly Slip To reveal one precious summer bronzed shoulder (at this point) Autumn Elf Aware his seduction does so succeed He offers up his golden cap Whilst bowing on one knee As after all she is his queen The one for whom he yearns And waits silently within the trees For her glorious return. Loosing My Mind Slowly... I'm going to write a poem Coffee Doorbell What was I doing? ----------------------------------- Poetry Groups and Aaron Jumpers... Red checkered carpet and mahogany wood dominate Guinness, beer and wine stand politely Reflective The eclectic gathering of minds and smiles Litter the room as left over christmas baubles While one voice swoons across the ceiling to fall on ravenous ears Smiles in therapy And memory slip over the rickety stiles of childhood As eyes wide shut dance or skipping hypnotically As an exuberant uncontrollable child on a windy day Create their own beautiful masterpieces from the words lain for all to dream A sigh A scratch A rustling peanut packet to distract The odd glance searching the sea of eyes for recognition, acceptance, hope or a mere smile Where aaron jumpers distract Why do aaron jumpers make one think of catalogues, hearty meals and most of all love The love of huge warm arms swinging you around in adoration Sheer exhilaration at really being in love Why do aaron jumpers and A scottish poets words create Grey seas frothy cream licking the rocky skirt of the lighthouse Red and white solid safety which Perfectly beckons me And the poem did that and the mind did follow joyously The words laid down by A man died two years ago Why did he have to die 2010 just before i heard of him And now i must search his words in past tense And almost hero worship The man from Edinburgh and the visions he gave me By the sea I shed one tear ------------------------------------------------- Plz Note This is about my visit tonight to a poetry group and how reading and your own imagination dance arm in arm..... Every poets words are half the painting to be completed by the fresh eyes which read theory anyway My reaction to Edwin Morgan's beautiful write strawberries ----------/-/-

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Ian Whiteley

Sun 11th May 2014 10:53

I'm so sorry for not responding sooner -0 thank you so much for your kind comments regarding 'the terrible lizard' - just a reflection on my gradual regression into 'dinosaur' status :-)looking forward to reading more of your stuff - thanks again - Ian

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Karen Deeks

Fri 25th Apr 2014 16:23

Thank you very much. Re pucture. Omg I'm so excited. Just seen the proto of my very first book lol. Sorry just waffling.

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Graham Sherwood

Fri 25th Apr 2014 15:50

Wonderful picture Karen, well done!

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Karen Deeks

Fri 25th Apr 2014 13:33

Thank you very much Graham. I have tried to change my profile picture. But not sure if I have yet

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Graham Sherwood

Wed 23rd Apr 2014 22:25

Hello Karen and welcome to Write Out Loud. We're really looking forward to reading some of your work. I know that you will be warmly welcomed by fellow WOL-ers on the site. If you haven’t already added a picture to your profile please try and do so. It’s good to see what our fellow poets look like.
Have a good browse around the site, there’s lots going on and if you have the time make some comments about the work of other poets please feel free. It’s the best way to get some constructive feedback about your own work too.
Any problems, please ask. There’s always someone who’ll get back to you. It’s a friendly place, so welcome once again.

Graham Sherwood

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