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I write about life, and the meaning of it. I write about things that make me angry. I also write about hope. I love doing poetry gigs. It gives me a real buzz. I have recently performed at the Middlesbrough Literary Festival, Waddington Street in Durham, The Community Centre in Lanchester, The Python Art Gallery in Middlesbrough, The Lamplight Theatre in Stanley, Crook Football Club and Victoria Sociial Club in Willington. In the last month I have read poetry on James Cook Hospital Radio,Radio Tees and Radio Teesdale. The national novelist Wendy Robertson, who has an arts show on Bishop FM, recorded me for an hour as part of a South Durham writers archive. This is quite an honour. I have had poetry published in Awen, Bard, Scriptor 7, Earth Love, The Arran Voice and Northern Lines. Over the last two months I have had poetry published in The Northern Echo, The Wear Valley Mercury, The North East Poetry Journal and Rethink's local glossy North East Newsletter. Rethink is a national mental health charity. I entered my first poetry competition recently through I won the Southern section of the North East poetry competition. My winning poem "Holy Communion" was as a result printed in the Teeside Evening Gazette on the 6th of September. I have had four books published, the most notable being Jewels In The Crown. Jules - 25/2/11


HE WHO WOULD VALIANT BE He who would valiant be To be a tourist Embalmed by tea towels In the street To be a tourist Charged twice for everything Locals hear the money bells ring To be a tourist Fooled by a swarmy smile Inwardly sarcastic all the while To be a tourist Engendered as a friend But if it came down to it Where would that friendship end To be a tourist An important part of the economy Everybody wants a bit of me To be a tourist An expensive stay at a B & B Pay for two nights, the third is free To be a tourist Car parking spaces at a premium Traffic wards never lenient To be a tourist All endured for a bit of fun Enlightened day dreams on the run Make sure you spend what’s yours Before life closes it’s doors Store the memories digitally For friends and relatives to see Come back next year To renew the cup of cheer Smile as the tea towels refresh your mind A happier life is not hard to find To be a tourist PANCAKES There’s nowt to beat A good pancake In fact I’d have a good time Over a pancake Especially one covered in syrup Give me a pancake Give me one quick Give me a pancake So I won’t be sick Pancakes on prescription Would really do the witch in Life is really special I won’t feel blue As long as I’ve got my pancake And my pancake’s next to you Eating pancakes makes me relaxed It’s one of those things And that’s just a fact Everybody on diazepam Should take a pancake a day A pancake a day Keeps the Psychiatrist away

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Simon Marks

Thu 29th Aug 2013 17:39

Liking your Tourist poem - love anything that twists old tunes and rhymes into modern-day tales.
From one North East poet to another,

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Tue 27th Aug 2013 20:25

P.S. Chloris is the reek Goddess of Spring.

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Tue 27th Aug 2013 20:07

Hi,thanks for reading and thanks for the lovely comments. It should be "no rhyme or reason" but I switched the words to make it rhyme. "This Crested King" is also my favourite, the picture is better though.

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Mon 26th Aug 2013 12:34

Hi Jules,

Thank you for commenting on 'The Thief of Creation.' I guess of all people you must be quite alarmed at the rate of decay of our planet. You're lucky to be able to live in the country though, that's something my wife and I plan to do next year if possible - make a move to the country.

Some years ago, I read up on philosophy. I learned the Alegory of the Cave in Plato's Republic. It is said that when you see the light, you reach the Noetic stage of understanding. However, it can also be deemed as an illusory perception on life, because it can infer the phenomenal. I chose that name because I understood a lot through my tours of duty overseas, and my own experiences dictate to me there 'is' the phenomenal in life. The word fret, can mean two things both of which are apparent to me. A fret, can be a purging of emotions, it can also mean a chord played on a musical instrument. There was a time I found a chord riff, that I have been unable to emulate through the years since I originally played the riff, it was rather haunting, melancholy and very different. The name Noetic-fret is a conjunction of all of these things, inferring God-Chord!

I know it's rather grandiose, but that's what comes from we who are in essence artistic and creative.

Glad you took the time to comment. I hope you liked it.

Best wishes and keep posting.


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Pete Slater

Mon 26th Aug 2013 10:57

Jules, hello and well met. Thank you for finding the time to read "The Folly of Youth" Your comments are much appreciated. Sorry to hear about your health issues and I genuinely hope this message finds you well. I was just a boy whose intentions were good ....... Ha, ha.

<Deleted User> (8730)

Mon 5th Sep 2011 16:14

I can't remember which poem that was, I write so many. I am writing less now of poetry because I am writing two major books. I am determined to do a good job too...... one might be called The Synchronocity of Life, the Other It's a Wonderful Life. They will be very long.....

<Deleted User> (8043)

Mon 5th Sep 2011 02:38

'I like the reference to hankerchieves....'

There are not nearly enough references to handkerchiefs in poems today.

(is it handkerchiefs or handkerchieves?)

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Shirley Smothers

Thu 25th Aug 2011 02:17

Hello Jules. Thanks for your comments on my haiku "The Air is Still".


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Dave D Poet Rhumour

Wed 24th Aug 2011 23:38

Hello again Jules - my thanks for reading and commenting on 'Munee, Munee, Munee' - much appreciated. :)

Best wishes, Dave

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Sat 20th Aug 2011 13:51

Hi Jules - Sin of Poverty, yes and Les Dawson did a gag about boiling the bones in his mother's corsets to make stock for soup. Tough times for some although with the solidarity of a family we never considered ourselves deprived. Thanks for commenting. Much obliged.

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Thu 18th Aug 2011 20:56

your kindness
is a rarity
an uncommon thing these days
I wish that I could return it
not just in this way

my words
of thanks can only say so much
how I wish they could say more
one is certain Jules
they are yours forever dude,
of that you can be sure!


really appreciate your time
and effort commenting
on so many of my poems.

your sense of communication
does you proud Mr. Clare.

many many thanks.


<Deleted User> (8730)

Tue 9th Aug 2011 11:28

Camille. It was worth reading. Other wise I would not have commented. My lucky number is 20,000.... I can explain that later if you want.

<Deleted User> (8730)

Tue 9th Aug 2011 11:23

Larisa, I have been watching and reading you for a while now. You Philipos, the great Stephen Wilde and Anne Foxglove are my favourite poets on this site. I will lok at you when I have time. It takes me an hour to do e-mail admin every day.

Guess what. On a prticular web site I have been read 20,000 times in 7 weeks. That is 400 reads a day. I am almost as famous as delia Smith and I know how to cook an egg. Commenting positively on other people's poems is an honour and a privilidge.

You have been julesed!

I write short stories too!

Camille Ralphs

Tue 9th Aug 2011 09:31

Hi Jules, thanks for being the first comment on my first wol blog entry (Bible Pages) - much appreciated - I wondered at first if anyone would even bother reading it!

CR x

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Dave D Poet Rhumour

Mon 8th Aug 2011 22:08

Hi Jules, many thanks for taking time to read and comment on 'No End To The Show' - much appreciated. :) Best wishes, Dave

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chris stevenson

Mon 8th Aug 2011 20:46

..hello Jules..It's about Jean Peters. I saw her in 'Pickup on South Street' on tele' a few weeks ago. I wrote it quickly last night while watching this tribute to her two or three times on 'youtube',
then in the last verse added it to real memories...cheers..chris.

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Larisa Rzhepishevska

Mon 8th Aug 2011 17:00

Hi, Jules! Thank you so much for all your comments. I don't know you at all but ...reading your poems I think I understand you. if you have time, please, have a look at my sites:
Another site is:
With warmest wishes,


<Deleted User> (8730)

Mon 8th Aug 2011 16:11

In the Secure Unit of a Psychiatrc Hospital. Thisd poem has had 310 reads on another website...... wow

<Deleted User> (9554)

Mon 8th Aug 2011 12:00

Hi Jules, I love your pancakes; where did you learn to cook like that.
Thanks for your comment on contiguity. I'm about to go Audio soon.

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John Coopey

Sun 7th Aug 2011 20:27

Thanks for commenting on Kopi Luwak, Jules.

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Ann Foxglove

Sat 6th Aug 2011 21:00

Hey Jules- thanks for comment on By the Roots poem. You are very kind, always.

<Deleted User> (8951)

Sat 6th Aug 2011 18:48


<Deleted User> (9554)

Fri 5th Aug 2011 14:28

Hello Jules, thanks for your comment on "Recycled"
I don't go to church; but I like the human side of people who do.- He who would valiant be! Hey!

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Wed 3rd Aug 2011 16:52

Thanks for your comment on Muscle Jules.

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Tue 2nd Aug 2011 22:42

good grief matey!
you must have some patience
reading and commenting
on so many of my poems.

goes without saying really
but my numerous thanks are yours.

I really am appreciative.

rock on!


<Deleted User> (8730)

Tue 2nd Aug 2011 11:07

no problem - I hitch hiked from leeds to Darlington a couple of months ago....

<Deleted User> (6315)

Tue 2nd Aug 2011 10:55

Hello Jules :) thing I have wished to do but I am too much of a coward to try!!

Many thanks on reading 'On Ice' much appreciated.

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Mon 1st Aug 2011 21:10

Hi Jules, many thanks for your recent comments on my work. I will gradually work through all 17 of them and acknowledge separately.

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Mon 1st Aug 2011 20:01

Thanks for commenting on 'Uplifting' Jules, much appreciated.

Profile image

Rachael Dunn

Mon 1st Aug 2011 17:28

hey Jules :)
thanks for your comment!
glad you liked x

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