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Joseph Kennedy

Updated: Fri, 13 Jan 2012 09:54 pm

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University was the best thing to ever happen to me, I study creative writing and I thrive. I make do and I survive, but then when I feel vulnerable, I gain the power to scribe.


I have a special pen It always writes in black, I thank it when I’m finished, And it always thanks me back. I have a special pen, It lives on my lined paper, I keep it along the right lines, And It always returns the favour. _________________________________ Bland winds hold her hand as they lead her through the scent of lilac promises exhaled from decomposed breath. They carry her down to the riverbank where Zephyrus winds churn the tides to the river Styx. Where saddened winds tousle her locks, priming her for the infernos. Gently sweeping them behind her ears for he is kinder the younger they appear. Rueful winds whisper for her to explore the shallow waters as they hold their breath, not wanting to have to blow her frail form in. She sees reeds and frogs spawn from the eye of the sun as she feels the cool air whip the back of her neck. Fisherman draw in their lines, boats full of octopus, shaved faces prepared to mourn. The mermaid waves goodbye to her as she swallows a coin and hopes for the best. _____________________________________________ Before the forestfire started, We peeled back bananaskins, And gazed from a clearing, In the woodland. Before the forestfire started, We whistled in response, To fleets of birds, In the treetops. After the fire, We walked on embers, And cleaned the ashes, In the toxic river.

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Ann Foxglove

Sun 12th Jun 2011 16:14

Glad to see you back on here - hope you are well!x

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Fri 4th Jun 2010 14:33

Glad you liked my 10 into 5 - it was a horrid discipline but I enjoyed writing it, in a masochistic kind of way... x

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Ray Miller

Wed 28th Apr 2010 19:02

Hello Joseph and thanks for your kind remarks on Analgesic. Glad you liked it.

<Deleted User> (8134)

Wed 28th Apr 2010 09:28

Aha! Technically I don't go to school, but it wasn't so long ago :)

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Ann Foxglove

Wed 28th Apr 2010 09:20

I thought you WERE a schoolboy! (Just kiddin')!

<Deleted User> (8134)

Tue 27th Apr 2010 09:55

Thanks :)

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Ann Foxglove

Tue 27th Apr 2010 00:25

Welcome to WOL. I too especially liked The Moment, and your fox poem too. I hope you find support and encouragement for your poetry on WOL. xx

<Deleted User> (8134)

Mon 26th Apr 2010 18:14

Thank you very much Winston, all feedback is appreciated, glad you liked it, I will be finishing a poem sometime tonight hopefully and I will post it on here, so be sure to check it out. Thanks :)

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winston plowes

Mon 26th Apr 2010 17:19

Loved 'the moment', keep posting Joseph. Win

<Deleted User> (7075)

Mon 26th Apr 2010 17:13

Hi Joseph. welcome to WOL. Lots to explore here and lots to read. Hope you find something interesting. Winston :-)

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