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Jonathan Mamczynski

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RAINY DAYS The Esplanade, Rochdale Deceivingly, this is the most picturesque part of inner ‘dale, this living lie – this memorial in prosperous spring bloom; Alien stands the Town Hall; looking straight out of a fairytale, stunning stained glass lending enchantment to this gloom. Thick cloud breaks where sun rays bleed through, in momentary splendour, generating false hope; But I know the truth – this place grips on like glue, dragging you down to rock bottom till you’re left feeling blue. Distressed in the sunken gardens of the Esplanade, contemplative as, while lost in sullen thought, curtains are drawn back on this façade, this town in suffering; mainly infested by those distraught. Beaches of tarmac, rubble and burnt-out cars Haunted by seven ethereal, concrete sisters; This visceral society, unashamedly wearing scars, is fractured, frayed and breaking into blisters. A misguided generation, manacled by educational arrears, stand, in futile wait, on a redeemer. The heavens empathise with their tears, while those beneath are washed away ever deeper. For juvenile pram pushers, say a prayer; One more, for ASBO boyfriend’s crimes. Bleak, unforgiving slate-cast skies groan with despair, interrupted brusquely by portentous Town Hall chimes.

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joe kozarzewski

Sat 16th Nov 2013 16:33

'This town is suffering, mainly infested by those distraught' ....Nice line. As the Rochdale Ranter I approve.... my line is too many Gormless Gobshites in this here town!Congratulations on an even bleaker poem than I could conjure up. My main source of inspiration has been Rochdale and all its glory and lack of same!

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Mike Hilton

Mon 9th Jan 2012 19:27

Hi Jonathan,read your stuff about the esplanade.Good stuff I know where you're coming from having lived and worked in Rochdale for 20 years.
It needs a kick up the arse!


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Jonathan Mamczynski

Fri 5th Aug 2011 11:11

Thanks Winston. I really hope I can get some constructive feedback from other members...


<Deleted User> (7075)

Sat 23rd Jul 2011 22:53

Hi There, well done for joining the site, explore and enjoy. Winston

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