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John A Silkstone

Updated: Wed, 21 Mar 2012 11:22 am

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I was born in Bolton Lancashire in 1939 and joined the army when I was 17 and retired 25 years later in 1981. I started my military career in the Royal Artillery and transferred to the Royal Army Medical Corps in Jan 1962. While in the forces I married a Lincolnshire girl who was in the QARANC and together with our three daughters we settled in the town of Gainsborough. I have always wanted to write and in the year 2000 I attended evening class course in Creative Writing. In 2004 I became the editor of a short story and poetry magazine. I held that title until the magazine closed down in 2009 due to lack of funds. To date I’ve had 73 poems published in various magazines around the world and my book of military anecdotes can be purchased from I’ve also co-written five other books which are still awaiting publication. Co-authored two plays one of them commissioned and both performed by Kismet Theatre Company. I collect and publish poems and short stories to publish an annual anthology for a orphanage in Bulgaria. For more information on the anthology please email: to see what happens to the money raised, go to


RECIPE FOR A POEM Weigh a few words of two or more Add breaking lines to tease Stir in a message or metaphor Plus a rhythm that rhymes with ease Bake with mental expressions galore Then serve with a blending to please.

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Laura Taylor

Thu 29th Mar 2012 09:27

Howdy John - thanks for your note on Mavis. Yes indeedy, we could :)

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 25th Mar 2012 13:17

Thanks John - Great-grandfather Valentine was
the non-com variety and led something of a
chequered - but interesting - life! I try to
imagine the impositions of army life that
included a journey to - and lengthy service in - a far distant land like feudal China in
the era of sailing ships. I wonder if the
conditions he met were a factor in his post-army occupation - given as "chemist" during
which he produced well known scent in his time?

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Mike Smith

Fri 23rd Mar 2012 16:34

Thanks for the comment on 61/1... I sent the weasels in to get the rats out... I'll have to go in myself after the weasels!

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Lynn Dye

Thu 22nd Mar 2012 11:43

Hi John, thank you for your kind comments on "Teardrops in my Coffee", much appreciated.
Must say I am impressed with your work also.
Best wishes, Lynn

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 21st Mar 2012 14:09

John - thanks for the info. re. dolly blue bags. Re. your service with the Royal Artillery, family history reveals that my maternal great-grandfather was a master gunner
in the mid-19th century and served for some
years in China...subsequently retiring to Jersey where he got away with shooting someone
who took a shine to his much younger wife!

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Freda Davis

Mon 19th Mar 2012 21:47

Welcome to WOL John. Thanks for your comments.

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Nick Clifton

Mon 19th Mar 2012 20:40

That Cannot Be 'The Fivepenny Piece' with a natty chorus too - and all for nowt, can't all be bad. Thanks for comments, Nick.

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Ann Foxglove

Mon 19th Mar 2012 19:09

Hi John - welcome to WOL! Sounds like you are a very busy writer! Good to have you on the site :)

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Dave D Poet Rhumour

Sun 18th Mar 2012 15:08

Hello John - Welcome to WOL :)

Many thanks for your appraisal of 'Excess Memories' - good to know that you like it. I live at the southern end of Lincolnshire, so we are not quite neighbours. ;)

Best wishes, Dave

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