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Jo Carter

Updated: Thu, 12 Jan 2012 08:25 pm

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<Deleted User> (7212)

Fri 31st Dec 2010 23:19

Sounds nice, though I've never been - I googled some piccies of Yuma but I cant really tell. I've got friends in Vermont who over-winter in Quartzite (Sarah & Del), just north of you & I've been all over the east/north,southern parts (but not west !) - skiing in flagstaff, showlow, snowflake etc. Sedona's my favourite place & been back many times & also got some friends in Surprise, Az. Been down to Nogales & another place just west of it near the organ-pipe cactus place. I bet it's great over winter ! I could only stay about 6 weeks max cos it was part work & part hols but I had a great time. - been nice for me just reminiscing ! all the best. B

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Freda Davis

Sat 11th Dec 2010 22:12

Hi Jo, I had a look at your poem and made some comments on the Discussion thread for review. Hope it makes sense.

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David Franks

Sun 5th Dec 2010 11:46

Hi Jo: look forward to more samples. David.

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Steven Kenny

Tue 6th Apr 2010 10:51

Hi Jo!

Thanks for your comment on Dysphoria, both that poem and Cracks are quite personal to me so I'm glad that you thought they were raw :-)

I've only read your poem, Enemy, so far but I thought it was really good. I always enjoy more dark and edgy poetry and it didn't disappoint! Also gave me a good 'why didn't I think of that!' moment with the "melts the key with flame" line! Keep those poems coming! :-)

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Mon 18th Jan 2010 10:07

Good morning Jo.Thanks for your help with the Haiti poem.As to verses,as many as you like really.I will wait to see if other people would like to contribute.So therefore I think it best to accumulate much as poss over next few days.Please feel free to put ant verses on my profile at your leisure.Love your picture,Beautiful!also just as important to say I thought your poem was brilliant.Look forward to hearing from you again.Many many thanks Stefan.

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Nichola Burrows

Sat 24th Oct 2009 13:01

No probs Jo, look forward to reading your 'stuff' :-)x

<Deleted User> (6510)

Thu 22nd Oct 2009 19:26

Interesting opening statement Jo. I look forward to reading your work. My poetry style changes depending on my thought process that particular day. I find it goes with 'the journey'.

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Nichola Burrows

Thu 22nd Oct 2009 17:41

Easy when your told how jo :-) otherwise you just flounder around in a web of links - I did my education before ICT was compulsory, when the dawn of the computer era was just beginning, and just fell over the links by accident.
The nice thing about the profiles is that you get to mooch at your own speed through other peoples writing too, instead of search through reams of blogs. Save the blogs for a quiet hour here and there, there are some really good poets on here, and also some stern critics, lively discussion and a wealth of knowledge.

Oh and if a strange box appears at the bottom of your screen someone is trying to contact you for an on-line chat.

Think thats it, if there's anything else, just give me a shout, if I don't know someone will. Good to meet you.x

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Nichola Burrows

Thu 22nd Oct 2009 17:23

I've studied English and Philosophy. How funny in my Bio I mention that I wasn't allowed to study English ,Art and Physics - my mum and my sister are doing phsychology at the moment - they bring all their stuff to me beacuse of the overlap with philosophy and to use my marking and assessment services because I unwittingly did a teaching degree. Just click on picture, or type the name in the search engine in the top left hand corner of the page, that will lead to to the poets profiles. x

<Deleted User> (6884)

Thu 22nd Oct 2009 17:13

Hi Nicky, I looked for your profile but couldn't find it, doh! I've read your 'Stuff' and Glass Eyes. Is Glass Eyes about an ornament in your room?? I never know what to put in a profile, esp when I've only written a handful of poems.......but yeah, looks like a lively old site!! My masters is psychology btw - wish it was maths or physics, but sadly no, lol. Take care Jo :)

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Nichola Burrows

Thu 22nd Oct 2009 17:05

Hi Jo, welcome to WOL. Love what you have written in you biography. Caught your poem on the poetry review. I remember putting my first one up there not too long ago. It's a great site, what did you master in? From what you have said I think that you will enjoy it.

Take care, Nicky x

Ps, I was lost for a few weeks, if you want to respond to a comment on your profile or blog that you don't want all 611 of us to see, just click on the pic/name of the commentee to your profile or blog, that will lead you to their profile, sometimes it saves time searching through the discussion threads etc, and like a comment on a blog, the site also emails you. Took me weeks to figure it out.x

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