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jan oskar hansen

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Jan Oskar Hansen is a Norwegian poet who prefers to use the English language, He has self-published many books of what calls "alternative poetry" JOH has not had a formal education which shows in his writing, he used to be a seafarer for many years, in fact until he got tired of voyaging and settled in Portugal. He didn`t begin writing before he was forty. he is to his own surprise eighty years old but keep on writing his stuff


Driving Sally (racism) Crowds of people make me nervous at the hospital where I drive my wife every day for physio, the documentation irritates me the endless paper mill, to fill in forms that were filled in yesterday, they have computers for heaven`s, but no the papers have to be filled if it goes on like this, the hospital will have no rooms for their clients I say, clients, because it is a big business for those who have cover or for the rich. Everywhere I go I fall over crutches by elderly ladies who wear them as an accessory. There is subtle racism going on all cleaning personnel are black I have yet to see a black doctor or a nurse. I like to sit in the cafeteria the ladies (black) smile despite being low- paid they see in me another poor sod, a driver who spends his time waiting to chauffeur one of the becrutched ladies home.

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 12th Mar 2020 15:58

As for life after death - and your view of the finality of death: "it makes sense" Human existence is restricted by just that - sense:
ergo: the senses we are given, which, of course, restrict us by their
limitations. Could we be freed from those resrictions by death
offering us an extension of what we know within our limitations as
"life/reality" by providing a way to proceed to a higher plane of
awareness and the means to experience it. We know about radio
and television signals...but how to experience their existence or
purpose without the means to receive and translate them into something that can be understood? Perhaps we can start at that
premise to commence considering the possibility that there is more
to life than we can see (etc.).

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trevor homer

Wed 27th Feb 2019 11:11

Good morning Jan - thanks for your kind comments on my PoTW. I also like Driving Sally and the wry observations on which you remark. It suggests someone who has there eyes open.

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