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Ian Devine

Updated: Sat, 14 May 2011 09:06 am

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I'm a singer/songwriter based in Huddersfield. I started writing poetry not long after a chance jam with a poet in September 2010 (he plays guitar like me) Up to that point i'd only looked at my writing as songs not poems.. So many thanks Dave Hase..... please check out his blogs We have now set up a utube page for DEVINEHAZE first video is up MORE COMING SOON. PLEASE CLICK ON LINK AN HAVE A LOOK. Thanks For Looking...


MAN We rage and we burn we fight but do not learn we beat and we mistreat and kill in a heartbeat We lie and we purge we are driven by a urge we scorn but we are torn its the way that we are born We pillage we rape green land turns to moonscape we hunt until extinct yet we don't even blink OUR EARTH DIE"S SCREAMING we just stand there beaming brimming we utter delight at this god awful sight Blind Faith As i was on the road to Damascus Following the burning fire within Ambient......... Magic sound fabric Stretches to anyone who'll listen I meet a winged girl called Madison She told me of seven stars That light the way to heaven A Utopia Ware your dreams reside And of the fires of the Deceiver Who's only power is doubt and Evil suggestions in the mind of man And man is weak .. man is weak I climbed the heights of Abraham There i meet a cleric He told me tales of fellowship That fueled my fire within They burned bright and fearless MY FAITH...I'll take a deep dive in Blind faith is a good thing When you have it''''Keep it if you can'''' I carry my FAITH in a hardcae These days Its just wood and metal But its a beautiful looking thing Snow Day.... Snow lays heavy on the ground Frozzzen in winters icy grip The whiteness plays tricks with my eyes With each fresh download of snow Everything changes like play dough Open my door the cold really Stings Bites slaps nips scratches On my exposed skin Walking in this snow bound town No one around, roads like white deserts The constant sound scape of life Silenced by a knife of ice I turn around and head for home I'm so cold i feel like stone Cut across an open field The virgin snow looks like a crust, no Moor like a lunascape straight from 60's Black and white TV images of space rockets flicker Sound bites that are ingrained into us all The Eagle as landed, One small step for man One Giant step for man kind I tramp on through the snow driven by the thought of home A quick look back at my footsteps Then i realise I'm looking back in time We are only here because people have walked here before us We can olny see this far because we are standing on the shoulders of giants Not far now i can see my house The promise of heat and comfort drives me on Open the door the heat embraces The cold melts away slowly first Then its all gone without trace just like the snow will Come the spring........... Human Fears.. Angel Tears Human Fears God Denounced Devil Pounced People Diminish Memories Finish

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Alison Smiles

Wed 6th Apr 2011 12:52

Ah, your poem caught me at one of those moments when I'd woken up from one of those dreams which left me crying and miserable, and kept recurring all day!

Pete Crompton

Wed 16th Mar 2011 19:56

Ian, thanks for taking time to read/comment on the 'Silence' poem, its one of those poems for me that has taken on its own life, seems to be different from how I concieved it, perhaps the same can happy in songwriting?

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Wed 9th Mar 2011 18:22

thanks for the comments.
(god botherers) B

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melanie coady

Tue 8th Mar 2011 19:56

i love bob hun he's playing the marquis in cork on june 16th aaagh cant wait,tickets are around 65-76 hun

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kath hewitt

Fri 25th Feb 2011 15:26


Thanx for commenting :-)

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Tue 15th Feb 2011 16:43

Hi ian love your work dude cant wait to see more blogs ;)

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Winston (Admin)

Sat 4th Dec 2010 10:12

Hi Ian
Welcome to Write out loud hope you enjoy the site.
Winston (Admin)

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