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Updated: Thu, 5 May 2011 11:45 am

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Hi I'm Helen and I've been there and back. I'm new to the Poetry Scene and would like feedback, critical or otherwise on my work. I've always loved the power the spoken or written word has to transport us, inspire us, invigorate our senses, and enlighten us. Writing as with reading can be a cathartic excercise, a helpful process to grasp, explore and rediscover what it is to be human. No aspects are censored but respectively welcomed by the absorbant blank sheet of paper. This is the first time I've had a stab at writing, let alone performing, since being singled out at primary school to write and read out the prayers for assemblies mainly, but a visit from poet Pete Morgan, who praised everything I wrote, then took these first attempts with him never to be seen again, was a solid and positive experience to my memory. Contrary to home, high school was where I was treated as an adult, and with English lessons in particular, I was a person in my own right. Intelligent, with ideas and opinions, valid thoughts and feelings that I could openly share and discuss, without any generic put downs. I had found a subject I relished and excelled in. Performing happened last December (2010) at one of the first Stirred nights at Sandbar. A friend bravely stood up to read the birthday ditty she'd written in a card to me. I then had no excuse but to comply, with other's urging, to read one of my own, and chose the appropriately titled, "Friends". With the reward of a suprisingly accepting and appreciative audience, I'd got the bug. Since then I've headlined at Stirred, and tried out my stuff at various open mic events in and around Manchester. I'm growing in confidence, and I've a short but equally expanding repertoire that is being worked on and will be revealed, all in good time. Thanks for looking at my profile, and I look forward to reading any comments or feedback. Helen Back.


Friends Making time when life’s insane Lifting love in the life we blame Share in our fears, joys, secrets and claims Blessed be are the friends we gain; Our daftness, tears, laughter, extremes Mistakes and truths, and what they may mean. Confiding, sincere and just plain silly To be with, them or not, and willy-nilly Fixing grace quick pace and enduring Heeding, confessional, respectful with space Blessed, our friends who set us free, They know us best and loyally (be). I still think you’re ace Even if I in haste Decided not to meet it face to face And pretended with little grace Instead, to see it through I can count the hours I was glad The imaginary conversations I had, With you, because you weren’t here I’m left to feel the pain is bad I know your time was meant to do All the things you wanted to And although I had said, “I love you”, That’s because it’s perennial to But in the sadness pain and fear, Disenchantment and lonely tear, Waiting for my heart to reappear Peeping round for the all clear To say, “Hello”, to you. ******** Refuge Step away out from the known Blank and threatened Recognising But doubt inbuilt With the choice Un-cushioned by time Might stronger And fleeing despite Falling through Fear, anxiety, despair, Thick reality meet The voice, a voice, the voice, vivid, Contrasts intense outside murky visions Support, human, to what extent is ethereal, seeking the voice escaping Clambering through racing thoughts Dimmed retrospective endeavour Head and plexus full to a shout Silent running Line bit twining, soundings furry Reverberating soft crackles of distortion Emotional culminating senses heightened Embodying wounding intent No malicious or mean discouragement A pact with oneself as crescendo echoed and encouraged by my forward movement and the voice; Relating escape, fear, understanding guilty enemy The can, the will, the beaten, beyond brave Knowing refuge is needed, and to be saved Jennie Trueman September 10th 2009 ******** For All Unique and New (For Oscar) In the quietest depths of a starlit night Far beyond that realm of ancient light, Quiet talks of a new development For the next generation, and histories’ plight Derived of warmth and sin, calm and delight That would stand alone be gifted and bright Were made with components of day and night And sent earthward bound in blessed flight Mum and Dad with wonder in sight The power strewn, the magic ignite, a great nucleus Of desire with all that is fated Entered a new life that was then created Jennie Trueman, May 2009 ******** I Have A Fat Cat I have a fat cat I call Cattus Whose weight often causes a right fuss! She’s over two stone And not big of bone So here’s how she got so enormous She lives in a place called Old Trafford Where burgers and hot dogs with mustard Are chucked on the floor Providing food galore For my cat, the greedy fat b*****d! March 2008

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Winston (Admin)

Fri 6th May 2011 11:29

Hi Helen, Thanks for submitting such a full Biog and an interesting selection of sample poems. Welcome to Write Out Loud. If you place a poem in a blog entry it will attract more viewing and therefore more chance of comment/feedback. You could even leave a message on the blog entry saying you are new to the site and requesting this. Good luck and enjoy the site. Winston

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