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Updated: Tue, 29 Jun 2010 09:39 pm

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Untitled Sadness is wasted on the faint hearted. My indecision lies awake as I'm stuck In the past of a million thoughts. There is nothing here for you any more, move on and along, forwards and on. Away from the pleasures, the sin and the hope. My life, a story of waiting and time does not pause. It is onwards and out, it has no concept of why, or how, or who, or where? Do you still echo here and there, or am I embodied with a thousand corpses, whom suffocate me with toxicated love? There is nothing here for me any more. Move on and along, forwards and on, I'm over and deadened, numb to your world, Your heart, your soul, I'm your sin and I'm sold. --------- Façade Your eyes engulf every ounce of dignity I ever felt, I ever had, I ever lost. My ears only listen to lies I cannot hear the truth. Believe me when I say what ever I felt has died. But what ever is heard is silenced by actions so suavely denied. Surrounded by memories, haunting, engaged Inside a lie, the devils arcade. A visage, a daydream deeply conveyed. So, try to reach out and grasp thin air, as it floats into a dream. This moment has gone, with you I am lost.

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David Franks

Tue 5th Oct 2010 11:14

Hi Hana, I'd prefer trad metre and/or rhyme. David.

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Tomás Ó Cárthaigh

Tue 6th Apr 2010 17:04

I like your use of words. To move away from the tragic topics, set yourself the goal of an 8 line poem every day on something positive in the world.

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Marianne Louise Daniels

Tue 2nd Mar 2010 09:33

Really love facade, incredibly powerful. Look forward to reading more.
Take care


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richard krason

Mon 1st Mar 2010 11:23

Hi again Hanah, even tho people will moan about cynic's there's nothing wrong with being cynical. Cynisism can be a powerfull tool, as its not easy to fool a cynic. love richard

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Dave D Poet Rhumour

Sat 27th Feb 2010 16:58

Hello Hannah - thank you for commenting on 'Man Still Ponders' - very tongue in cheek, but a little fun can often help break down the barriers we put up between the genders :)

Best wishes


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richard krason

Fri 26th Feb 2010 11:59

Hi Hanah, Thanks for your kind comments. I see from your biog and works that we both share an interest (or maybe an addictiction) to the darker side of subject. Untitled and facade are both very moving pieces, they cry "loss". And "My ears only listern to lies" what a powerful line. I look forward to more of your work. love richard

<Deleted User> (7762)

Thu 25th Feb 2010 23:07

Cracking stuff my friend...can really feel it.

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winston plowes

Thu 25th Feb 2010 19:35

Hi Hanah

If you choose to post up a poem as a blog entry people can comment on it alone. and you get the chance to put a picture or audio with it. Loved the power in your poem facade. really great!

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Antony Owen

Thu 25th Feb 2010 18:26

Hannah your poem facade is that about the divorce you refer to in your bio? Its definitely a heartfelt piece with something to say and I think I may be able to help you form a more alternative sort of 'third person' perspective so it becomes more clinical and observational.

A poem I dedicated to my wife called Divorced Children dealt with her experience and how it made her effectively raise herself to the woman i fell in love with.

My wife was 9 when her folks divorced.

Have a read and let me know if it resonates, this incidentally is the original unedited version with the rawness intact before it was added to my published works:

Divorced Children

You learned from your duvet
that your Mum had left,
hunting detergent to smell
so she could comfort you,
with the seventies wood-chip lamp
through the gap in the door she left.

You learned from the kitchen
that your Dad would stay
pick up the pieces that were you
and Luke wet himself for soft hands
while you and guilt dolls waited,
for the door to creak again.

You learned how to raise yourself.
Later on there were lovers
who'd love themselves through you.
Affection was an exorcism
ending in a slammed door
and a gap in your life.

You learned from your Dad
that your Mum was a whore.
That lies were shouts
truths were whispers
and children forced to be adults,
dragged across a common
in shoes too small for them
and lives too big for them.

I learned from you
that life are those shoes you wore
that I can never fill them
the way you do my heart.

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Antony Owen

Thu 25th Feb 2010 14:37

Hi Hanah

I read your profile and we seem to share the same inspiration for our poetry

<Deleted User> (7672)

Thu 25th Feb 2010 13:54

Thanks again. I'm glad those things are transfering. Rob x

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Graham Sherwood

Wed 24th Feb 2010 20:33

Hello Hanah,
I thought "untitled" had some lovely words in there. The last line is a killer.

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John Turner

Wed 24th Feb 2010 19:48

'Facade' is a good poem. You really get a message across of loss in a haze of smokiness. The poem itself is quite cryptic, which is entirely sensible given the title. I get the impression that someone perhaps knows the truth.. but chooses not to know it. Self-denial; facade.

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winston plowes

Wed 24th Feb 2010 14:35

Hi Hanah
Thanks for commenting on 'Ghazal' today. Looking forward to more of your work. Win

<Deleted User> (7672)

Wed 24th Feb 2010 13:11

Thanks for the comment. I liked your also. Safe. Rob x

<Deleted User> (7075)

Wed 24th Feb 2010 09:46

Hi Hanah. Hope you enjoy reading and posting on WOL. Sadness is wasted on the faint hearted... but is not wasted on me Hanah, loved this first one of yours... more please. win :-)

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Wed 24th Feb 2010 02:09

Bienvenue à WOL Hanah : )

I really like these lines from your poem 'Untitled'...
It has a very spiritual feel.

'Move on and along, forwards and on,
Away from the pleasures,
The sin and the hope. My life,
A story of waiting and time does not pause;
It is onwards and out.
It has no concept of why,
Or how, or who, or where,'

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