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Gregory S.Nussbaum

Updated: Mon, 9 Nov 2009 03:43 am

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A scribbler. Probably only slightly less critical of others' work than my own. I like (to read) some Jewish and Christian poets and generally poetry that alludes to the divine. I have no time for swearing, surreal nonsense, mindless provocation and filth. Unlike many, I'm glad I spent my teenage years in the playground and not in the wider 'grown up' world causing misery ... Inspired by the Romantics to Macspaunday. And favourite poet is Sylvia. I don't do performance poetry as the arena (just my observation) is currently peopled by the same person with different shaped faces. Increasingly hard to tell it from the business world! I think only time will be the most reliable judge but Political Correctness appears to be a cancer that really should've been cut out a long time ago. It should be observed as the most malignant of society's carcinomas but sadly it has been left unchecked. I was attracted to poetry because it seemed the most freeing of all the arts. A place where everyone had a voice. I was wrong. I'm all for politeness and mutual respect (the apparent foundations that underpin PC) but frankly what I have seen makes me pine for my father's generation. Baby and bathwater spring to mind. Sorry for the rant. There are some wonderful poets currently writing that may emerge one day to engage the public. At the moment, neither the public, and particularly the organisers, are ready for them. Change gonna come ... My goodness I sound uptight. I am. Have a lovely day and dip into Omar Khayyam when it all gets too much. As you will observe I have far more rants to write than poems but as the great Dave Gahan once said 'Get the balance right'. I'm working on it.


Avo Two hulks noses Yanked from a face With a skin complaint One half’s concave Set in green cement The other just the same only Sticking out cement: a jack from a beach boule set has set. .

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winston plowes

Tue 10th Nov 2009 10:33

Hi Gregory. Firstly, a big welcome to WOL. I hope you find we are a friendly bunch and open to people who have things to say. Part of what we are about is performance poetry, I have seen differentshapes of faces but also different types of poety and different styles of delivery (Just my observation) I am sure your comments will stimulate debate in our discussion section (Have a browse, its easy to start a new thread if you wish) Hope you enjoy exploring the site. Get in touch if you need any help. Best Regards, Winston ( WOL New Members Manager)

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Michel Francois

Mon 9th Nov 2009 08:07

directness - bravo!, old-fashioned sentiment - bravo! The most freeing of all arts - agreed!
Your horizon however seems limited. Suggest you break into the arena and 'make a difference'
I have 'dipped' and realise how marvellous it is that the pathway for expression is endless.
Let poetry be your vehicle to wherever you wish to be and let's have some example of your
work alluding to a more spiritual level

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