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Gemma Leigh

Updated: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 10:00 pm

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I’m a performer, photographer and sometimes a writer and until recently my words have been for my eyes only but a good friend of mine told me I should let people read my words, so here I am!


I’m not standing down. Freedom has given life to emotion and expression, Set the sprit free that once was locked inside, But was the freedom worth the fight, To question still, who are you! Still not knowing which path to chose, You have talents a plenty, so you’re told, But what are these talents to behold, If not one of them you can call home, To do so many things and not capture it whole, It’s not worth doing them at all, So find who are you and seek out your soul, You have more to give then you truly know, These questions I have asked myself, But so often I forget myself, Losing reality and memories, I seek only an ending to behold myself, Excepting the difference of being me, And not being what they want me to be, I’m not changing, I’m just growing, Taking steps towards enlightenment, Finding my gift and holding tight, Not pushing love out but letting it shine, I have in the past lost my mind, But somehow I can decide, That this is not a crime, I’m librated by words and memorised by sound, For now my soul can finally be found, I’m not angry for what they say, I’m not fooled by those silly games, I know I’m different as they say, But I’m not the one they play, I’m foolish and forgotten, That’s what you asked me to be, I’m freedom defended by my own reality, Your words are behind me, My life is in front, I’m not standing down, But I’m not stepping up, If this makes me less to you, Then maybe I have more class then you, I don’t buy the lies or the petty sublimes, I have lived a life of struggle, I have battled my heart and soul, I’ve seen horror and blood and I’m strong enough, So say I’m not buying what you say, You may fool the masses but deep in the classes, There is no space for your kinda race, Your goals are governed by your mind alone, Mine are governed by what life has to hold, I cherish everyday and capture every moment. Life is a gift it’s your choice how you live it!

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Rachel Bond

Mon 19th Apr 2010 07:27

just to say i like your pic x

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Winston (Admin)

Tue 23rd Mar 2010 20:51

hi Gemma welcome to WOL and thankyou for sharing your work. Winston

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Graham Sherwood

Tue 23rd Mar 2010 09:40

Welcome to WOL Gemma.

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Arthur Chappell

Mon 22nd Mar 2010 22:34

Great to see you here Gemma - terrific poem to introduce yourself with and thanks for your feedback on my own page here too

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