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Fred Varden

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I am quite new to the world of poetry. I only started writing in May 2017 but have already written over 90 pieces of work. I have shared my poetry in local schools, Care Homes and local radio. My piece entitled ‘Tree of Hope and Peace’ was written for, and read out by myself, at a memorial tree planting ceremony in Trafford. I am thoroughly enjoying what is a very unusual experience for me in my retirement. I am very active in my community as a volunteer and enjoy watching football and cricket.


THE TREE OF HOPE AND PEACE By Fred Varden Oh olive tree, oh olive tree In whom is so much history Your leaves crowned Kings And angels did sing of victory and glory Telling a symbolic story A symbol of wisdom, purity and power At the forefront of our minds this hour Coming together as one in our town To give thanks and pay homage: but without any frowns Yes we're all here to remember But actually we celebrate For it's never too late To close ranks and give thanks As a tribute to people so great Giving Thanks for lives lost and lives broken this tree will never just be a token For as it's roots bed in and grow And the leaves really begin to show It may remind us of an ark or a dove Marking the end of a terrible flood But this time: when the branches form Like rainbows appearing after a storm Our hearts will entwine together And we shall stand in defiance for ever Stand for glory, hope and peace To signify so much release Through those we're here today for Twenty two and those being cared for We say a fervent prayer for And plant this fragrant tree for Because Manchester is love...not war TRUTH AND LIES By Fred Varden Truth and lies can make you cry like pie in the sky as you cast the die Truth and hate when you stay up late To watch the news and see them berate The state of politics of fear and hate And Brexit served up on a plate Of truth and lies when all the while Their doom and gloom is a sonic boom Of cheats and liars mixed with smoke and fire Spinning yarns with two faced charm To deceive the masses by making passes To reel us in and cast us out when in truth from the bag, the cat is out telling: Truth and lies, the lies the size of apple pies from pie in the sky where the truth Is lies and lies are truth, and reality is a dream come true based on: truth and lies and lies and truth and lies and lies And lies!

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Mon 13th Nov 2017 13:05

good morning Fred thankyou for your comments I'm so sorry I forgot to write back regards Wendy

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Fred Varden

Thu 26th Oct 2017 18:08

Many thanks Cynthia, yes I have liked some and sent comments too to other poets. I realise how important it is to get encouragement from others. Thank you for such a nice welcome. Appreciated

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Thu 26th Oct 2017 12:47

Welcome to WOL, Mr. Varden.

May! and you've written 70 poems already! Good grief. Your brain must be grateful for the release of so many ideas smouldering for so long.

'Truth and Lies' is powerful, like an erratic torpedo. You have a sense of the dramatic.

Please add your own comments on the work of other poets, however short. We all thrive on them. Even the 'LIKE' flower is appreciated.

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