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I love the truth and exploring the many facets thereof with literature. Love George Orwell, Zadie Smith, Iain Banks, Irvine Welsh, Sylvia Plath, Angela Carter, Margaret Atwood, Akala, Kate Tempest, Eminem, Tupac, Malcolm X: they are among my favourite speakers/ poets. I am a 26 year old male, studying creative writing at Chichester University. I live with my partner, and I really love my life. I've found WOL to be a sociable cyber-place, so say hello. I love discussing stuff and things. I'm also part of a collaboration called poets of Hip-Hop with my popular cyber-friend: 'Big Sal'. If you enjoy my material, please check out our page. Big Sal, I'm sure, has a right to claim to be Hip-Hop but in all honest I don't. However, I love Hip-Hop more than any musical genre and I enjoy trying: it's very fun and I encourage everyone on WOL to give it a go. 2 things: It must have a rhythm (It is wise to get to grips with writing with consideration to line length. The best 'flows' do not always have equal line length): (Detroit accent) "My pen and paper cause a chain reaction, To get your brain relaxing, a zany acting Maniac in action, you mainly lack attraction, You look insanely whack when just a fraction of my track runs."-Marshall Bruce Mathers III Lines must use multi-syllabic rhyme schemes. I.e. "Sight" and "knight" is not acceptable, but "sighted" and "knighted" is. (though it is preferable not to repeat syllables). You can also use several words to make up a multi-syllabic rhyme, e.g. phantasmagorical, fantastic euphoric pull, slap-dash and horrible, hap-hazard impossible, mad backward, unstoppable Practice over a metronome, record a piece, and join the group! You may not think that Hip-Hop is for you. That's fine but don't think it's because you're socially excluded from it because you're not. It's just a poetic discipline, nothing more. That being said, racist material is not Hip-Hop. Misogynistic material isn't, either. Hip-Hop elevates inclusion and togetherness through satire and outright truth in a poetic format. You don't even need to be literate to rap. You need to understand the art of saying multi-syllabic rhymes in a rhythm, and you need to practice. You need to have passion and conviction. "When you're rapping it's fine to say you're the best, but just know that you ain't, init."-Lunar C Peace and love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


The Election A wounded Chihuahua, bug-eyed adorable, scrap-starved and shitty, Limped, Towards me, shaky-legged and sorry Looking for love, warmth, home, I thrust forward the brunt of my foot and punted the mutt under the chin, His twinkly little head snapped back with a sickening crack as I flanked him and rained punches down like torrential hale. His ribs yielded under my knuckles as he coughed blood up my trouser leg, I was not offended by this, in fact I laughed, The little haggard fuck tried to get up and fell to the floor in a pathetic flop, He wheezed and begged between spasmodic waves of rigid jerking, I thought of Donald Trump; I stamped him out of existence. A little butterfly landed with a flutter like nervous eyelids, In my hand, I was very still, you see, I closed my fingers ‘round her, and squeezed, Till I could feel her fizzing and bubbling, her broken symmetry disgraced by my aimless lust, When I opened my hand, Not a splinter of cocoon betrayed her debasement, Guilt purveyed and attempted to snatch me, I thought of Donald Trump, And my sins were no more, So, I laughed to myself, and she heard me alright. When the doctor, Finally asked me if I was truly sorry, His eyes urging remorse to make its way to mine, I thought about Donald Trump to stop myself from laughing.

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Darren J Beaney

Fri 17th Aug 2018 08:45

Morning Ferris

I have to apologise - most of your fine work seems to have passed me by - it was your poem that showed you to be a cunt that took my notice!

So you may notice that I am catching up and may be leaving a fair few comments and no doubt a bouquets worth of those little pink flowers that we all like so much!

Some top work mate!!!



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Christine Renshaw

Wed 15th Aug 2018 09:15

Thank you so much for commenting on 'the language of trees' and the link to a great song!

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Big Sal

Sun 12th Aug 2018 14:47

Thanks for the shout out man. Hopefully more people can come together through the art of writing and the unique things they all have to say instead of bickering about what one thing means to any one person, or how it was taken out of context. Poetry is subjectively read and disseminated, but our objectivity lies in what makes us special as writers. We can infuse any meaning we want into any particular poem - and it can still be taken the wrong way, but that doesn't mean it was intended that way.

Anyone reading this - Ferris is a beast on the rhymes and a great collaborator. Need some advice? Need a rhyme or two to spice up your day? Look no further than this dude.

(I love the hip-hop vibe from your bio bro, it fits you well, keep doing you!)

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Sat 11th Aug 2018 02:57

If I could just leave a like on your profile, I would--you're a distinct character Ferris, cherish it.

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Kate G

Thu 9th Aug 2018 07:29

Just read The Election and feeling elated to have discovered your profile Ferris.

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Wolfgar Miere

Sat 4th Aug 2018 22:14

Yes Ferris, I'm back. Good to see your enthusiastic work and collaborations, interesting stuff indeed. Always good to see new directions and different approaches.

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Big Sal

Mon 30th Jul 2018 01:08

Glad there's at least one fan of rap on here. I kept feeling like the odd man out or the drunk guy at the party with no friends.😅

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Fri 6th Apr 2018 17:58

Are you still with us, Ferris? Just wondering. You have been much appreciated here on WOL.

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Marianne May

Tue 26th Sep 2017 16:08

Hey, there! Thank you for commenting on my poem, "Space". I really appreciate it, as a budding poet. I feel proud to have made you feel that way through the poem.

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keith jeffries

Sun 17th Sep 2017 20:18

Ferris, you are in full flood. Just keep writing and searching for inspiration. Your work has all the signs of a rich potential. Keith

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Hannah Collins

Sun 3rd Sep 2017 19:06

Thanks for your comment on my poem.

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keith jeffries

Mon 21st Aug 2017 20:53

Ferris, your poetry is powerful, blunt, candid and talented. Write more, more and more. Thanks. Keith

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Frances Macaulay Forde

Tue 15th Aug 2017 10:29

G'day again Ferris,
Must apologize as I have only just found this comment about 'Roots and Wings' so here is the poem. Hope you enjoy.


When someone asks for a memory
of Africa, I always remember
those dusty hours spent outside
Katie’s Khaya under the Mopani…

Quiet melodious chattering,
the smell of sunshine and family.
Bright white sudza plops in the pot
while bundu sticks crackled with fire.

Low stools where we crouched
in total concentration on a square
of a dozen small indents for stones,
scratched out of Africa’s skin.

Today Eddie talks of ‘roots and wings’,
of flights of fear or stoic stance:
the holes left by those who uproot
and the bravery of those who stay…

I visualize a map of Zimbabwe
systematically marked with holes.
Is this just another game of ‘Stones’
where only one man gets a turn?

Frances Macaulay Forde ~2007

kJ Walker

Mon 14th Aug 2017 20:23

Hi Ferris, thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my last two poems. as always this is much appreciated
cheers Kevin

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ken eaton-dykes

Sun 13th Aug 2017 08:09

Hi Ferris

Thanks for your most welcome complement. I don't identify with any particular poet, in fact I don't know the first thing about the many technical aspects of poetry, just took it up passing time in retirement. and after finding Julian's wonderful conduit WOL I developed an even greater interest into being a confident open mic performer.


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Fri 4th Aug 2017 17:48

Hello Frances,
I have searched for your poem 'Roots and Wings' but can't find it. Perhaps you could inbox it to me? I'd love to read it.
I have no connection to Africa, I haven't even visited, but I'd like to.
To be honest, I'm not even very well researched on Africa, but i know that my country (UK) is responsible for countless atrocities there.
I also know that for a long time, Zimbabwe was named after the colonialist: "Cecil Rhodes", as in Rhodesia. I know that this disgusts me- I am very much in favour of felling the statue. I am bitterly disappointed that so much effort was put into keeping it. It makes me ashamed of my ethnicity.

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Frances Macaulay Forde

Fri 4th Aug 2017 12:09

G'day Ferris,
Thank you so much for reading my profile page and commenting on my poem 'Easter Tragedy'.
Have you also read the one I posted on that page on the 23rd April 2008 (almost at the bottom of the list...) 'Roots and Wings'?
May I ask, do you have a connection with Zimbabwe or Africa?

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Thu 3rd Aug 2017 12:32

And your other comments as well. I was most delighted to find your further interest, and your excellent points made. I've been long on site right now, and must go, but I'll try to catch up with your work.

Be cautioned just a bit, that too many poems posted at once doesn't always go down well with regular readers. It's not a given, but a tendency. Perhaps yours will beat the odds.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Thu 3rd Aug 2017 11:42

Thanks, Ferris, for your comment on 'The Farmer's Wife'.

Welcome to WOL.

I laughed at your version of 'milky comfort'. Bailey's indeed!

Actually 'milky/creamy' verse are excellent words to describe good poetry. I tend to use 'musical' but it's exactly the same idea. The personal criteria of my own work henceforth might be: Are these lines 'creamy'? Rich and smooth? Love it.

As a 'seeker of truth' you search a wide range, as it should be. I remember reading 'Malcolm X' years ago, with great interest, and Margaret Atwood, whose work was often very difficult to assimilate. I read the 'Handmaid's Tale' way back, but couldn't stomach the TV version just aired in the UK.

Your bio poem is 'interesting', a mite distant from 'peace and love', but superbly written. A good writer has immense power. Use it wisely. 'Truth' is not a fixed idea.

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Thu 3rd Aug 2017 00:32

I appreciate that a lot, thank you Rose.

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Rose Casserley

Wed 2nd Aug 2017 23:47

big welcome to you Ferris.I'm pushed for time at the mo,but I really must and really do want to read your poems at a respectful pace without rushing through them.

Catch you later.Enjoy your stay.


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