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My jottings and scribbles have been seen or heard in and around London for the last couple of years where I've enjoyed so many performers, particularly heavyweights like Harrold, Hegley, Dunthorne and Sissay and all things Apples & Snakes along the way. I am also a musician and often use music as a filler. Particularly the Melodica. Currently Poet-in-Residence at a telephone box in Battersea, south London. Recent site-specific free verse poems include- 'Hang on a sec mum, there's an ambulance passing' and 'Hi Sarah, I'm on the bus, traffic's horrendous' and from the epic tradition 'Bloody telephone boxes!'. nb. I have used the 'f word' once in the poems below.


Ode To The Modern Traveller Europe? Yeah done that. India? Yeah done that. South America. Yeah done it. Australia/New Zealand. Yeah, yeah, done it. Dunnet Head? No, where's that? ________________________________________________ My First Fuck She was my English Teacher I was just Thirteen. I was polite and softly spoken I think she liked me. Because she had a contempt for foul language. One day, after school She gave me a lift in her car As I tried to click the seatbelt in I caught my finger and, well, 'aaaargh'. I yelled 'fuck' very loudly To manage the pain. This one word expression meant It would never be the same. She screamed "Get out Get out of my car You foul mouthed little boy. Get out!" ___________________________________________________ God It appears you don't appear But like the No 14 bus on Sundays I'll wait for you Just in case you do. _____________________________________________________ Island Hopping A size 9 canvas plimsoll Laced with something stronger 'neath the flapping windsock Behind the station concourse 'twixt the flank of busy lime green coaches Beside the esplanade quiet Buffetted by the Solent westerly Clinging to the paved kerb camber Patiently awaiting The No 9 Southern Vectis Ready to hop on. (The Isle Of Wight bus network Southern Vectis had the great idea for islanders - and, I'm guessing, visiting Londoners too! - to post poems related to a particular bus stop. The above was for the stop in Ryde beside the pier.) __________________________________ Swoop The Highway Code in Rhyl Is overlooked And lovers Of the over-cooked Bend Should descend On Rhyl. One Nil to the Lexus! The honourable roadkill It’s animal pelt Poulticed to the radiator grille ‘That’s just the way it is. Some things will never change’- Sings the sales rep Speeding to Bruce Hornsby & The Range. Imagines the fender: A bonnet caked in mange. The nearest thing to ‘company’ He’ll get. In his company car. A kestrel coasts on thermals Between Clywd clouds And road-flanked Poplars Waiting to swoop A Lexus Refusing to move down A gear. Caught out Takes the corner at forty. Careers. Slides. Then plunges. A huge descent … Overturned. Crushed.At the foot of the cliffs. Silent and static Save a heavenwards pair of offside spinning hubcaps And Magic FM still Playing: “That’s just the way it is. Some things will never change”. A kestrel coasts on thermals Between Clywd clouds And road-flanked Poplars Waiting to swoop Waiting to swoop Waiting to swoop On Rhyl. The Highway Code in Rhyl Is overlooked And lovers Of the over-cooked Bend Should descend on Rhyl. nb. The Earls Court Samaritans bookshop have 'themed' poetry. This month was 'swoop'. __________________ All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Kate Tym

Mon 4th Apr 2011 14:58

Thanking you... and a cazoo will do! Where is Dunnet Head? I'm going to have to look it up! Kate

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Ann Foxglove

Sun 3rd Apr 2011 19:58

Antirrhinums - er - roses - foxgloves even!

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Fatima al.matar

Sun 3rd Apr 2011 16:21

Thank you for your thoughtful comment Fassbinder, I enjoyed reading your sample poems very much.


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Tue 6th Apr 2010 02:42

Your God poem makes me smile : )

Rachel Bond

Mon 8th Mar 2010 14:53

hi...thanks for comments on my work.
I too love the first fuck poem..and a bright observation from angel that its never how you imagined or what you the poem. I was almost outraged at your naughty english miss but better delighted that her own thrills for language where enough to put her off. ace
ive just posted one about lesbian should have a look ;)

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Sun 10th Jan 2010 20:26

I love My First Fuck, and how it turns out to be totally different from what you expect!

Thanks for commenting on my poem.


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Antony Owen

Mon 7th Dec 2009 16:58


when you asked for samples of my work I had no idea they could be uploaded on here which I have done now. You are welcome to read them.

I loved some of your stuff on your page particularly
A kestrel coasts on thermals
Between Clywd clouds
And road-flanked Poplars
Waiting to swoop



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Jeff Dawson

Sat 5th Dec 2009 21:41

Hi Joseph, welcome to WOL, hope to see you soon. Thanx for comments on my work, I'm writing some diff stuff now so the profile stuff is more the kind of stuff I'm known for.

Just had a look at your profile stuff, refreshingly different and quite amusing, get some more stuff released, cheers Jeff

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Ann Foxglove

Fri 4th Dec 2009 14:34

Hello Fassbinder - good fun, a light touch, unpredictable - just up my poetic street (and past my poetic telephone box) ;-)

Do some blogging! It's fun!

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Kate Tym

Wed 2nd Dec 2009 10:31

Thank you for your comments! I was very chuffed - my second comment in as many years - woo hoo!!
Love your stuff... If you're ever on the South Coast give me a shout. I do come up to London sometimes, but most of the time I'm too poor to travel!
I aspire to a bus stop on the IoW - I tried for a poem in a toilet in Shetland but didn't succeed.
All best, Kate x

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Wed 2nd Dec 2009 00:37

Wow get you :D
Well I sometimes come down to London for gigs, so maybe I'll see you round sometime x

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Tue 1st Dec 2009 23:56

Oh bless you, Orange is undoubtedly the worst thing Ive ever wrote but I appreciate the comments very much :D
Looks like you enjoy the short and sweet poems yourself. Thought 'my first fuck' was particularly clever.
Whereabouts in London do you play? Have you come across Neal zetter?

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Clare Kirwan

Tue 1st Dec 2009 20:00

Hi Fassbinder - thanks for your kind comments. I am indeed THE Clare Kirwan - no-one's ever called me that before.
Very much enjoyed your poetry too - crisp and rather wistful! It made me smile 8-)
Great idea about the bus-stops - well done IoW! - but i bet the swear word count would go up if we tried it in Merseyside
cheers, Clare

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John Aikman

Mon 30th Nov 2009 20:00

I will echo Graham's comment....very neat. I liked 'My First Fuck' too. I have been toying with one of my own which, co-incidentally, was to be called 'My Father's First Fuck'....about the first time I ever heard him swear. Now you have beaten me to it I will desist in my attempts...yours is so much better.

Many thanks


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Graham Sherwood

Mon 30th Nov 2009 19:52

The God four-liner is lovely. What pessimism and optimism in such short a piece. A little gem. Welcome

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Winston (Admin)

Sun 29th Nov 2009 18:45

Hi There Fassbinder, Welcome to WOL. Looking forward to seeingmore samples and postings? Winston

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