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I don't have much to add, but I'll say that I am prone to taking periods of silence from the crowd and that, in such times, I like to express some of my personal thoughts through comments on my own profile--just a measure of self-containment while expressing basis for opinion... Admittedly, I'm terrible with introductions.. I've worn many hats in my lifetime, and don't foresee becoming too comfortable in any one position anytime soon..somewhat of a gypsy at heart, though I hope for some still place that will keep me.. Writing is simply a way to get my thoughts out there rather than wrestling too long with them inwardly. It's an opportunity to say things I wouldn't otherwise. Most of my writing tends to go against the grain of what most might call "staying positive", but that does not necessarily reflect my personality. I am generally upbeat, especially around others, but (in case you need a hook into my motivation for writing) though I hope that I would be judged as something more than useless and superficial by others, I truly write for my own enjoyment. I enjoy my privacy but feel the sadness of living in a world, so populated, where people routinely look through one another or avoid eye contact completely. And, I regret the fact that most "in-person" discourse with others outside my small social circle goes no deeper than empty courtesies. That said, I do not feel the need for any contravention to my basic sense of humanity's emptiness through religion, especially chrisianity. I find most conversation regarding it as a way of life to be trite and quite irrelevant to our existence, especially in respect to our recent histories. So, proselytizing..I'll be forced to tell anyone attempting conversion to get bent. I enjoy reading almost anything with humanity and its various groupings at its center. I am also attuned to history (mostly post WWI) and the many calamities contained therein. I have a strong sense of social justice and do not shy away from hearing perspectives that differ from my own. Yet, I reserve the right to disagree--very strongly, when necessary. And--always--I evaluate what I hear and see by following this rule: have an open mind, yet not so open that your brains fall out. I've enjoyed my stay here at WoL much more than I would've anticipated at my first posting and am glad to continue to participate.


suck black noise eviscerates silence stirs my blood from chilled stillness like bootlegged milk drops in clear waters it colors and makes tangible, this clarity--immovable and without form. getaway car irretrievably a spoil of war guns beamed and men fell their tools glistened at the call we heard the swinging hammers of history to be made and answered the lightning strike of history meant to fade deals on wheels an underground stake driven deep growing metastatic root proto-negative flashes show light into the coming night of a future entangled nightfall Night comes to an Indian ghost town.. footsteps follow well-trodden paths through an inkwell of darkness upward toward a hidden citadel where apparitions of inhabitants welcome the returning.. Evening swans are still singing in the ruins down below to defy the arrogant rooster who's sure his day will come; and who fills his barn with domestic fare and sleeps in a snare of silence, unknowing that his days are fully done. burst whispered words salted into silent spaces between speech encapsulate within the flow of sound burst scatter-pattern landing deft upon the ear leave men groping for languages they've never spoken sublimate particles sprinkling their utterances with half-formed lies

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<Deleted User> (22158)

Mon 15th Jul 2019 14:41

elPintor, Thank You for your recent like on "Pig Slop". I appreciate it!
Take care.---Jason

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Jon Stainsby

Tue 2nd Jul 2019 19:35

Love your wonderful words, Rachel.

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Tommy Carroll

Sun 23rd Jun 2019 03:10

Rachel: high praise indeed. Yes, high indeed. Tommy

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Ian Whiteley

Fri 26th Apr 2019 00:15

Hi Rachel
thanks for commenting on 'a rose by any other name'. I totally agree - they look fantastic when they cover the grass - but those gardeners out there do like to wipe them out if they can πŸ˜ƒWhen you look at the flower head structure - it's stunning - way too beautiful to be dismissed as a weed πŸ˜ƒGlad you liked it
Ian πŸ˜ƒ

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John Marks

Fri 8th Mar 2019 21:43

Nice to see you are still El P Rachel. John

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Jason Bayliss

Mon 4th Mar 2019 08:02

I love the philosophy, "Have an open mind, but not so open that your brains fall out."

J. x

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Sun 17th Feb 2019 01:45

Sometimes I have to remind myself that I still have an opinion...

Alo Fettig

Fri 18th Jan 2019 09:35

how are you doing, i know that i did not say much about myself because I have a special reason of contacting you. write to me because is confidential, OK ( )

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Mon 31st Dec 2018 13:14

"Zen as a Cult of Death in the Wartime Writings of D.T. Suzuki" --Brian Victoria

..lots of other interesting little tidbits, too.

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Ian Whiteley

Tue 23rd Oct 2018 16:42

Thanks for your kind and insightful comments on 'Blood Brothers In Arms' Rachel - I'm really pleased you liked it and found it moving. I appreciate you taking the time to comment

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Mae Foreman

Sat 13th Oct 2018 21:26

Hi elPintor! Loved your bio. Sincere, profound, humble. Thank you!

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Fri 28th Sep 2018 02:00

There's a distinct American bent to it, but this multi-part documentary is full of extraordinary photography, footage, and right-down poetic written/spoken contributions. It covers the history of New York way back to its first settlers in the 1600s through to its change in name from New Amsterdam--even you British historians might be as fascinated as I am.

Thank goodness for PBS...

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Sun 9th Sep 2018 22:06

Thank you for your comments on "Not a Perfect Man" - Yes, there are more than a few of us that are more than concerned! Enraged, shocked on a daily basis. I wish I could articulate ... scared shitless sums it up best!

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Martin Elder

Wed 5th Sep 2018 22:34

Thanks for your kind remarks Rachel. I always look forward to your postings. Your poems are always well thought out and frankly beautiful

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John Marks

Fri 31st Aug 2018 21:34


Night comes to an Indian ghost town..
footsteps follow well-trodden paths through an inkwell of darkness
upward toward a hidden citadel
where apparitions of inhabitants welcome the returning...

You know how sometimes (very occasionally) a poem strikes a chord with you - not necessarily on the conscious/rational level of 'meaning' - but more to do with the echoes of the words, almost like a tone or timbre of voice which draws you in. Your poem 'nightfall' did that. Thank you Rachel and all good wishes to you. John

<Deleted User> (19913)

Sun 19th Aug 2018 09:05

Thanks for your thoughtful commentary on Home is where the heart is Rachel. I find the idea of belonging interesting and I'm glad you do too. It is funny what brings us together and separates us... The refugee crisis and increasing migration will have real impacts on the next generations perhaps? Not that I think it's a bad thing and I don't want to make a political statement but as a first generation Australian, and being part of a military family now, I have often felt a lack of sense of place and was keen to explore the idea. I'm not happy with the ending and will set about rewriting it, but will have some fun playing with it. I hope you have had a lovely Sunday. I always look forward to your insightful comments. Kate. 😘

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Taylor Crowshaw

Sat 11th Aug 2018 14:54

Thank you for reading and taking the time to relate your childhood experiences of the woodland. Taylor πŸ’•

Big Sal

Tue 7th Aug 2018 03:22

It's on this album of his that Sadistik uses most of his angel imagery and lines. In the track "Ashes to Ashley feat. Mac Lethal", the entire song is juxtaposed with the imagery of angels burning. The track "Searching for Something Beautiful" he says 'I watch the spectrums of angels choking to death on the septums and halos'. The whole album is replete with it really. It's mostly one-liners and not whole songs dedicated to it, but it is there. A good listen I think. Thanks for the reply.

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Mon 25th Jun 2018 11:58

The Psychology of Trolling--

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Mon 18th Jun 2018 16:40

A little something else that's been swimming 'round my head this morning...

Everything has an appointed season, and there is a time for every matter under the heaven.

Ecclesiastes 3:1, and made a great song.

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Mon 18th Jun 2018 12:20

β€œThe supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Just some food for thought...

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Thu 14th Jun 2018 00:35

We are all wearing the masks of our making, here--

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Mon 21st May 2018 02:10

Your comment is consoling... Reassuring to read a bio with a similar tone to my own thoughts, too. Loved to read your poems in response; they are so beautiful.

Thank you, and your writing.

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Sun 20th May 2018 19:57

As he that taketh away a garment in cold weather, and as vinegar upon nitre, so is he that singeth songs to an heavy heart.

--Proverbs 25:20

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