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Dorothy Webb

Updated: Sun, 10 Mar 2019 07:28 am

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I joined WoL. out of curiosity and to test the worthiness of my poems. What I have learned is that poetry is an important and beautiful way to communicate thoughts, humour and emotions, and that it should be free to flow at will in any direction.


ENIGMATIC My thoughts drift aimlessly about me, a flotilla of small ships floating free foundering in a restless sea, flotsam and jetsom heading towards destruction, splintering beyond reconstruction lost without trace. 1958 Her voice still echoes down through the years sharp with accusations and confident in the knowledge of her right to be right. Discouraging misguided ambitions was her parental duty, knowing one's place was duly taught, firmly blocking rebellious thought. "Girl remember you're a servant don't step above your station you're working class - and you don't need an education just to marry and have babies" She taught us well by example, standing at the shallow stone sink to scour cheap Woolworths pans with red work roughened hands. "Reading's not good for you - it tires out the brain" She explained through the steam as she scrubbed worn greasy collars in the vain hope that they'd come clean. "Now mark my words well girl and heed to what I say you are what you are born to at the end of the day"

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Ian Whiteley

Wed 24th Apr 2019 15:20

I'm pleased '[Nature's Banquet' is causing some re-reads Dorothy - and that it amused you πŸ˜ƒ not one I would have considered without the NaPoWriMo prompt - so it is defintely taking me to some untravelled places πŸ˜ƒ thanks for commenting again, I appreciate it

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Laura Taylor

Tue 23rd Apr 2019 13:49

Thanks for your note on The Ties That Bind, Dorothy. Wrote itself really quickly, funnily enough πŸ˜‰ Lots of genuine material to draw on. Made myself feel sick writing it, and remembering all the times I've had them hurled at me.

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Ian Whiteley

Tue 16th Apr 2019 17:06

thanks for commenting on 'Martyr' Dorother - pleased you liked it - that there determination you mention id just the Yorkshire roots coming to the surface πŸ˜‰ thanks so much for your kind words

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Ian Whiteley

Mon 15th Apr 2019 14:56

thanks for your kind and insightful comments on 'with banners held high' Dorothy - I'm in the process of finishing this one up as a song which I hope to perform at the festival with the same name on 18th May. iF enough of us keep banging the drum we will hopefully make a difference.
Thanks so much for taking the time to comment

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Jane Briganti

Mon 15th Apr 2019 14:03

Your writing has a freshness to it that I enjoy. Nice to meet you!😊


Sun 14th Apr 2019 10:22

Gulls eat doughnuts.
Grackles eat Cheetos.
Natural adaption to our
modern world.


Wed 10th Apr 2019 12:19

I will talk to God
and make sure Eve gets the garden
he always does what's right.

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Ian Whiteley

Tue 9th Apr 2019 11:50

thanks for the kind comments on 'blue on blue contact' Dorothy - glad you liked it πŸ˜ƒ this NaPoWriMo lark really tests you doesn't it πŸ˜ƒ

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Ian Whiteley

Fri 5th Apr 2019 11:58

thanks for the kind comments on 'In Memoriam' Dorothy - really pleased you liked it

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 2nd Apr 2019 15:24

In fairness, "guild" could be adopted in the "poetical
context" of the poem in connection with the profusion of
the flower - as if it is Mother Nature's "common aim", often found in abundance in the woodlands. So, thanks again
for reading and commenting.

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 1st Apr 2019 14:51

Thanks for taking the trouble to read and comment on "The Primrose"...appreciated. I used the word "gild" because of
its connection with gilt/covering with gold - rather than "guild" - an association with a common connection/aim/purpose.

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Phil Kay

Mon 11th Mar 2019 12:11

Thank you for your appreciation of "anti shanty" Dorothy. People generally have no real concept of the sea going life. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks again.


Fri 8th Mar 2019 11:49

hoof & mouth-- when and where did this happen?

i like the poem and congratulations of your award.

have you ever been bitten by that cheetah?

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Phil Kay

Sat 2nd Mar 2019 17:49

Hi Dorothy. Thank you for commenting on "Grandad". It led me to read your bio. and some of your work. Literacy or not you have an art. I loved your "stuff".

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Wed 27th Feb 2019 15:54

May I join everyone else? Welcome to WOL. I'm not as much up-to-date as usual, but I'm definitely looking forward to spending some more time on your poems. That must have been some extraordinary primary education, and then your own will to keep learning. Self-learning is a marvellous achievement, full of personal richness. The well never runs dry.

And there is nothing 'primitive' about your poems!

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Mae Foreman

Mon 25th Feb 2019 13:30

I read your buo and let me say color me stunned! You move and inspire me. Your poem 1958 was incredible!🎈
Thank you🎈

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Dave Caplan

Sat 23rd Feb 2019 09:10

Dorothy, computers have given so many older people a new lease of life, inspired every generation, and made life worth living for many housebound people of all ages.

Go for it girl !


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Stephen Mellor

Tue 19th Feb 2019 12:13

Hi Dorothy
Comment appreciated.
I have to admit that I was unusually irritated watching the telly last night.

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Jason Bayliss

Mon 18th Feb 2019 23:44

Dorothy, just wanted to say I love your writing and your spirit, that's why I had to add you to my favourites. Such a beautiful use of words.


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Erin Cc

Mon 18th Feb 2019 19:17

Thank you for the lovely comment on my poem β€œFor Hunter” I really appreciate it! Your poem 1958 is eluminating keep up the good work!!

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Dorothy Webb

Sat 16th Feb 2019 20:49

My thanks for such a warm welcome

and ain't photoshop jus' marvelous?


Thu 14th Feb 2019 12:54

whoa! Is that a real live Cheetah?
does it have a litter box?


Tue 12th Feb 2019 12:01

You are off to a fantastic start Dorothy.

I can so relate to your comments about spelling and that godsend the speelchekur.

Keep up the great work young un!


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Greg Freeman

Tue 12th Feb 2019 09:19

Welcome to Write Out Loud, Dorothy. May you flourish and above all enjoy yourself here. I particularly liked your sample poem '1958', may I say. Best wishes, Greg

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Wolfgar Miere

Mon 11th Feb 2019 20:20

Hello Dorothy,

It's good to see you here and to read your story (abridged)

I'm enjoying your scribbles.


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Sun 10th Feb 2019 11:04

Nice to have a like from you for "Waiting" Dorothy. Thanks. Your poem 1958 resonates and casts a curse on future enterprise. How things have changed for the better in that grip of low expectation. I'm seventy five so I have strong memories of the fifties too.


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