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PART I a wandering soul in search of the twin flame. the wandering worth the wait. twin flames burn with intensity same. driven apart by fate, destiny shall bring them together again. the power of almighty can be felt within the very game. trust and hope are the wings to set assail. to know a soul you need the inner powers and the sight. words are but letters inscribed. judgments made with knowledge frail. opening the very gates of eternal life. PART II Having found the twin flame anxiousness persists to hold onto the soul that really exists once an imagination now the living reality like a mighty knight his shining armor his mighty power robust physique with attractive looks mind serene intelligent speech how can i let the twin flame ever go when he is the only one i have always waited for PART III Sometime we meet our soulmates After waiting a thousand night Still they aren't the ones Who would forever stay Although separation is destructive But twins from distance are supportive No matter how far they drifted apart The charm, the spell, the bond stays forever What once was my weakness became my power Though letting go of angelic heroes aint just easy Yet almighty has better plans for him and me So how can i decide in place of God Who would stay and who would not So i decide and let things be Living the moment blessed to me Always grateful for what was and what could be So the twin flame i met Has decided never to come back My soul will silently wait As i am preparing to letting things go With this ends the second phase of my history What tomorrow has in store me Shall be revealed in the morning going to be I hope and pray that better things may come my way Some beautiful things more than i deserve Future gifts shall be unpacked tomorrow Untill then i be grateful to God almighty For bestowing upon me the best of memories PART IV i will never allow my heart to be bruised again So i have carefully wrapped it with paper plain No more pain, worries and turmoil to endure All doubts, confusions and tensions cured Now i have a guiding light right before my eyes Spellbound i shall follow the straight path Never to question any mystery crossing me Always trusting the guiding hand holding me Marching on like a soldier brave and a child naive Trusting each move and honesty of the guide This is a better way to moving on in life Following the one i love and trust so much Completely focussed onto you dear God I am never going to go away from you ever again This is a promise i have made to me After suffering so much pain and sorrows I have eventually grown and developed Allowing not my heart or soul to be ever captured again. PART V I trusted my friends but they proved me wrong Now they thinking i am the same fool So this time they are being proved wrong Each one has their logical thoughts and reasoning But you dont just treat your friends the way they did Why are they approaching me every now and then On some pretext or the other they call me over I dont wish to break off ties, but aint in any mood to trust them over Once bitten twice shy, i keep my distance but they still grab my mind I dont wanna spill any beans of mystery or history I need no advice on my personal chemistry I have eventually my best friend God, Now i dont need those fakies anymore I will talk to them and be there in need But seriously i aint in any mood to go beyond these Failed efforts they make towards me They think they are trying their best to help me I seek no help, nor did i ask for any advice Forcing views making me believe them to be mine I have fallen a victim of manipulations many times But this time its different cause i ain't naive but innocent i ain't sharing my problems of life with you for you had never any solutions when i approached you so what is the benefit in experimenting things that you could never help me achieve it rather you were the first few who went away from view when i needed you the most so lets be friends with happiness our whole intent cheers to friendship!!! PART VI under construction.......

the power of words

if words could speak the feelings true every letter would be feelings and each letter emotions pure singing the songs of heartfelt desires and wishes of the longing heart always dancing to the tunes of an earnest dream

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Mon 24th Jun 2019 12:27

Lovely photo on your bio. I admire your imagination.

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Fri 21st Jun 2019 14:17

Thanks so much, Do.RoThY. For the kind words and sincere welcome! Glad you enjoyed the poems, and glad to be here.

Jason Zane

Fri 14th Jun 2019 18:29

Thank You, Do.RoThY, for your kind words. I enjoy what I have read so far in your blogs. Inevitable reality sums many things up and reminds me to recognize and accept change (sometimes whether I like it or not!) and to realize it is just the "cycle of inevitability" as you state. It is not always easy to avoid stubbornness in these rapidly changing times. Also, I read your Bio and best of luck to you in finding your twin flame! ---J. Zane

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