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Updated: Wed, 14 Mar 2012 02:14 pm

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acerbic, thoughtful, impulsive, emotional, still, restless, lazy, hard working, funny, sad, involved, happy, understanding, empathetic, don't care for fools or anyone with the 'right man' syndrome, love to listen, used to love being part of conversations, but not now :) unless its in writing or with close intimates. Early computer global conferencing moderator, former green activist and wild life rescuer. Love an occasional made with green butter treble chocolate chip muffin. sometimes I am and sometimes I isn't am :) I love this crazy non-stop roller-coaster we call life. I'm a watcher, an observer, of just about any and everything, babies smiling, clouds in the sky, women and their so so sassy ways :) cats at play and just being cats, the human condition, music of all sizes and shapes, mind states, film and video. paintings and shapes, knowledge and wisdom, animals of every sort, people who make a difference and those that simply can't. And I love my friends! Sometimes I like to do as well, from early rock all the way through to today, and in the last few years, with producing videos of things and people that interest me. Now, today and for the last four years I write – a lot! But not poetry, until now with a few tentative steps . .


Knocking on Heaven's Door? I am no stranger to the written word and yet I find this request quite absurd, for it takes no heed of my position. Should I enter here work which I have done my fear would be it might tie your tongue! For erudition of the written word is something at which I excel Or perhaps you are set as to a hegemonic stance, convinced as my judge and jury too that you alone can judge me fit or wanting? Enter here some of your previous work is, in poetic terms, something of which I cannot comply and no, I'm not really shy it's just that I ventured into pastures new with the first poem I have written but not yet for you I would rather post it as first entry to my name and maybe, just maybe, set the site ablaze as the rumour spreads “Come look” 'they' will say “at what this new geezer dun and said!” Is this enough for you to say okay! We'll do it this-a-way? (shame this space doedn't understand centred text :-)

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Ann Foxglove

Fri 16th Mar 2012 09:34

Hi Deezul - welcome to WOL! Good to see your poem on the blogs - I liked it a lot. Hope you enjoy being part of WOL.

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