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Dean Fraser never set out to be a poet... Dean Fraser – The Quantum Poet is probably well known to many people these days for his former radio show Beyond Poetry which he shared with over a quarter of a million listeners via twenty plus amazing community radio stations across the UK and beyond, plus his many appearances on local tv. He previously spent years touring extensively and continues to thrill at standing before an expectant audience ready to listen to his poetic tales...manna to his soul indeed. Yet he never planned to have a creative career in poetry! Poetry kind of found him... Dean Fraser started his journey into the poetic spotlight as part of underground bohemian collective The 4 Poets, writing poems for various events gave Dean a unique opportunity to gain insight into what makes a poem work live and far more importantly, what doesn’t! As is the way of life, change happened, which saw Dean leave The 4 Poets to explore within his own creativity, to finally write for the sheer pleasure of telling stories which rhymed (sometimes!). His first poetry book The Lancashire Poems eventually came out in 2013, closely followed by sister collection The Cheshire Poems. The next eighteen months saw our poet performing across those two counties, and also a little further afield at libraries, festivals, museums and literary events. Again, quite by chance, Dean Fraser found himself the host of poetry themed radio show, Beyond Poetry. Dean has the habit of saying yes to opportunities, and so it was for about a year he reached over a quarter of a million listeners once a week sharing some of his own poems and interviewing fellow poets. Dean has also appeared on local television numerous times promoting poetry as a genre.


Finding Himself in Nature Deep in the heart of the forest He lingers a moment to rest He knows well his destination Two hours meander his estimation Finding the oldest tree of all, he hesitates Sat, leant against the trunk he meditates High within the mountain peaks Within himself answers he seeks All the world below somewhere Quietly he finds his spot up there Sheltered by cairn, thoughts he elevates Gale rages all around as he meditates Waves roar as they crash upon beach Yet he’s here some wisdom to reach Upon his rock facing the wildest sea Spray washed, alive he feels such empathy As once again he enters altered states In the heart of the storm, he meditates Natural wonder he found all around Emanating from deep within the ground Carried on the wind, the rain and snow Seeking answers in caves or plateau Whatever journey he undertakes Wherever he goes, he meditates I have meditated since my teenage years (a little while ago) and although I love to meditate on trains, my preferred location is always within nature

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