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nice but nuts! into poetry, photography, trying to learn to play the guitar, tv, music anything from the stone roses to slayer, love animals especially my 3 dogs,walking up rivington, love the terraced gardens.


The gospel according to God The Truth like unto a mountain that cannot be moved, retained its purity throughout the ages as by time it was abused. A Divine plan on an epic scale, one that was guaranteed by God never to fail. As certain now as when as one it shone as the source of sight, life the radiant result of the emitting of its light. A boundlessness of blissful beams, at the end of each eternal dreams. Portions of perfection each destined for divinity, fragments of forever flying forth into infinity. In ecstasy and awe before the glories of the God upon whom I gaze, I vow never again in forgetfulness to turn from his face, forever in joy shall I shelter in his grace. At one with his will to which I wholly submit, as my eternal love for him I commit, so that the sacrifice we can remit, and death and darkness then omit, from the wonders he makes of IT! So beautiful the bounty of the benevolence of truth and the reality it reveals, and true so to of the wonders of the limitlessness of the love which it conceals. Freeing forevers from the fetters of there follies and the bounds upon there beings, to take flight like like phoenixes from the flames fleeing, such the vastness of the vision we are seeing! A truth known to all at the centre of the soul, from whence forth it came to take a stroll! A truth towering triumphant over time and taming its terrors, bringing them to the knowledge of there errors, and turning them towards better endeavours. His glory gained by the pain profound and sacrificed in the suffering severe, making manifest the magnificence now near, the heaven that we hoped for that’s already here! Assured once in eternity by an angel of its eventual arrival, I now reside back then in its eternal revival. One moment of miraculous magic in myriads of manifestations which warm with wonder the times in which it travelled, as the silver lining in the cloud of life it unravelled. A thread of golden glory woven into the world, in moments of revelation and rapture unfurled. Free forever from the forgetfulness of the 'fact' that fulfils and distils the darkness into divinity! Aghast at God in his grandeur I fall down in awe, revealed to me at last the celestial significance of the visions I saw, while upon my perilous journey as the world on my back I bore, deep into the darkness beyond deaths door, where it all did not end as expected as there was so much more! For even in the depths of darkness there is light, even the damned one day delight! In sweet submission to God and his will, good and evil cease there struggle and love calms the chaos it created, once more all at one with the wondrousness for which it had waited. In joyous jubilation at such a vision so vast, the trumpets of the angels begin to blast, sorry to for there part in the past! A calm transition into Eden then ensues, as by the eternal and infinite you are infused, in submission to Gods will and his wonderful news. The final enlightening unfolds out into one of form forever free to be without bounds, in the limitless gardens of a God who astounds, after out of the darkness like Blake's tiger he pounds, tamed by the limitlessness of the love that all around it resounds. For what once was, was and forever will be, Now as one in all and within thee. The one walking as many mirrored by magic that reflects his radiance in revelations of the remembrance of the unity of the universe and his sacrificial dismemberment! Cut off forever for an hour from the highest of heavens and bereft of all hope of ever in it being, only never ending horror was he seeing, and from everlasting terror fleeing, on the 'dark nights of the soul' he was overseeing! An eternal assurance delivered by an angel with a wink, the time of its promised completion now on the brink. Free now forever from the threat of endless night, and in forever to take flight, as lords of love and lords of light, into a future that has never looked so bright! At peace perpetual in paradise regained with pain profound, sacrifice for the holy abundance that now abounds. Guilt and sin are washed away, out in the pastures of paradise immortals play, innocent once more in the light of the eternal day, loved by a God who blesses them in every way, so that the full wonder of his glory they can display, in everything they do and everything they say. With no fear to face or falsity over which to fall, Gods immortal children stand around him tall, restored to the radiance they once knew before the fall, for the fulfilment of forever and the attainment of the All! From a darkness devoid of design, into a paradise that is divine. Without division divided in delight, at the dawn of the end of night, the final illumination of the light! For there was no fall only a failure of faith, a fleeting forgetting of God, his goodness and grace, that created the complex continuum we know of as time and space! Like unto the celestial city its splendour now soars, like the dove of love out through one of its celestial doors. Into worlds of wonder that gleam like gold, realms in which his radiance reaches so far of untold, revelations in the future to no doubt unfold, in this master plan in which we are all enrolled. The divine intervention in our space and time, by the hand of the highest, the doer of the divine! Opposites against each other all around me rage, while at the centre of the storm I am calm like unto the sage, as he submits to the secrets of an ancient age..... Divisions dissolve in the divinity and the darkness departs, and even in the deepest of depths love does its lesson impart, as everywhere the growth of its godlike grandeur starts, cause even the darkest of demons had it in his heart! Everything reconciled in radiance by the limitlessness of light, the opposites cease to oppose and make fantasy from there flight! A welcome warmth of wonderment then wells up in a wilderness wild, or sprouts with splendour in a wasteland defiled. Comforting the whole of creation and putting the certainty in its soul, that it is good and the glory it begets that is Gods holy goal! For to end it All in darkness dire, could creation to never aspire. For if such a darkness where to exist, it would 'anything ever happening' resist, and the apparent fact that it does would not exist! Creation complete and perfected in matter manipulated by mind that finds that LOVE IS THE LAW and is underlined, and must never be undermined! In the final birth like throngs of forever becoming fulfilled, the revelations of God and all his glories are revealed, and forever in my heart they are now sealed. For when you conquer evil with the limitlessness of love and you hear his celestial song, it is then that you know it was love with which you fought all along! For God stands triumphant over his foe, the darkness of death and this world of woe. In a flood of love chaos is conquered and calms in loves arms embraced, where no vestiges of the evil are traced. For in Gods glory all are grounded and within his love all are founded, as by his splendour all are surrounded. So with faith in forever and hope in our hearts, immortal life we are bound now to start! With no division between love and love, for what is below is like that which is above! At the end of everything is where it All began, the past, present and future all within his span. A temple there towers that is a triumph of the truth, angels and aliens in amazement walk in through its roof! Within it windows open onto worlds of infinite wonder, while Gods most awesome thoughts all around it thunder! Doors open into the divine to delight and awe, time and all of its travellers who in heaven I saw, no longer with the All at war, living life with love to the full which was what it was for, as now to the stars it is set to soar! For now is the time of the final things and of the wonders that these bring.....

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Winston (Admin)

Wed 9th Nov 2011 20:18

Hi david, Welcome to WOL. Sorry about the false start, Winston

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