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david sobieralski

Updated: Tue, 16 Sep 2008 10:14 pm

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hello i am from Oldham.i have been writing on and of for around 13 years,i tend to drift in and out of inspiration which lends itself to frustration.i have decided recently to make a concerted effort at becoming more involved in poetry recitals(my nerve permitting) and this website.i really get a thrill when i am able to string together a poem that falls out of my head and straight onto the page,but mostly my mind runs too quick for my pen.


an old movie all the wild in it's wisp and brood. fly nature in and scented skin. fell silently her silk new bloom. back in the arms of the one she calls him. lay on clouds of pull and press. arms of brambles twined and beating. sharing stolen summer breaths. watching all the world in it's dignity repeating. shyer eye's would deny this zest. prying lies would seem much less fleeting. she senses as he molds her breast. that her arching spine is for his pleasing. rancid thoughts of past conquests. ship's that crashed on shores still freezing. are repaired bye his hand while she rests. she will pay him on the night of receiving. all the time bye it's muted actions. self respect will show it's hand. and disband itself from older factions. and find a newer pleasant land. rolling tanks will lose their steel. smelted into natures consistent overgrow. left as furniture for new lovers to feel. as hand clasped hearts flail too and throw. an old movie will play on their reel. this audience has two,no more. and if anyone dare to taint or steal. the hand of romance will turn red with woe. so shelter no longer your appeal. let it dance on your flourishing soul. know that life with love is real. an old movie that for always will show. ode to the addict gaunted look in face and hand. your just a bag of scrag and bone's. with beady eye's to catch your fix. and squatters rights you call your home. your darkness fills shadow's and corner's. as you lurch from standing grave's. to cast us beneath your addicts cloud. industrial damp brick's your enclave. you lost your mind to needle and spoon. your powdered soul is dead of thought. vein's pump scum to a merciless heart. where more of the same is alls your taught. you ghost bye night in swarms of bone pressed skin. all set up for one more dig. your near corpse body is pale and thin. with the look of a malnutritioned kid. then came the! they drag there feet through the dust of charred land. observing and writing alls that they found. smoke bellowed high in an eruption of cloud. all in it's way was incinerated down. then came the calm compared to the storm. the locals forgot and returned to the norm. cutting off fruit from the tree's by the lawn. almost forgetting what they saw in the storm. then came the day that the world was shook still. three crater's erupted and raced down the hill. leaving the sea as nothing more than a stream. Krakatoa had spoken and was now to be seen. the locals prayed to the god of the fire. struck dumb in a trance they raced to ground higher. ship's in the sea were smothered in ash. the breath's of the crew choked as they gasped. 86 mile's away eruption's were heard. survival was second,panic was first. tropical city's were drowned in Grey ash. then in the morning cataclysmic sound's passed. then came the water intruding the sea. all in it's path became the deceased. first came the heat now comes the wet. dozens of feet high with the force of all death's. black and white photo's show familiar sight's. once stood tall buildings gone over night. then came the fiercest measure of all. Krakatoa had bounced from the earth like a ball. light colored magma mixed with the dark. causing directly the sea to embark. off on it's journey to show alls who see. that mother nature is here and always shall be. then came the final eruption of all. heard round the world like a universal call. pushing on further the sea to the sky. the tsunami came quicker as the tidal waves climbed. panic had gone as the world was to end. no longer have family,no longer have friend. do you think that the sea Care's who's holier than thou. no god shall ever hear the prayer's of the drowned. only the calm of the few did survive. the world now stood still,shocked and surprised. who's god was it that sent down this plague. pushing the night into all of our day's. mother nature creates us and can take us at will. so be kind to the lady and hope she is still. respect her and understand she rule's us all. don't be surprised by her power,when she stands tall. the word according to the tainted my curtain flickered furiously to the beat of an ever increasing new day my hands all withered like a weather beaten out of season holiday my eyes sunk down to the pit's of last night's cringe worthy hear say my face as ballooned and bloated as a recently exhumed body. my thought's tainted by the trigger of early day psychosis my psychosis triggered by the thought's of early life tainting if hope is but a breath away then i am emphysema and you are the ever increasing need to chain smoke still, all is not lost to the vast sways of shade blue i see green when wearing your rose TAINTED spectacles my mood's deify even the most salacious of rainbow's my eye's burn vivid against the injustice of all comer's my skin's no match to your already and readily sharpened wit's my stomach can't muster a fight for it's food scrutinize everything screams my mirror of moan's and the scrutiny shows on all people's faces all corner's are closing and wall's pressing in the same wall's that are marked with my footprint's if suicide was an option I'd make the world commit it so the only thing committed is me to my hospital bed like all people I've the propensity for great good and great bad and that certain battle rages without one clear candidate my sky is covered by one large and looming stratus come redemption and feed my under nourished soul inseminate light through my insidious handicap and flutter free my wings of mercy full exemption these word's are the chain's bound tight by my demon's loosened by my wish to resolve who's future is it anyway? i see a future of darkening days where children are treated as vermin to slay adults possessions are held paramount where only talk of money spills from their mouth's. i feel a destiny of communities broke suspicion's are cast at the few kind words spoke people of power prefer things this way technology rises as intelligence fades. those few left willing to speak for the weak are told that their futures are futile and bleak. the only thing worse than this future i say is the fact that this future is really today. i hear the rumblings of a gathering storm as the lightning strikes fear of a terrible new dawn stars in the sky are dull in their light for they feel the shame of watching earth's plight as we all watch it come furious and fast not one of us learning the lessons of past so shelter yourself in money and gold and hope that your god's will rekindle your souls the devil is stirring in each of our hands as we are the labor that works to his plans and the worst thing of all that causes dismay is the future i write of is really today but fear not my friends for all are not foe's suffering will fade as redemption comes close the devils and demons that laugh loud and sneer will turn on their heels and finally face fear children of suffrage will rise with the sun and learn nothing of pain for it shall finally be gone the dawn of free love will exude once again crash into the present like a white knighted ghost train and if anyone Tell's you to live life how they say ask them who's future it is anyway

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Julian (Admin)

Tue 16th Sep 2008 23:25

You have some great lines in your writing. I particularly like th eopnein gones:
all the wild in it's wisp and brood.
fly nature in and scented skin.
fell silently her silk new bloom.

rolling tanks will lose their steel.
cut to the essentials - true poetry.
well done.

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Julian (Admin)

Tue 16th Sep 2008 23:20

Hi David (Dzien dobry)
Welcome to the site. We did have a night going in Oldham and will probably have one again in the new year. Write Out Loud has an open mic coming up at the library on 9th October and you are welcome to take part. We are very newcomer-friendly.

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