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Danny G.

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Updated: Thu, 19 Apr 2018 06:06 pm

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My name is Danny, I write a blog on the website where I write primarily on topics of spirituality and life. I’ve recently just started writing poems and I created a page for poems on my website. Take care everyone!


If We Can Be Children Again (Poem) by Danny G. When we’re newborns and toddlers, We’re so eccentric and authentic, Eager and ecstatic, To start living our life. Gazing at the night sky, We ponder the brilliance, An amazing masterpiece, A great work of art. There must some force, That created this world, That’s giving me breath, That’s protecting me and cares. Unrelenting faith, Always eager, To tackle the day. Persistent and relentless, Pessimism is a term, We know nothing about. And then we grow up, Observing and forgetting, Somehow down the path, Of self prophecy and setbacks, We convince ourselves of deception, Of every lie of misconception. And then strip by strip, As we remove the layers, As though pealing an onion, Our eyes begin to burn, Until we can’t take anymore. If we can be children, Remember what we knew, So deep in our heart, In our childlike soul. That life is a playground, We make it as we want. Then look back, Smile and reminisce, The journey above all, We’re conquerors from the start. The Rat Race (Poem) by Danny G. Competition is your best friend. Living in expense and luxury, Buying expensive diamonds, And toys you don’t use, To convince others, Of your value beneath insecurities. You created your own competition, Out of jealousy and greed, To prove that you’re worthy, You forgot what it means, To live life internally. You’re so focused on the outside, That you forgot the true meaning, Of success and happiness, Beneath true feelings. Deep down, you’re scared and frail, So you prove yourself, Through things, Toys and a diamond ring. The bigger the truck, The price tag on the front, Creates the status. A price on our very lives. Why has luxury, Reigned over debts. Giving ourselves all sorts of stress. To impress someone who doesn’t care. Let’s focus on ourselves, Through the infinite self. Let the divine bring us light, And peace amongst the darkest nights. A presence, That money, people or things cannot bring. We’re all on a journey from upbringing, Competing with ourselves, For our own expansion, The evolution of our soul. There’s no competition, Other than self imposed.

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Shirley Smothers

Fri 3rd Nov 2017 01:25

Hello Danny,
Thank you for liking my poem GOD IS EVERYWHERE TRANSLATED/RE TRANSLATED. I don't write much poetry anymore but I should. I suffer from anxiety and this does help.

Thank You

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