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Daniel Carr

Updated: Wed, 15 May 2013 05:37 pm

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hi my name is danny carr, i'm 27 from Heywood rochdale. i've been writing poetry for about 4 years, listening to bob dylan and jonny cash inspired me to pick up the pen, and now writting has taken over, but in a good way i have recently started performing,in my 27 years i have been an international judo player a professional mma fighter a window cleaner and various other things between. i enjoy sharing poetry and listening to others perform thier work, finding like minded ppl and those who think diferently all finding unity in poetry, this is the reason i perform. why i write? now that i realy cant answer.


A God Called Money Lying, infesting, betraying, delaying, They do as they please behind our backs But you can find the truth if you look hard enough It lies unspoken beneath the cracks Who shot Kennedy? Murder a remedy The machine in motion, the snipers getting ready Oswald had to go And all that let the whistle blow As the world watch in, on the puppet show Freedom fighter Terrorist insighter Politicians tell us that tomorrow will be brighter But you can’t make gold out of shit We can all see that the pieces don’t fit I see through all your charm and your lies and your wit There’ll be nowhere to hide When the fires of justice are lit This is our world there taking over This is our world lets take it back What will be left when our kids get older? Who will guide them when the sky is black? Judges fare and true So too are our boys in blue Slam a man for what he grew Who made these laws not me or you? I’ve never had a fight off a splif I don’t get stoned and develop a craving for sniff I smoke all night And in the morning I’m up in a jiff There ain’t no bad in the bud There’ll tell you it fucks with your mind if they could But that’s shits born in the blood I’d question “If your not quite stable in the brain” if you should The truth is you don’t ask questions when you drink You don’t stop . . . .and give yourself time to think Everything’s over in a blink And my world continues to sink This is our world there taking over This is our world lets take it back What will be left when our kids get older? Will they follow down this one way track? I hope in vain that we change But hope is a gun out of range The reign of man at its peak Destroying nature to face a future so bleak Free the world, this shits not funny End the rule of a god called money

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Will Blackstone

Tue 23rd Feb 2016 04:33

Hi Daniel, I'm starting a new night of improvisation with poetry and music at the Albion Inn in Rochdale, Wed 30th March, 8:30pm. Thought you might be interested? Please feel free to come and join in. Cheers, Will.

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Jonnie Falafel

Fri 10th May 2013 09:05

Thanks Danny for your comment on "For A Second" Welcome aboard. I've only just joined too. Look forward to reading more of your contributions.

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Pete Slater

Thu 9th May 2013 17:21

Hya Danny.
Good to see you on here mate. Thanks for the comment, first one on an audio. Glad you liked it. Keep writin'n'readin'.

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Ann Foxglove

Thu 9th May 2013 13:26

Hi Daniel - a very warm welcome to WOL - hope you will enjoy the site :)

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