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I am a poet in heart and trade. Poetry is my mother tongue and music is my fate. I have not chosen them. They found me as an orphan in my childhood and since then they have accompanied me. I don’t want to exhaust you with my tedious, uninteresting—yet wonderful—existence, but I can share with you that I live by the sea in Long Beach, California, and teach in a local high school. I have published along the years few things here and there; sang once in a while in this and that place; cried and laughed regularly in this and that corner; loved eventually on that carpet or on that chair or bed; yet most of my lines, stories and songs have been locked in a trunk somewhere between the heart and an iPad. & so, I am offering now in this digital paper for you to read some of them. That's all.

One Blues

i do not sing the storm i do not sing rage, wrath the lightning-bolt, the scream Despair i do not sing i do not sing struggle -revenge poisonous blast- the hurricane, the quake that tears the city of peace i do not sing no border. i do not sing no flag i do not sing no warrior but she that fights all fear Poverty & sickness-night the blade, the club, the trap blows, wounds, cries, lies, bursts & war-blood i do not sing i do not sing despise for any thing or being i do not praise no richness no governors, no kings From all this flower-garden i pick one single rose: creation is just dew upon the rose of love i celebrate one flame i only sing one blues: the flame of endless loving with you & only you

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