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Chris Nolan

Updated: Sun, 1 Nov 2009 02:05 pm

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Made debut at Old Boar's Head in Middleton in October 2009, lyricist for Flat Caps and Boddingtons, Middleton band for 2 years. Have no published work but hoping to enjoy some great poetry nights in the future.


Brian got mad, one day when it wernt sunny It was time to stand up, n state wot wasn't funny For the slight little problem, that engulfs the estate N the people with the problem, gather round n stand n wait Now to understand the issue, its a complicated think N the people who are involved, 1 by 1 live on the brink Everydays a struggle, as their out to hunt it down With no thort for anybody, except the man who holds the brown So Brian ad ad enuff, n took the matters in his hand Armed with a tin of paint, he was proud to make the stand Now he must of done it quick, as prowled round Lakeland Court With the anger on his face, as he painted out his thorts So 10 foot tall he sprawled his message, for everyone to see Then slipped away into the night, for him it was meant to be Now people stood in disbelief, n all the tongues they wagged Who the fuck is Brian Mad, who sez theres no more bags.

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Chris Nolan

Sun 1st Nov 2009 14:00

Brian Mad Sez No More Bags,was a peice ov graffiti wrote on a wall on a housing estste ,noboddy knew who brian mad was but "NO MORE BAGS"meant he was sick ov seein heroin addicts moochin about,so i wrote about brian as if i could feel him in the nite,alone and standing up to something he felt deep about.

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Neil West

Sat 31st Oct 2009 13:16

Hi Chris, if I say I like your poem will you promise not to hit me! Only joking, welcome to WOL. Brian Mad has me troubled by its depth and complexity but after due consideration I think either a) he's mad at people who don't clean up after their dog or b)he's out of PG tips. Am I right?

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