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An unaspiring poet aware that 99% of us are destined to exist in perpetual mortal anonimity and eventually to not even to exist on that meagre level. I write poems primarily to fill the void between birth and death and to try and bump into a few like-minded miseries along the way. I occasionally read at 'open mic.' events, am in a couple of writing groups and generally enjoy playing with words for the simple pleasure of creating something I can say is unique! If people like my writing that is a bonus, but the pursuit of praise, publication or promotion are best left to those with a talent and personality.


All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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<Deleted User> (7123)

Sat 9th Jan 2010 16:40

I don't recall Godfrey Winn, Ann. Although to be fair I didn't spend all of my youth reading women's magazines!I became aware of different genres of publication where pictures spoke louder than words which drew me away from the delights of 'home making'. Men with bouffant hairstyles did sometimes make an appearance, but in a supporting role......

<Deleted User> (7123)

Sat 9th Jan 2010 16:28

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Ann Foxglove

Sat 9th Jan 2010 08:53

My mum always read Woman and it seemed to be full of Godfrey Winn - do you remember him? Boufant hair and retouched eyebrows as I seem to recall!

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Ann Foxglove

Sat 9th Jan 2010 07:05

Hi Craig - thanks for your comments on my newsreaders! If your poems are as interesting and well written as your comments, should be good. Hope your mum is feeling better!

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Ann Foxglove

Fri 8th Jan 2010 20:35

Let's see a poem then. Please. If you dish it out you've got to be prepared to take it. ;-)

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Graham Sherwood

Tue 5th Jan 2010 20:32

Hello Craig. Having read your biography I'm not sure whether to say welcome or bugger off (only joking). It will be nice to see how you fill the void between birth and death at any rate.

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Ann Foxglove

Tue 5th Jan 2010 13:59

Wow! Just read your comment on rhyming poetry! I thought what you said was BRILLIANT! But I hope you won't have a go at me or I'll cry (just kidding, though I just might.) But I think you summed up why most rhyming poetry is so damned annoying!!! Having said that, I can't help feeling proud if something occasionally rhymes in one of my poems. Only if it fits of course!

Anyway, welcome to WOL. Hope to see some of your poems soon.

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