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Caleb 'Skylab' Parkin

Updated: Wed, 7 Aug 2013 06:07 pm

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I am a poet, performer, educator and workshop-facilitator, developing ways to get people writing together, on projects which often fuse the practice of creative writing with an imaginative engagement in scientific ideas. My poetry's been in Blank Pages, Helicon, Outburst and will be one of “20 under 40” writers in the LS13 Leeds anthology (launched June 7th). I've performed at umpteen poetry nights and my work’s been encountered in galleries, cinemas and DVD shops. Kind people have said my writing is ‘clever and different’ and ‘quite exciting’. The comic, gothic, scientific, tragic, trippy and transcendent interest me. I often write about animals and machines; I have a long-standing preoccupation with cephalopods, bugs and 1970s sci-fi.


'In Case of Emergency' Behind the glass, not the green-gripped leaf of the Emergency Hammer. Instead, a pale white sheet of butterfly, black-trimmed, de- finite in the stasis of the train’s thick air: awaiting our moment of need. 'Filing the Poet Laureate' Dear Commander Duffy, Having been working recently in the office of a well-known poetry programme, you will be pleased to learn of your re-filing from ‘Misc D’ to ‘Named D’. Be aware this was far from a snub: your languishing miscellaneously was a long-overdue job and others – who may remain nameless – are yet to be upgraded . Lovingly, we recreated the typewritten label – in Courier, size 14, bold: CAROL ANN DUFFY you read now. We know it’s hardly a title. A royal-booze crate, or regal selection. But, as a poet, we’re sure you’ll appreciate the attention to detail. And so, Carol – can I call you Carol? – John(s) Donne and Drinkwater shuffled off graciously to make space as, swinging in your own green folder, you took your rightful and orderly place.

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Ann Foxglove

Sat 10th Aug 2013 15:12

Hi Caleb - welcome to WOL. I love the poem about the butterfly! Hope you will enjoy being a part of the site :)

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