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My name is Deja Williams but you are welcome to call me Bizzle. I'm 17 and I love to write Poetry. I have been writing poetry, books and plays for about 8 or 9 years now.I live in Chicago and welcome you to see what I got


The first you love Is the first to hurt you Curse you out and then desert you Leave you with issues to work through They leave you broken Taking for granted every token Of affection Left with misdirection On a downward spiral But welcome to my world Where you wake up tomorrow Filled with a sorrow As deep as the ocean Even through devotion Every emotion Leaves you with a bad taste on your tongue All because you’ve been hurt by that one That one who promised you the universe The one you shared that natural love with It was never rehearsed But you weren’t well versed In the games they could play Heartbreaker in the night but a sweetheart by day Stealing your heart like a thief in the dark Then holding your sweet organ for ransom Put your hands up and give me your life Yeah, that’s the one who was gonna be your wife You yell back, it was yours but it never was enough And she says but I’d have to love you back and that’s too tough You want her to know that love isn’t always easy But she’d only be blind to your words like Stevie So you leave it And she does too But that walking away leaves you feeling blue So you go right back To the pain of before Expecting something different But the cycle repeats once more Then one day When you’ve finally had your fill And you finally decide to leave on your own free will You find that you weren’t the only one You realize there’s a light for everything that’s done You start to think that love isn’t for everyone But don’t think that way Negative emotions don’t always stay There’s someone out there for you At some point, you’ll want them and they’ll want you too Just take it slow, don’t rush the pace Be easy lil homie, give her time, give her space It’s like trapping a butterfly in a net They have to want to be there without any regret

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Graham Sherwood

Sat 10th May 2014 12:55

Hello Deja/Bizzle

Welcome to Write Out Loud.

We're really looking forward to reading some of your work. I know that you will be warmly welcomed by fellow WOL-ers on the site. 
If you haven’t already added a picture to your profile please try and do so. It’s good to see what our fellow poets look like. 

Have a good browse around the site, there’s lots going on and if you have the time make some comments about the work of other poets please feel free. It’s the best way to get some constructive feedback about your own work too.

Any problems, please ask. There’s always someone who’ll get back to you. It’s a friendly place, so welcome once again.

Graham Sherwood

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