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Augusta Darling

Updated: Sun, 4 Mar 2012 02:59 pm

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I am currently staying on the outskirts of a sleepy little hamlet outside Warrington. I spend my day eating drinking and writing...and sleeping ..I love my garden, and my cat. I hope to join open mike sessions soon. when I have gaineda little more confidence through my writing


Wednesday Child. Moment The Exact moment Moment of birth. Wednesday’s child Early closing No Light At the end of the tunnel, Screaming never again, never again. The world is a rowdy aggressive place

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<Deleted User> (11485)

Sat 28th Sep 2013 14:40

Enjoy your work.

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Wed 12th Oct 2011 17:22

Augusta Darling!
It is always a pleasure to hear from you! Yes, I will hopefully see you again soon! Thank you so much for reading and commenting on 'Intrusive'. I find it interesting that you picked up on the anger... Nothing gets past you ; )


<Deleted User> (7789)

Thu 30th Jun 2011 23:08

Thanks for your comment on my Greek ode!

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Gareth Writer-Davies

Sun 27th Mar 2011 11:07

Your photo seems to be in denial of your biography!!
Read "A Ragged Paper Rose"-has something about it, excites but disturbs; nice one.

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John Coopey

Mon 7th Mar 2011 20:41

sunny side up

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John Aikman

Wed 12th Jan 2011 17:26

Dear Augusta,

Thank you for your lovely, and very percipient comments on my recent offerings. I think you are bang on the nail when you say 'what I mean is, that you perhaps try to completely smother the sometimes absurd, gaudy, and gratuitous nature of the subject by overworking cleverly constructed subtleties. Instead of be as intellectually timorous perhaps, dare I say, a more hands on approach…'

You have got it in one. I am not in the slightest bit uptight, personally, about sex and all its wonderful squelching and farting, or about the peripheries...the more outre practices. I just can't seem to shake off the need to leave the 'ache of recognition' at the door. I want it to be the 'joy of recognition'. But, as always, I want a poem to say the a 'new' way. That is, in my humble opinion, what poetry is for.

I really will keep trying. One day I will write a ribald celebration of all that 'beast with two backs' stuff...I really will.

Meanwhile...thank you again. You are too kind. I don't deserve your praise...but I'll take it.

Humbly Yours



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John Coopey

Thu 6th Jan 2011 17:40

Blow me! Just seen you online. Thought you'd dried up!

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Tommy Carroll

Fri 10th Dec 2010 12:20

A first anniversary: 'Oh! Tommy
Offer me a weekend in Paris or Rome and I'll melt and with just a little coaxing would reach boiling point...

Augusta x'

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John Coopey

Thu 9th Dec 2010 20:18

Not seen you post for a while - hope you've not dried up!

<Deleted User> (7212)

Sun 26th Sep 2010 18:42

Hi Augusta - I didn't mean "pass the tissues" in that kind of way !!
Unless I was reading more into it than intended, the poem could be taken more than one way. On the one hand, as abuse, but on the other, some of the descriptions sound decidedly erotic - and not in a "victim/abuser" kind of way. I'm always getting it in the neck if I write anything about paedos (even if it's not) as folks seem to think that "I know rather too much than is good for me". In fact, nothing could be further from the truth & I even posted a poem about when my friend & I were 9 or 10 & that we were "perving" over the 20-30 yr mothers waiting at the gates, as, to us two at least, little girls are inherently "asexual". No-one commented on that one! I like stirring things up a bit, but sorry if I read more into yours than was intended. all the best. B

<Deleted User> (8159)

Sat 21st Aug 2010 16:08

Augusta! Thank you for your comment to "beauty in boots"...there is something sad and meditative there, u r right :-)

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Sat 21st Aug 2010 13:51

Thank you for your comment. I am truly humbled. That's another strange word for you to play with... I'm really not as hard as you suppose...have a heart as big as the Eiffel Tower, or maybe the twin towers, right and left chambers - I should try connecting it to the brain LOL xx

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jean lucy thompson

Sat 21st Aug 2010 11:33

Aww ty so much Augusta Actually you are spot on with the painting but having kept my attic bare for once its in the basement Thanks again and your poetry is so wonderful :)

Pete Crompton

Mon 26th Apr 2010 10:58

ooo errr Miss Augustus! loving the pictures as always

<Deleted User> (7790)

Sun 25th Apr 2010 07:53

I was going to ask you to babysit :) x

<Deleted User> (6510)

Mon 12th Apr 2010 18:06

sod the poetry , nice legs dolly

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Sun 4th Apr 2010 23:55

Good evening Augusta,

I seem to recall that when WOL poets came out in force to deride politicians over the expenses scandal, you came out in their defence, saying that many of us would act in the same way, given same set of circumstances – feathering our own nests being a very human failing. In that case, maybe the very many dishonest members of parliament are an accurate reflection of their very dishonest electorate.

I think what rattled you a little was the ‘bandwagon’ effect of the media. Don’t you appreciate that the same thing has happened with the question of paedophilia in the church? I would be the last person to condone anything or anyone that threatened a child – you should know me well enough by now! I think much of what the church has covered up is appalling. Anyone guilty of such crimes should not only be defrocked but castrated to boot and I would happily administer…

I still refuse to believe that these individuals represent a majority. I’m with you on the fact that celibacy in the priesthood is a nonsense. To be honest with you – if a priest did like indulging in the odd bit of S & M – it wouldn’t bother me overly – just so long as it didn’t involve children and was consensual.

It is possible that our two minds won’t meet – not to worry – it is always fun thrashing it out...

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Chris Dawson

Sun 4th Apr 2010 11:15

Exactly so - one of my favourite pieces, ever ... with it's under-stated menace and subtle sexual references. I was given an illustrated copy when I was 11 - not sure it's a children's book - but I loved it then, love it now.

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Jeff Dawson

Sun 4th Apr 2010 01:31

Hey Augusta, thanx for comment on Colt 45 nights!

No surprise you were too naughty to stay in and drink, the steak pie incident made me laugh!

Glad you like the trip down memory lane, suppose we've all done it, just different places, different drinks (or pies!) and different bands - the Clash were my heroes, but I've been into loads of stuff over the years!

Anyway thanx again, by the way love the new pic of your legs - very sexy !! Jeff xx

<Deleted User> (7212)

Sat 3rd Apr 2010 17:01

Hi Augusta - "Dreams" - thanks for the comments. it's based on a true story & the crux is that if you want something badly enough, you can sometimes make your dreams come true & the narrator is just telling that tale. B

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Fri 2nd Apr 2010 21:21

My what nice legs you've got - all the better for gripping with, no doubt. I see you have developed very bonny thigh muscles. xx

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Ray Miller

Fri 2nd Apr 2010 13:49

I don't mean Edward Lear, do I? You must think I'm talking nonsense. Can't remember whom I do mean, though. I'm sure he's been dead a long time whoever it is. Was.

<Deleted User> (7790)

Tue 30th Mar 2010 09:00

Hello Augusta, many thanks for your your inappropriate and sardonic comment. I am indeed exceedingly wise probably because I was born in August and my birthstone is peridot or garnet.

<Deleted User> (7790)

Thu 25th Mar 2010 06:33

You have two noses? Whoa!

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Jeff Dawson

Wed 24th Mar 2010 07:38

Lucky lady! Great stuff as always -keep it up, hope to catch up with you at some poetry event or something soon!! Jeff xx

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Tue 23rd Mar 2010 14:46

Thanks for responding to my comment Augusta. Also for not holding it against me...
I do take your point...

I tend to write a lot about love - though I try to express myself in different ways - it being a well hackneyed subject.

Ten out of ten for managing to disagree whilst also flattering a girl delightfully.

You are a lovable rogue. xx

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John Coopey

Thu 25th Feb 2010 11:25

Not seen you post for a bit. Hope the ink's still flowing

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Mia Darlone

Mon 22nd Feb 2010 22:38

You've made my week with your reference to POW - thank you!

(I'd love to sleep like that - but I can only live in hope that they will one day grow to reach my armpits, let alone the lampshade)

Mia x

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Wed 13th Jan 2010 13:59

Good afternoon Augusta.Thank you kindly for your reply.I absolutely love all your very professional work.You really are a great inspiration.thanks-Stefan

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Rachel McGladdery

Sun 10th Jan 2010 22:50

Hi Augusta, I walked by the canal the other day and saw a barge called Hunter's Moon....and it was from Cheshire, I thought about Write Out Loud for the whole rest of the walk...

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