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I'm a freelance journalist and while I did lots of creative writing and poetry when younger, as an adult I have rarely moved from writing non-fiction. Now I am tapping back in to the more creative side of my writing and exploring new realms within me that my journalism cannot bring out. Have got on a bit of a roll lately, and loving the buzz of writing poetry. Some of my writing is very personal, some observational, and much of it just pure fun! I have now performed at Freed Up Poets (several times), Poetry Pillow (a couple of times!), Scratch Poets, and WOL Sale. I'm loving it! **In case of confusion, I've changed my WOL name from Angel to my actual name Andrea!**


* Vilification * I met a demon, yesterday, idling in verbal fornication, while pivoting on a funeral pyre. Blood did not stick to its lips, but acid bubbled from its tongue. It discharged words that smelt of singeing hair. And, when they burned into the air, charred remains dropped like sulphur rain. Sinking, stinking, corroding. A perpetuation of pain. *Inner beast* There are times I get it wrong With quickened heart and quicker tongue Fired up anger and fearsome words And sometimes logic gets all blurred My inner beast in passionate grip I've got some bite, got some lip Filled with regret for what was said Text message sent, too late, been read Could kick myself, instead of him He's just had it in the shin Fantastic night, in fancy bars But tempers flared, too many jars In a second all had changed All of a sudden, became deranged Rationale had left the room A clean sweep, with an angry broom Wish I could turn things around Wish my foot hadn't left the ground Should have shut my bloody gob Instead I called him a fucking knob In the heat I lost my way Went ballistic, ashamed to say So much passion, hard to contain Sometimes makes me feel insane I know he thinks I'm off my head Can't get in touch, his phone is dead Of course, now calm, I see it all How I drove him up the wall Inner beast, it's feeling tame A spirited glow, not rip-roaring flame Would like to ask him, please let it go, Tell him sorry, I love him so Let's kiss, make up, dirty the sheets Instead of scrapping on the streets Drink tea in bed, our Sunday thing Let PG Tips do their healing Tempestuous Mancunian girl I am You don't want me dulled on diazepam This inner beast, might sometimes fight Don't let the rest drop from your sight *Pulling a Sickie* Eat your fill Fill your face Face your fears Fear your waist Waste away Away from food Feed temptation Tempestuous mood Moody bitch Bitch about fat Fat to fight Fight urge back Back on diet Diet don't work Work my brain Brain is a jerk Jerky movements Move onto knees Need to take Take feelings Feel control Control my head Head in place Place is red Red is anger Anger is out Out with sick Sick self-doubt

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Thu 10th Jun 2010 00:03

Hello Angel.

Inner Beast. I love the opener 'there are times when I get it wrong'. What a clever yet simple admission. I love that.

And that Morrisseyesque line "Filled with regret for what was said
Text message sent, too late, been read". Brellyant. Lyrical, well paced and interesting subject. I wonder if it was for page or stage?


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Robin J White

Wed 7th Apr 2010 00:33

I just wanted to drop by and say that I loved both 'Inner Beast' and the recent 'Orphaned Elephant'. You write the sort of lovely poetry that everybody can relate to and you do it with style.


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Donna Marie Beck

Sun 4th Apr 2010 17:34

Hey Andrea, hope your well, i,m quite hooked on this site now, thanks babes XX

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Dave D Poet Rhumour

Mon 1st Mar 2010 10:03

Hi Andrea, was just reading and enjoying 'Pulling a Sickie' - great stuff :)

Janet Ramsden

Thu 25th Feb 2010 11:40

Hi Angel, thanks for your very kind feedback on my poem 'Time at your disposal. I added a further comment in the comments box below the poem. It's really very helpful.


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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Thu 25th Feb 2010 11:33

Angel, it was super meeting you last night (like it wasn't obvious!). Have we not crossed paths in the Green Room also, once perhaps?

<Deleted User> (5593)

Wed 24th Feb 2010 16:47

The Stockport event is every 2nd Monday in the Art Gallery at 7pm. Next ones on 8th of March

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winston plowes

Mon 22nd Feb 2010 21:06

Hi Angel, Thanks for your comments on 'Ghazal' recently. More detailed comment left on the blog entry if you wish to view it. Thanks Win x

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Ann Foxglove

Fri 19th Feb 2010 16:46

Thanks Angel for commenting on Wrecking Ball. I did find your recent poem very very moving! xx

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winston plowes

Thu 18th Feb 2010 00:06

Hi Angel... thx for reading my Rainy City Stories poem. Its a good site isnt it? Win

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kath hewitt

Wed 17th Feb 2010 12:45

Hi, thanks for your comment on Carnality. Glad you liked it! x

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Graham Sherwood

Thu 21st Jan 2010 20:18

Angel, thank you for taking the time to read Mole, and also for your kind comments.

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Sun 29th Nov 2009 23:11

Hello Angel

Enjoyed v much the pace and clever word play in Pulling A Sickie poem. esp 'fear your waist' brilliant!


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Neil West

Wed 28th Oct 2009 13:51

Hi Angel, thank you for your comment. It's one of those things that came quite quickly, wanted to write something a bit more cheerful (I think it's a bit more cheerful?). I can see from some of your work the same sense of pace and rhythm though I enjoyed Alan the most. I can feel the anger, it's very raw and affecting. A fitting tribute to him and so sad that there are many many more just like him out there.

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Donna Marie Beck

Wed 12th Aug 2009 10:52

A, i like ' a clean sweep with an angry broom', it reminds me off doing domestics when in a crap mood, and accidently breaking something. Donna X

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David Franks

Sun 9th Aug 2009 10:45

Just enjoyed your traditional metre-and-rhyme poems, Angel.

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winston plowes

Tue 4th Aug 2009 11:02

My dog K9, he tried to help
Always brave and trusty
He cocked his leg with a robotic yelp
And turned the dalek rusty

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winston plowes

Mon 3rd Aug 2009 13:27

Angel, Thanks for the comments on 3 Ranmdom Strangers, glad you liked. After reflection, maybe neat obesrvations sums them up. do you think more would be better? say A Dozen Random Strangers? Now, I have been looking at your photo and just remembered where I have seen something similar, watching some old Tom Baker Dr Who episodes with the daleks. There exterminating ray guns seem to have this effect. are you ok or should I send in K9?

Thomas Topping

Mon 20th Jul 2009 23:08

I like that you make a living from writing. I always think that is very brave.

I'll be a failed, unfunny comedian with no gigs on the dole, in my hole.
I've got no soul.

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Andy N

Mon 20th Jul 2009 20:49

thanks for the comment over the edge of the world.. I am shocked you actually knew him! I will drop you a email in more depth over the piece as it is a very personal piece indeed, but I am glad you loved it!

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Dave Bradley

Sun 19th Jul 2009 17:43

Hi Angel. I liked Inner Beast. We've all bitten our tongue at times and this lays out it in a punchy, memorable way. From a man's point of view, it is sometimes difficult to adopt the perspective you are pleading for in the final two lines - to accept that if you want a passionate woman, the passion comes as part of a package.
Good luck.


Fri 26th Jun 2009 11:58

Hi Angel,
thanks for your comment on mt poem ''indigo children.'
In answer to your question, no i don't think of myself as a child who was an indigo.
I settled in easily to the 'confines' and 'conditioning' of adults and teachers.
It was much later in life for me that i discovered there is so much more.

Janet. ;-)

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Wed 17th Jun 2009 16:33

Hey Angel - brilliant poetry - especially agree with pulling a sickie - I feel very much in that zone at the moment, snacking on activia and ricecakes and pretending its nice when its actually horrible : D xx

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clarissa mckone

Mon 15th Jun 2009 17:21

nice poems!

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