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Al Keogh

Updated: Thu, 11 Sep 2008 02:13 pm

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I'm interested in writing for performance, using characters and narrative and writing from experience. I've had some poetry published in the UK and the states and performed at some of Manchester's poetry nights, (but I'm intending to get out more in the future). I'm also fascinated by free flow writing, usually inspired by a piece of music.


Cheese (An Urban High Rise Romance) His cheese was cracked and rubbery His bread was stale His microwave mouldy, peeling and rusted His straw bin's skin was split – and peeling in unsightly strips His zip fronted 70’s tank top cardigan was holier than a dead pope’s bones His heartbeat merely ambled His breath was shallow smoke She saw him at the rubbish chute She saw his bin was broken She bought him a new 3ft. flip top – blue – with a silver trim She asked him if he was growing a beard She went to the chute at the same time next day She told him he looked younger clean shaven Now they stroll on Sundays and go boating in the park He in brand new sweaters since his initiation to the holy church of St. primark Now they go to Asda every Thursday and buy any 3 fresh cheeses for £2.00 and a large French stick to share Now they split the taxi fare DreamTrane Notes to self taken in regurgitated bellicose and strident your imbued expression released and labelled coolly for other speakers to listen to share experiences profound and astounding your bell notes ring you can scratch and you can squeal like a girl punch like a man like an angel you can fly and touch a soul steeped deep in love and pain supreme and talk the talk that has no words to kindred spirits who hear with souls and hearts and guts and legs and tappy toed feet who glide slide chide deride abide with thee and me and all who are willing to listen could hear the offer’s there only openness required to be inspired to be moved to communicate with fellows seen daily sat next to lived life with but never really spoken here’s a chance to meet a point of departure for improvisers to play explore discover something to say someone to talk to somewhere you can listen and don’t have to speak but can if you like it’s a discourse after all but you’re safe within a breath within a silence in a pause in a beat to hear your own true rhythm pulse its own true tempo unaffected uninfected by extraneous unnecessary noise as it finds its own place to live for a while free at last free at least a while from grindstone tempo and incessant garrulous gabble the babble and the speak the head pecking soul wrecking spirit checking wring necking babble and the speak the endless tirade the plosive parade the daily score that undermines and underlines our little lives and writes false codas that invite another look at a theme a dream in sound apparently tangible but always too quick to catch and hold as grace notes flutter fly and tumble by leaving you catch a breath attempting an occasional elegant phrase seeking an ease of expression a means of redemption heroically chasing a dreamtrane

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