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Alexandra Rockwell Lorenz

Updated: Wed, 8 Nov 2017 04:00 am

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I write to find similarities between my own experience and the experiences of others. Hopefully my writing is pleasant to read. I love to put interesting words together. Striving for authenticity, my goal is to present poems that are real and relatable, not indecipherable. Read, comment, critique, enjoy. My old profile can be found at the link below. Subscribe to my Youtube channel where I do poetry, politics, and life.


The mundane details were the ones that stuck like glue to the back of her mind --the clacking of the young man's dress shoes against the linoleum --the narrow ankles of the girl ahead of her, socks stretched across her achilles tendons minuscule moments balled up into clammy fists important things dribbled out from between her thoughts and fingers like times addresses birthdays She tried to sew them in closed the torn edges with delicate silk threads but like popcorn erupting from the center of the movie theater lobby the seams would bust soon enough observations multiplied exponentially in her head bursting into kernels of thought filling the crevasses of the shoes she wore too big for her feet she noticed everything about her surroundings and nothing about her being

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Platitudes (20/10/2016)

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Tue 12th Dec 2017 17:28

Enjoyed your sample....

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john netting

Fri 10th Feb 2017 16:01

Love your poetry, the way it sparkles along in its deceptive simplicity! Also because it poses such a challenge and contrast to mine. We learn....

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Reginald Mcintosh

Wed 11th Jan 2017 16:00

You are an amazing writer.

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Kabir Ahmed

Mon 21st Nov 2016 21:39

Hey; Alexandra Rockwell Lorenz.
Liked your attitude.....
Your simplicity is welcoming.......

"And the thing that makes sense"
yes "And the thing that makes sense"

Travis Brow

Thu 17th Nov 2016 15:33

'I write to find similarities between my own experience and the experiences of others...' Amen to that.

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