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alan holdsworth

Updated: Wed, 25 Feb 2009 10:21 am

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Alan Holdsworth was born in Bradford 1947: formerly an accomplished chess player now manipulating words instead of chess pieces, published in various magazines and well anthologised in books like the Slab, runs a successfull poetry group known as Otley Poets(web site for info).


MOGGY This was no pussycat: a battered General of several wars with no ears and no tail; limping around his territorial imperative. PETS AND VETS Sat down the pub drinking a beer listening to the yap, yap, yelp of dogs; their masters discussing veterinary bills feeling smug about my goldfish. FEBRUARY BLUES It's mid february with a crematorium ash sky: in a village garden a single daffodil in full flower surrounded by snowdrops defies truant sunshine; brings comfort to a tired winters eye.

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Mon 9th Aug 2010 22:31

Hi Alan,
I really like the Old Biddies poem,and,working in a shop and being subject to their mood swings and unwillingness to budge even when wrong,can totally identify with it!

<Deleted User> (5646)

Fri 10th Apr 2009 08:41

Hi Alan,
thanks for your comment on my poem 'the one which nearly got away.'
Glad you liked the first line as an attention grabber.
I like your latest poem aetheist.
It's funny with the ending.


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Steve Regan

Wed 4th Mar 2009 11:27

Hi Alan, actually I'm a great fan of newspapers, but I enjoyed your poem. I too remember squares of newspaper hanging up on a string in the lavvy (in my case the Wigan Observer, usually). Only posh peoople had toilet rolls when I was young. But I think it's a shame newspapers are in decline. they are fact-checked, elegantly designed, portable, a permanent record if stored, full of rather good colour-writing and analysis, and there are no pop-ups. What's not to like?!

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Gus Jonsson

Wed 7th Jan 2009 17:02

Hi Alan
There is no background to this poem other than my own far as I am led to believe the rhyme is based on the runup and demise of Louis XVI and his Queen Marie Antoinette..but I think my story is better.
Many thanks

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Gus Jonsson

Sat 27th Dec 2008 11:41

Thanks for Comments Alan.... Bugger the specs...get contact lenses... they help you keep in touch... life can be so lonely when you're barmy.

Happy New Year!


<Deleted User> (5625)

Thu 18th Dec 2008 04:04

Hi cjd,
actually, Godzilla is meant to be a bit tongue
in cheek but yes, in that marriage was a lot of
wasted years - well spotted! cheers.

<Deleted User> (5625)

Thu 18th Dec 2008 04:02

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Chris Dawson

Tue 16th Dec 2008 23:04

Hi Alan,
Thanks for your comments.
Not quite sure about Godzilla - you're obviously still carrying some strong feelings from that relationship - but as you said - they (the feelings) can get you over & over seemingly, for ever!

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