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This is just a glimpse of my thoughts. Most of my poems delve into complex and profound themes using simple language, employing word art and drawing on knowledge from different subjects, such as science and math.

Young Love

It was only when I saw you after years, I realised that time could not age love. Was it you sensing my nervousness around you, or the confidence you wore so easily around me? The coincidence of our eye contact, or our innocence of still pretending to look away?


A piece of chocolate to hide who you are, as you melt between my upper palate and tongue. Like a blindfolded connoisseur, I'll identify your taste in a second. Just that simple.

Long Distance

If light travels at 186,000 miles per second, then the speed of thoughts travel in no time. Did you think about me? Your mind has crossed all distance and time zones. Before my prayers come upon my lips, they have already been granted by God. S=d÷t p. i. i e. s. m e. t. e d. a n c e. Afshan Amin Mohammad

Chapter 21- Equinox ( Navroz)

Don't be ashamed to express. The sun has finally kissed the equator. Even the nature celebrates their public display of affection. Afshan Amin Mohammad

Have You Prayed?

Dear Love, Is there a way to hide my intentions from God? To pray for you and not want you in return, when I know she makes you happy. I pray your health never comes in your way. I pray you're successful, but never alone when you reach that pinnacle. I pray you're content,but never complacent to aim higher. I pray you never get tired of rediscovering beauty in simplicity and not complicate the simple. I pray you never suffer, but if you do, you emerge as the strongest soul. Most of all, I pray you've already found love and she loves you more than I do. Love, Afshan

Botany Lessons

Today, he taught me the science behind why love is a verb. This was without haste, This was without inhibitions. This was tender, like a healer's hand. This was a need for my survival. A practice test, a viva, a demonstration of the dissection, a prerequisite for labelling the diagram. He handed me the flower, looking straight into my eyes. It used to be a bud, that blossomed into a prunus persica, peachtree flower. Its nectar, so sweet. I felt the petals, with my fingertips, a gentle rub, caressing its softness against my cheek. This is the stamen, the pollen sac. These are the masculine features of the flower. To distract him from the lesson, I began to peel the petals: “He loves me, He loves me, knot.” He quickly pinpointed, That is you. This is the ovary, the most treasured part, that bears the fruit. How the garden outside the window, turned the barren land into fertile soil. Try the peach, Sink your teeth into the flesh, now suck the nectar. I gazed at the wonder of how simple the act is and yet amazed at the signs for those who contemplate.

Love Note

She was intimidated by him but he also made her heart flutter every time he caught her looking at him. She fell for his courage and sincerity, and even if the world didn't believe him, she wanted him, she loved him for what he was, and that was all there was to it.

Chemical Imbalance

I study the chemical element in the periodic table. Its symbol is your initials. Within each of its atoms, I, a negative electron, orbit around you, a positive proton. Our chemistry is an electric force, the spark just before being kissed, a pull between the the two opposite charges. This is attraction, the very essence of human nature.


How proud are those who call it their "plan" and for some it simply becomes "a mistake". What to call those who could have had them? What to call those who just can't have them? and worse who once had them.

My Lover's Equation

Why do you count your prayer beads? Do you think how much it is uttered >how it is uttered? If God calculates every deed in the hereafter, Do you think the heat of the hell would be more than when our bodies unite? And what happens when your virtues = your sin? Would you go to hell or heaven? Even Algebricians are quiet when it comes to which of your X & Y chromosomes would mingle with my X tonight. Answer Key: Students' answers may vary

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