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In my dreams, I am often wandering

In the most beautiful Amazon Rainforest,

A place with abundance of plantation,

A Forest that is so vital to human life

And never been fully understood by civilization,

The Rainforest is like having a home

Full of exotic plants, blooms of many colours,

Twisted ropes hanging of the top of a gigantic tree,

Philodendrons with t...

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He was kind and he cared
for all his wonderful friends
A very special man
One of the people I knew
My genuine friend
Often when there were
No e-mails from me
he asked, "Are you an okay?"

I like this friend a lot
he had a heart of Gold
in today’s world so cold
there are not too many around
To say,"Hello and how do you do?"

But he was different,
he knew life and treasured

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One Sunday morning I went to Church
but it was hard to find a parking space
on the Church property lot
so I turned around and parked my car
on additional spot that belonged
to a fancy Love Shop

Was not sure if this was a good place
had no idea if the car will be safe
but having no choice I gambled hoping
the Love Shop will remain closed that Sunday
to my pleasant surprise
on my ...

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There are many things in life

when assumption takes its place

we may assume that we are the best

in everything we do, when others

may assume we are not as good

so there would be the test


Assuming that we do best each and every day

to anticipate in performing duties

at home or at work, when there are others

that doing even better but shall not compare

or put to t...

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Love that he had in his heart
occupied my mind-all of the sudden
was him that stolen my lonely heart
there were only you he said;
and I knew, he was the one
that understood the sense of my very being
maybe there was only him to calm my heart
by taking the emptiness away

You were the one I love, he whispered
you were the one who felt the tears in my eyes
you were the one that changed m...

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The phantom shadows appeared

they distracted my thoughts

had to leave my writing for another day

to see if the dark shadows

will go away. . .


When I was back next day

to the computer room the dark shadows

was still there, but me was not so sure

what should I do with a scary appearances?

disturbing companion in a peaceful home

decided to g...

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You came to my life
Like a wonderful surprise
With no expectations
Simple words and a hug
I love you my darling
Your promise of love so inviting
In a few words you wrote
"I love you,"
And want to be with you

When you are tired
And your heart needs rest?
Will play soft music for you
When you feeling blue
Will give you a bouquet of roses
You always loved red roses
Will ask you for a slow dance
And hold you close to...

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She lived in a beautiful forest

Ages old with huge trees

With a lot of birds that sang along

The trees were always admired

And loved by those who came there

For a stroll enjoying beauty of Nature


There were ferns and wild flowers

Bees too, the music and tunes

Of a wind playing with branches

That tickled sparkling leaves

But one day there was


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Great music and tunes in Nature
Piano, Violin, Trombone
And Tuba just to begin
Songs of all birds
Four Seasons in a year
Spring with fresh blooms
Flowers, birds, green trees

Sunny days and the blue sky
All the joy and Glory
Singers have sang
Poets wrote beautiful rhymes
To emphasize the beauty of Nature
Summer vacation time
Love in the air for the love birds
When warm season arrives


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Hello my friend I am waiting
For your call and a smile
''Te Amo,'' missing you each day
I like to know how do you do
And how do you feel
You have been missed

Days are empty with out you
I am here all alone thinking of you
You are often on my mind
Hope, you are doing fine
Have not seen you for a long time

You came to visit in my dreams
Had seen you there standing alone
It was a nice ...

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How are you doing my friends?

I am asking because I care

Hope your feelings are okay

Do not let your spirits down

After all life is beautiful and fine


There are thoughts lingering

In my mind and heart

Sadness and worries

I feel from a distance

Please not allow these feelings

To bring you down


Satiated by droplets of inspiration

Look on a ...

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The sun rise this morning
And the sky is Crystal blue
I want to jump and dance with joy
Another happy day, wonderful day

I hear sweet tunes of music play
Love is in the air I feel it
Come closer to me do not be afraid
I want to hug you and kiss you

A happy feeling to share
My darling with you today
What a wonderful and happy day
For you and me to celebrate

Let's have something to eat

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They entered the dance floor
With eloquent classy steps
The silence was incredible
As they paused for seconds
Soon the performance began

Her dress was beautiful lacy red
And he wore a black tuxedo
Both were young and a wonderful
I could see their faces
Beaming with happiness and love

Soon the Conductor raised a baton
And the orchestra played fabulous tunes
The most beautiful sound a...

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One single phrase cannot embrace
A meaning of a vision
Many divisions play a great role
To implement this special word
There is a vision of hope
And fulfilment of dreams
A vision for a better World
With a very simple things
Love, understanding among Nations
And a hope for a cure for those
Suffering from all sorts of illnesses

Seeing a rainbow on the sky
After a heavy storm
Laughter t...

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He left his home when duty called
Leaving his family and friends at home
On guard he stands each day
The sun is scorching he does not complain

In Honour he stands in those Desert sands
To protect the World Peace to defend his Land
Not an easy mission for the soldiers there
There is no time to waste when enemy strikes

Days seems long and the sun shines bright
When he is tired he never complains

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My God you are the rock
you are the One I love
you are my good Sheppard
that looks after his flock.

You are the greatest love
that rocks the hills
with a rolling thunders
but I am at Peace.

When you are with me
the softness of your presence
caresses like a warm breeze
My God, my Lord I love Thee.

It is the time to repent-said He
I will take your hand, repent
and I will mak...

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Just For You


My wonderful friends

I miss you, only the silence

And the clicking of a keyboard

When I am writing this note

Just for you

In this wonderful sunny day

You must be very busy

How do you do…?


Thinking of you again

Hope the weather is beautiful

Where are you?

Summer in full glory

And the time well spend

Relaxing on the Nature



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When I saw you the first time

My heart was filled with joy
The feelings about you so real and true
I thought you were the one
I was always looking for
But our paths never crossed before
I knew in my heart that I need
To get to know you
But there were many people around
The crowd was busy talking
But you stood there alone thinking
You did not know me yet
Your eyes were gazing over the sky
Until you turned your ...

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Sweet Memories

entry picture

Warm thoughts of you

Like a sweet sound or a tune

From your music that you play

It brings joy to my ear


So beautiful the sound

Creates a lovely memories

Memories of our friendship bond

That we found right here on line


I love the friendship we share

Always looking forward

To hear from you -  I care

And miss you my dear

Thinking of you often - I ...

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I was to go for a blind date
And wanted to look cool
Bought a colour for my hair
To improve my personal look
There was not much time to think
The blind date for the evening was set
Opened the box with the colouring kit
And begin to work with my hair
Naturally brown wanted to have it blond
With the time that I had on hands
The hair colour in a short time
It turned to an orange shade.

Was thinking what to do

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Today was a beautiful sunny day
with no clouds on the blue sky
the weather was perfect
we were sitting on the patios
sipping tea - it was shortly
in the afternoon when
all of a sudden
a black cloud appeared
on the sky and all I could see
was the lightning.

There was a thunderstorm
on the way - the silence
was in the hot air
I could hear only a static
that accumulated from the heat

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"I cannot make a difference"
we hear that said often each day
however, no one suggested
to changing the World
in a very simple way
with just one smile or a kind deed
yes, change the World, this may.

It matters not the size of one
or a beauty of a creed
excuses are for the lazy ones
they are not the kind we need
one open heart filled with love
can change this World of gr...

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Last week of May 2008,
it is almost gone - one more day
With June on its way.
Time flies, children grow.
People share joy,
Happiness and sadness.
Life goes on.

The hands of time never stop
soon another month,
and then another year will be over.
Time is like a river flowing day by day.

Enjoy your life, smile and I smile too
be happy and blessed
this is my wish for you.
Dear fr...

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Trust and compassion
love, friendship, acceptance
whatever you would like to call it,
we crave all in our life.
Sometimes love
or understanding alone
it is not quite enough.

Love and understanding
then rejecting
it is obvious sore point.
A scar that will stay in a heart
for a long time, feeling accepted,
valued by another is important,
so important that anything
getting this...

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I am like a strong tree
with deep roots and branches
my arms extended
in prayer toward Heaven
have weathered storms before
Survived a few hurricanes
that bombarded my shore.

All those I have loved
Wanted to hang onto me
my branches were strong.
However, I am not feeling
so strong anymore I am tired
with weather worn-wondering
if my roots will hold me straight
in the next ...

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There are more curves
on the road and a multitude
of divergent side paths
that some of us might choose to try.

Perhaps the most important is
the fact that the roles and activities
we choose are much less likely
to be determined by how old we are.

Age is no longer the ultimate definer
of who we are, what we are doing
and how we feel on the inside,
what groups we are a member of,

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The drum of friendship
will beat with the hands of time
each day carries with it
our thoughts and feelings.

The days ahead will bring happiness
as we meet to share
our dreams and ideas
the bond is between two
who share a thought in but a moment.

The days will grow into years
as will the strength
between two friends
the rock is our place.

Your honesty and truthfuln...

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I am sure through life experiences
we have had been exposed to a pain
associated with love, relationship
or even pain of rejection.
How many times
we have experienced
the pain of self-doubt
or pain of fear - however,
when we have the knowledge
it is easier distinguish the importance
of those feelings.

When I think of pain
associated with love
there are additional aspects

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Who Were the Maya...?

The Maya were one of the most brilliant and powerful cultures known to Mesoamerica, indeed their civilization spanned a period of 3,000 years. They had a written language, were skilled architects, adventurous traders and gifted artisans. They lived in an agrarian society and had a well-developed religious system, which venerated the cosmos. Royal dynasties spa...

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For You My Mother

One hundred roses I am giving you
My dearest mother for the love,
Especially when I have tripped
And fallen on my knees,
Your kisses were like medicine.

The love you gave freely from your heart.
Guided me to go through life
you show me ways how
to be the person I have become.
You have always been there.
Not enough words to say, "I love you."

Dearest mother you ...

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My Grandma's Story

There are many faces of the Moon.
Additionally its phases often change.
Always had, and still have
Great impact on people:
Moon in fact has been one of those,
Mysterious, fascinating Orbs.

I was a child when one of my uncles
Visited his friends-
It was dark at night,
However, when the Moon
Raised high on the sky
The night became much brighter.


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He said," I love you",
Touching her palm gently
Eyes sparkled and shined,
Like a Diamonds on the sky
In the shadow of a smiley full Moon
With it's round face like a balloon.

Passion, love, romance, candles
a glass of a red wine -
Great music for the evening
two people wrapped
in a blanket of love-
When being together,
The World did not matter at all.

She told him...

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He was living far away,
thinking of her every day,
however, the distance was
separating them-they were not able
to see each other every day.

His heart longing for the love
she was always in his thoughts
only letters that he wrote
saying...I love you
Put a smile on her face.

She was a queen in his eyes
and in his dreams too.
Someone very specia...

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It is a treasure
Hard to find,
Friendship is life
that embraces us.

Friendship is sunshine
on the sky
Friendship is peace
Serenity around us-
Friendship is being kind
Friendship is music from the heart.

A friend is like a sun
and the starry sky at night.
Friend is indeed very special to us.
I do treasure yours...FOREVER.


 © 2008 Zuzanna Musial

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More Love

He arrived from far away
stopped to say hello-
Handsome young man,
with a lot of potential
for his life adventure.

In search for his love,
Love his heart desired
a passion - body on fire.
One look in the eyes
was enough.
He knew the truth-
there were no doubts or lies.

He craved love and more love.
A simple touch holding hands,
Perhaps a kiss or embrace.
He was the man...

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Thinking of You

I was thinking of you and I
We can only be friends for now
I would not steal your youth
For me, as I am too old for that.

Your friendship means a lot
I wish to keep it that way
You are welcome to visit
At any time, the distance
It is only a flight away.

You are fantastic man
I like your friendship a lot
It is great pleasure

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You and I perfect harmony
when being together
remembering what you said
could I fight and breathe
it is always me
always hold the breath
you are my heaven on this earth.

When love starts making sense
we always make those mistakes
at our own expense
love that has its special place
in our hearts,
you are the sun that I need
that shines everyday
upon me.


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Mr. Right

Searching for the right man
for me came to realize
it would not be easy.
To find a man of my dreams
and to go to the bar
it did not sound right
but I wanted to see
what kind of man will be there.

Did not like the bar scenery.
I knew exactly what type of man
I was looking for
however to find Mr. Right
was not easy since the bar
was not the best choice.

The next place would be a Hockey
or Football night.

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I am very happy
to have a friend in you
as I am yours my dear
you see
I do not have any
to be any different
you are my truest friend.

I will supply you always
with what you want
you will complete with
all your emotions
and inspirations.

As in time
the moonlight fall
the sun begins

To claim the day
many hours must pass
before we can a...

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Always and forever
so true.
Love that is
always there
in good and bad
as promised
for today and always
because love
can not be taken lightly.

Desire that brings
enthusiasm when
two hearts burn like fire
and hold
strong emotional ties
to one another.

Love is a devotion
to one another
and unselfish endearment
loyal concern of one an...

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Thinking of You

The day is ending in silence
the birds have flown away
only a few leaves are left on the branches
in those neighbouring gardens.

I sit silently
thinking of you again
only my special song is playing
"sweet Fur Elise"-my favourite song
dedicated to you, my friend...

I was thinking of you that evening
the feeling was great!
These miles that separate us melted away

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King Tutankhamen
The youngest and famous
Egyptian Pharaoh
No doubt...
His tomb was found
not touched by anyone.
King Tutankhamen
at his early age
was the most powerful one.

Boy Emperor...A son
of Amenhooptep the King
His residence in Memphis
Now Cairo…
He was very young
when the War broke down.
The youngest Emperor
suddenly died.

They buried him

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In my dreams I escape often
into meditating mood
and let my mind drifts away
in this sacred wonderland
a place where there is peace
and serenity that inspires.
In silence I walk
into my imaginary garden
a special place that creates
perfect harmony with Nature.

Usually in June when there
are many blooms around
flowers and green bushes
terraces covered
with the most...

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Century ago man had dreams
of freedom
to see the beauty of the land
and be able to fly up high
on the sky like birds.

The first man on Earth
who attempted to fly was Icarus
from the Greek Mythology.
An emotional story of a brave man,
who wanted to fly?

Icarus-a young man
was imprisoned with his father
in a tower on Crete.
Daedalus contrived to make his escape
from ...

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Many towns in Egypt
With tombs where
the Osiris was buried
had groves
of planted willows.
There were terraces
with myrrh trees
surrounding the Temple's.


Sanctuaries, gardens
were created
by Paradise of Amon
an earthly palace
of the Sun of God
The legendary homeland
of other Gods.


A special expedition
to Punt
as the legend

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Once upon a time
Family of five
took a train to another town.
Those days
the trip was exciting.

However what later found
that their Mother's health
was in danger.
Beginning of a new life
and new adventure failed.

In three weeks time
the Mother died
leaving five children behind
half orphans-
their Dad a widower now.

Upon a whisper
of changing winds,
for this young kid’s

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Tribute to a Poet that lost his life to cancer:
He was only 44 years of age.
Loved and respected by writers
from around the World.
Also Poetry site owner.

Please note:

The foreign Language lines
are translated - the second line
contains the same meaning.


Your Soul lives among us
Twoj duch zyje wsrod nas

You are the muse and a song
A poetry collection, a wonder
Cheerful ...

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I have been waiting for so long
waiting and waiting for you
to come home
life was not easy since you left.


Did I tell you?
that our children have grown
each has a family on their own
I am waiting for you
to come home - our home
I miss you.


There are times
that I miss you so much.
I wished to hear your voice
feel you...

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Cleopatra was special
in her time of reign.
She was witty and wise,
brilliant and devoted
to her country-
the country of Egypt.

During an ancient time
ruled the land-
Where the Pyramids
were landmarks?
Great mathematician,
good business acumen,
a worrier woman.

Those ancient times...
Very rare type being smart!
Brilliant personality,
The Pharaoh wom...

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From the earliest times
Trees have been the focus
of religious life's
the largest plant on earth~

The tree has been
a major source of stimulation
Mystic imagination exists
trees have been invested in all
cultures with a dignity~

Unique to their own nature
the tree cults
in which a single tree
or a grove of trees is worshiped
have flourished at different times
even today

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