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Trapped in My World

Twisting and turning in bed
these racing thoughts
leaves me not knowing what lies ahead
My cuts run deeper then my veins
After the bleeding stops
I'm put into retraints
Who count's the days
I'm locked up?
When I get out
I cover the scars with make-up
Back to my room
alone with the voices
I'm left with only a few choices
Take the happy pills
Take the sleeping pills
To try and kill

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Psalm 23 With A Twist

Psalm 23 With A Twist

You Are My Shepard

I lack nothing

You are so Loving

You make me lie down in green pastures

And that is where you and I will gature

You lead me beside quiet waters

because I am one of your chosen daughters

You refresh my soul 

And guide me along the right paths

For your names sake

For you I will never Forsake

Even though I walk through the d...

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My Jesus

entry picture

Jesus is My Lord

He will protect me with His sord

I keep his bible on my side

His truth is his word

If nobody wants you in this world

You will always have him

And that you can take as a win

Living for Jesus will never be easy

The devil will always be in your ear teasing

Telling you

Your not worth it

Trying to pull you down to the pit

But the Lord always wins


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Chasing Love

Lying in my bed thinking of what lies ahead of me

Twisting and turning

I remember

I'm just an adoptee

Not wanted or Loved

Just pushed away...….,. Un Loved

Chasing a feeling, a wanting, a need

Was I not a good seed?

I chase a Love so True

It's something so long overdue

At night I wipe my tears and cry

I simply ask why? Why me?

If I could only agree

and not g...

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Suicide Trapped

I have a secret that I keep to myself

I hold it inside so long it gives me dizzy spells

walking alone in this world can feel so empty

I am scared I wont make it till I'm twenty

everyone says shake it off but depression is real

will it ever go away?

No one really knows

I live with these thoughts everyday.

using razors and knives have become normal

Why the hell am I so ...

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Through The Eyes of The Bullied

entry picture

You make me feel so alone in this world

And the thought of me

Leaves you unconcerned

You don't care about my feelings

Knowing it's wrong 

you give your self all the right reasons

The right reasons to shame me day after day

At night all I can do is pray

Will this torture ever end

I don't understand

Why can't you and I be friends

Your words they Black and Blue me


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Higher Power

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There's so many people that wonder

If theres a Higher Power

Some will search climbing the tallest tower

They question with so much wonder

But many can feel something hitting the world with a strong thunder

If there's someone higher that can change all the bad

Then why is this world full of sad?

You lie awake at night 

Praying to someone

Feeling like you need to run


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Soulmate In The Air

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I dreamt her in my dreams

I awoke feeling something different in my bloodstreams

Not everyone finds there soulmate in a lifetime

But I found mine

And she's my lifeline

I can be with her at anytime

She's my branch to my tree

My soulmate set me free

I found my soulmate somewhere in the Air

Our relationship is quite rare

She was the answer to my prayer

I will follow m...

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Dear Younger Me

entry picture

Being born into this world wasn't welcoming

Thats how I believe I got my life's sentencing

I wasn't wanted by my mama

I swear people came to watch my life play out at the cinema

Tears on the floor

when I'm opening the door

Creepin to see

If he would find me

Whispers in my ear

he wants to touch me

I thought I was adopted because I was special

And nothing lesser


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