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Jesus was there all along

Jesus was there all along


When I was an orphan

And thought I was all alone

Little did I know 

Jesus was finding a home for me

He made it

So that I would be adopted 

By the time

I was three

He was shaping my spirit 

To be strong

Like an 

Oak tree

As years went by

I started my trails

With the bad guy

I would look up

Into the dark sky

Late at...

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A night in hell

A night in hell


Awaken in the middle of the night

To Satan tapping on my door

I can see his haunting shadows

On my bedroom floor

As he nears closer

I can feel the heat

He brings with him deceit 

Only here to drag me through

The depths of hell

Casting upon me a poisonous spell

Fighting for my life

Just to be defeated

Yelling out

Why is this being repea...

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A glorious day

A glorious day 


As the sunrises 

I am aware that a new day is here

Step outside 

Just to breath in the cool air

As I look upon the blue sky

I’m reminded that my Lord

Is near by

His grace showers my ever being

Allowing me to regain

My purpose and meaning

For a moment 

My mind drifts into

A state of dreaming 

Fixated on His Love

My heart overwhelmed ...

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Show me Your Love

I’m running but I’m not moving anywhere 

Can’t fade away

That’s always been my prayer 

Without Jesus

I would have no oxygen 

I would have no air

I’ve counted to many restless nights

Hoping it won’t be one tonight 

He says knock

And He will open the door

But to many times

I’ve been chained to the floor

Not being able to knock 

Satan whispers

That door is lo...

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Glazing into the sun

Glazing into the sun


Lord your Love is All I need

Won’t you just pour

It out on me

Overfill my cup

So my spirit will be

Filled up

Your Love is that

Of pure bliss

Touch my heart

With A gentle Kiss

I worship thee for being

So merciful

You are the meaning of


When I bow down to my knees

You shower me with a 

Warm breeze

Causing me t...

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It’s Your Love that I need

It’s Your Love that I need


I sing to you Lord for you are more than praise worthy

From your Kingdom you hear my moans

I’ve been Longing for your presence for far to long. Come down from heaven and shower me with your intimacy. Your the only lover I’ve ever known. Your precious love is that of pure bliss, A feeling of wholeness. Before your Love covered me tightly like a blanket, But ...

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Lord Rescue Me

Lord how much longer will I stay in aganey

My bones are dry and brittle 

Do you even hear my cry’s 

I wait with anticipation 

Will this storm ever pass

It’s dark and lonely 

I yearn so desperately for your rescue

Wont you stretch out your hand

And lead me the right way

Satan hates me

He finds Joy in belittling me

I can feel the heat of of his breath around my neck


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My Lord


My Lord 


Love is patient 

Love is kind

His Love

I came to find

He showers me

With mercy and grace

His tender love

I embrace

With him on my side

I can run any race

A Love so Pure

Takes away anything 


With him in me

The worst things

I can endure

One smell 

of the Lords fragrance 

Is pure radiance 

His word 

speaks only t...

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My little one

When I look upon you

I see an ounce of gray

Wondering when you went astray

You seem happy

On the outside

But your souls

Screaming on the inside

A being who’s so kind

But I tell you

Your walking around blind

You try to fill your hearts desires 

But your doing it with

The wrong wires

Without the Lord

You’ll just cause fires 

Chasing love

In all the wro...

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Holding on to this pain


Lying in my bed

Thinking of the last time I bled

Wasn’t that long ago

I think it’s time

I need to grow

Clinging to your word

So my soul 

Can find away to glow

Lord only you know

When I’m feeling low

My emotions continually Flow

Like a water fall

On a dark night

Causing me to take flight

Release these feelings 

I might

When my tears fall down


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My Majesty

Standing here in my Levi’s 

Underneath the street lights

Talking to my self 

But I don’t know what to say

Hoping I’m not living life

The wrong way

We all fall 

When we get a little to high

Always wanting to reach the sky

Trying to avoid

The devils lies

As days go by

I’m missing you 

Must be cause

Your loves so true

Your the king of kings

I'm Here wai...

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So Blessed

I call my self grateful

To be the daughter

Of the living God

You strike down my enemies 

With your holy Rod

My sin was buried

At the cross

My life now

Not a loss

Holy are you my king

All the Angels

Worship and sing


You reign

I can feel you flow

Threw my being

Your mercy and grace

Is all I’m feeling 

Sitting on the throne

With you...

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On Display

Dead end job 

but got bills to pay

What else do I say

I’m just putting my words on display

If you don’t like it

Then walk away

Some get me

Some don’t

But I’m just being me

I’m being nonchalant

I’ll never stop

Reaching for the top

Been up for a minute 

I’m not about to drop

Never catch me intoxicated 

Back dat

I’ll never be outdated 

This life is w...

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Dreaming of the day I might walk into heaven

Imaginning the atmoshere of the heavens

It was made as the number seven

 With perfection and completeness

I can litterally taste the sweetness

The sweetness of your aroma

Overwhelmed with feelings

I might drop into coma

The thought of entering your dwelling place

Makes me want to fall on my face

It is your grace that sets u...

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library of heaven


I'm not one to live easily

But still you chose to see me

How am I still alive

Have I been revived

This feeling won't let me sleep

Now I'm in to deep

I lie in bed

Just to weep

I'm just me

with endless possibilities

Am I all you need

Or do you see me as a bad seed?

This night has been sometime

Hours go by as I wait for day time

Now the sun is shining

The ...

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Great are You my God

Your Love is mighty to save

A True relationship with you is something I crave

Because of you, I won't 

Sleep in my grave

Lord, Let your mercy fall on me

I'm thankful for your forgiveness

It's the hope of all nations

You remove my biggest mountains

WIth you by my side

There is no doubting

You rose and conqered the grave

You Lord, I can never repay

Your the author...

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My God

Can't be so!


The pain I'm feeling right now

Can't be described

A dead stare

I think I'm hypnotized

If you could just show me your face

I swear I'll be mezmorized

I need a touch from you

To take away this face that's blue

How long is this heart going to hurt?

I feel as if I've been

Dreagged threw the dirt

I'm walking threw

A dark desert

How long will I stain my pillow...

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A new look at life

Lying alone in my bed

I remeber my old life in my head

Sometimes it was the night I dread

 Had thoughts of emptiness

But I'm no longer

Carrying the heaviness

Don't know why I did the things I did

That life's over now

I sealed it with the lid

So many times

I've fallen down in the past

Leaving scars and memories

That Last

Don't have those thoughts anymore

I ...

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Why me?

I walk threw life

With a certain type of view

Not even knowing

If I have a clue

I just pick a path

And walk on threw

My days seem longer

I know I need to be

A bit stronger

At times

I don't even know what I'm chasing

It feels like a long race

I'm racing

At night I lay in the silence

In the distance I hear my giants

Sometimes they can be so loud

The vo...

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Why me?

When will you come save us

Awoke today feeling something different in the Atmosphere

My world now full of fear

Turned the t.v. on

Just to hear somethings wrong

Were getting hit with A plauge

Lord, I can hear your rage

Our world now

trapped in satans cage

People aren't living in your ways

All eyes with a dead glaze

Repeating the days of Moses

Got us running around with psychosis

My world s...

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Praying for someone

Father I'm praying for a soul

Right now he's in a hole

Out of it all

For this one I'm concerned the most

He says he reads your word

But he aint really learning

He goes to church

But nothing moves him

Then he's back out

Tryna search

His souls weak

He hasn't ate in a week

He wakes up just to weep

With his tears down his face

Lord you gotta help my friend


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Praying for You

The cross

The Cross

You took the pain and suffering

This I now see

You took the torture all for me

You went down a man

And rose as King

It hurts to know

How those whips

would sting

You delivered us from being dead

Now on the throne

At God's right hand

Your the First

The Last

The Great I am

You were the precious lamb

So many questions

some brief suggestions


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The Cross

A mother’s Love

A mother's Love


One who’s love is so sweet

Who’s Love is more than complete

Her Love as strong as concrete

Always there when your feeling sick

A mother and a child’s bond so thick

Encourages her children all the time

Her kindness rings like a chime

Always protects her children no matter what

When something’s wrong with her kids

She feels it in her gut 

Always ...

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My Dreams


The World to me
has been so ugly
 I still wonder
 How I can still think
 of it as Lovely
I've painted a picture of this perfect life
with absolutely
no strife
Visions in my head
Of Horizons
But somehow
 In my life
Theres always
Splashing threw the puddles
Going threw life's struggles
Day by Day
Hour by Hour
Wishing I had the Power
The Power ...

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My Dreams

These Years

These Years
These will be the years
Where I wipe all my Tears
Say Goodbye to yesterday
And start living my Better days
No more I cant do it
This is the year where I will get fit
No more, "I Quit"!
I remove the devils hands off my life
These are the years
My eyes
are set on the kingdom
Now I am full of wisdom
No longer a victim
but a Saint
No more room for complaints
feeling faint

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These Years

Your Love

Your Love
 Nobody loves me better
Your Love is like A warm Sweater
I've been waitng for your Love forever
It's been so Long
But When I finally found you
I felt your Love so strong
It sang to me like a beautiful Love Song
When I heard your Love song
I did'nt know what to do
All I knew that
The Love was true
Your Love was something
I needed to pursue
Knowing I could never let it go

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Your Love

That So Called Life

That so Called Life
It was great at the start
Thinking I was so smart
Living life for me
Just wanting to be free
day to day
Living my life on display
Not caring who I pushed away
Life My way
were my thoughts
Not even thinking
What it might costs
Wondering why
i kept coming back for more
Got mad
slamming doors
Chasing something
Just to feel
Kept partying

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His Forgiveness

His Forgiveness
Im undeserved of your forgiveness
But yet you do it with a quickness
How can I Repay you
I would think
My sin would
Push You away
In all my Sin
Your Proud
To Forgive me
I don't see
What you see in me
To constantly chase me
I sin
Then I knock
And your quick to answer
Your the Perfect Romancer
Your Forgiveness
Is like
A spark or A flame
Its Always the same
You ne...

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Trapped in My World

Twisting and turning in bed
these racing thoughts
leaves me not knowing what lies ahead
My cuts run deeper then my veins
After the bleeding stops
I'm put into retraints
Who count's the days
I'm locked up?
When I get out
I cover the scars with make-up
Back to my room
alone with the voices
I'm left with only a few choices
Take the happy pills
Take the sleeping pills
To try and kill

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Psalm 23 With A Twist

Psalm 23 With A Twist

You Are My Shepard

I lack nothing

You are so Loving

You make me lie down in green pastures

And that is where you and I will gature

You lead me beside quiet waters

because I am one of your chosen daughters

You refresh my soul 

And guide me along the right paths

For your names sake

For you I will never Forsake

Even though I walk through the d...

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My Jesus

Jesus is My Lord

He will protect me with His sord

I keep his bible on my side

His truth is his word

If nobody wants you in this world

You will always have him

And that you can take as a win

Living for Jesus will never be easy

The devil will always be in your ear teasing

Telling you

Your not worth it

Trying to pull you down to the pit

But the Lord always wins


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Chasing Love

Lying in my bed thinking of what lies ahead of me

Twisting and turning

I remember

I'm just an adoptee

Not wanted or Loved

Just pushed away...….,. Un Loved

Chasing a feeling, a wanting, a need

Was I not a good seed?

I chase a Love so True

It's something so long overdue

At night I wipe my tears and cry

I simply ask why? Why me?

If I could only agree

and not g...

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Suicide Trapped

I have a secret that I keep to myself

I hold it inside so long it gives me dizzy spells

walking alone in this world can feel so empty

I am scared I wont make it till I'm twenty

everyone says shake it off but depression is real

will it ever go away?

No one really knows

I live with these thoughts everyday.

using razors and knives have become normal

Why the hell am I so ...

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Through The Eyes of The Bullied

You make me feel so alone in this world

And the thought of me

Leaves you unconcerned

You don't care about my feelings

Knowing it's wrong 

you give your self all the right reasons

The right reasons to shame me day after day

At night all I can do is pray

Will this torture ever end

I don't understand

Why can't you and I be friends

Your words they Black and Blue me


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Higher Power

There's so many people that wonder

If theres a Higher Power

Some will search climbing the tallest tower

They question with so much wonder

But many can feel something hitting the world with a strong thunder

If there's someone higher that can change all the bad

Then why is this world full of sad?

You lie awake at night 

Praying to someone

Feeling like you need to run


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Soulmate In The Air

I dreamt her in my dreams

I awoke feeling something different in my bloodstreams

Not everyone finds there soulmate in a lifetime

But I found mine

And she's my lifeline

I can be with her at anytime

She's my branch to my tree

My soulmate set me free

I found my soulmate somewhere in the Air

Our relationship is quite rare

She was the answer to my prayer

I will follow m...

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Dear Younger Me

Being born into this world wasn't welcoming

Thats how I believe I got my life's sentencing

I wasn't wanted by my mama

I swear people came to watch my life play out at the cinema

Tears on the floor

when I'm opening the door

Creepin to see

If he would find me

Whispers in my ear

he wants to touch me

I thought I was adopted because I was special

And nothing lesser


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