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The waved out threadbare union flags
Lie amongst the fallen bunting
The bugle sounds it’s final call
For today’s their last day of hunting
We march en masse for Republica
Down the roads we own and built
Through industrial towns and village greens
Where swords were drawn and blood was spilt
We march en masse for Republica
Through green and pleasant lands
On a day in June when the flowers ...

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Queen Poetry Poets Invite Royal Family Republic Se

When The World Was Young (and so was I)

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That dance that glance
that suedehead stance
Them 2 tone covered ska tracks
them union flags
them bald scumbags
that culture that was hijacked
that toothless Jerry
that white Fred Perry
them blunt end skinny ties
those boots and braces
them shiny faces
when the world was young and so was I

That punch off Manny
that finger that fanny
that mad twat on our estat...

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Words Escape Me Poet Salford manchester

Love And Be Loved

(Written for a friends wedding day)


Love & Be Loved


When the Black Country met Ribble Valley
From the Hyndburn district of Lancashire
An I do a yes and a kiss to digest
Was all he could ever ask of her

Do I love you on bended knee
They would guess the answer was yes
Once buried deep in a Detroit vault
All the words meant the world nonetheless

She sits ast...

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Wedding Poem Love

Connected And Protected

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Connected and protected
The rich amongst the poor
The innocent and vulnerable
Placed in there to care for
Connected and protected
Beneath a cloak of violence
Susceptible and impressionable
Defiled dumbed and silenced
Connected and protected
Raising millions o’ pounds
Vile deceit of those so sweet
To afraid to make a sound
Connected and protected
Safe within the r...

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Words Escape Me Poet Salford

As Christmas Eve Falls Once More

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As Christmas Eve falls once more
     Wonder what tomorrow will bring
As Christmas Eve falls once more
     See it’s their turn to dance and it’s their turn to sing
For once the small boy was all Palitoy
     He was Action Man versus Stretch Armstrong
Dolls for the girl Tiny Tears and Girls World
     Cassette players played out the popular song
But time grows age and prio...

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Christmas Poem Eve Words Escape Me

When I've Gone

entry picture

If and when i start to dribble
If i'm cabbaged and locked in a trance
If spastic paralysis or motor neurons
Have me shitting and pissing in my pants

If you find me on the precinct
In nowt but my undies and socks
Ship me off to that place in Switzerland
Send me back in a cardboard box

Don't waste money on a fancy casket
Or a cortege of fancy cars
And I don't wanna sit on no m...

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Death Faith Religion Atheist Atheism Funeral Morta

Spanish Dolls

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Spanish Dolls

Was it Benidrom Lanzarote
Fuengirola or Salou?
On velvet maps hung up like plaques
In a council house front room
With the woodchip and anaglypta
And a nicotined artex ceiling
The odds and ends and current trends
Made the 70s kitsch appealing

Was it Double Diamond Watneys Seven
Harp or Babycham?
Stacked and stored on the old sideboard
That once was the radio...

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Jonathan Barrington Words Escape Me 1970s Council

From Winnie

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Dear Ian this is my final letter
I've no need to write anymore
So burn that sealed envelope
That sits in your advocates drawer
Dear Ian my waiting is over
Dear Ian my time has come
So fare thee well I hope you rot in hell
A mother has found her son


© (Jonathan Barrington (Words Escape Me) 2012

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Winnie Johnson Keith Bennett


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A first class classic example
Of a way to manipulate news
Is to first of all own all the corporations
Then put out the version you choose
Present them a problem covertly of course
So horrific to ensure they implore
Create and evolve an ostensible pretext
Then hatch your plans for made up war
The reaction desired sure will be acquired
When your media beams out the...

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Jonathan Barrington Words Escape Me Poet Poetry Po

Words Escape Me

Sometimes i struggle to believe what i hear
It's all like a turd falling into my beer
Katie Price up for 'Mum Of The Year'?
Words escape me

Unmanned drones sent to kill and to mame
Thatchers grandchildren desperate for fame
Nine billion pound for the Olympic games?
Words escape me

What does the compromise of innonence entail
When it's the smoke from celebrity dreams they in...

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Don't Look Down (Look Up)

When you focus in and concentrate
On those across the street
When you're quick to cast aspertions
On the vulnerable and weak
And when someones tongue just don't belong
To the language that you speak
When you feed off greed and believe what you read
Then grin yourself to sleep

When you carry round those leaches
Like golden chains around your feet
When you wave a flag then mak...

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