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The Paracelsus Embrace



That the poisoned become the poison

is all too often true,

their embrace pre-laced with toxin

their intention to imbue.


Subversively soft and gentle

oft with wit and guile,    

they're the demons of invention

they'll skewer you with a smile. 


They are innocent of malice

as they bathe you in their light,

there's salvation in ...

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What Sea Shells See


This time of year the beach is clear

at five o’clock the sky trails its skirt of drizzle,

the sea can barely roll itself to shore

as if when no-one is looking it takes a break.


The dog shits on the sand which is actually shit anyway,

people forget this and make us take the shit away,

but the beach is shit anyway.

A plastic bag containing dog shit now sits on my kitch...

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Blustering Buffoons



How much care for our nations sons

to toss them glibly toward the guns?

is that how love of country is measured

with sacrifice of blood most treasured?


To profess such pride in fields of stone,

and lay red wreaths at tombs unknown

how great might be that other path?

of Mothers Pride where children laugh.


And what of those who puff...

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Hymn to hypocrisy



Show me three gift-less paupers and a shrouded starless night

vacant rooms and fears allayed a Royal beauty shining bright

a crown of thorns unpicked of brambles and a covenant of rights

our truth is marching on


Give them all stamped passports with passage calm and free

give them life-preservers on a milky charted flat-top sea

give them shoes...

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this is not alt-right and I am not a proponent of nationalism


Cedar boughs weigh heavy with rain

as if limbs of battle weary men,

still they stand unbowed they refrain,

awaiting the onslaught again.


Unwavering like nations in blood

reaching higher each drop that is shed,

for whatever be lost in the flood

comes rebirth in the roots...

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Variable Morality



dirty beard

old man


in the back of van


networked up

refillable cup


renewed again


yellow stains

shit for brains


to clean his drains


plastic bag

full of bras

gypsies dogging

in his fucking cars



hate his fucking guts


still shaves his nuts


the warde...

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There are Bats thereabouts in the house

they are really no more than a mouse

they sleep upside down

so their smile is a frown

their protection I wholly espouse

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Put the leaves back on the trees



Put the leaves back on the trees,

grow the skin across the bone,

dream the words onto the page,

this land is but a scar regrown.


Grow the skin across the bone, 

dream the words onto the page,

this land is but a scar regrown,

it feeds upon each bygone age.


Dream the words onto the page,

the ink is blood much bled before,

its ...

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Angels are best cast out

before that they are merely slaves

God in his fury frees them

and regrets it for the rest of days


I met one in Le Sacré-Cœur

she flew out of a frame

burned upon re-entry

she took refuge by the Seine


We ended up in Le Pigalle

in a club called Crazy Horse

she slid the pole so heavenly

bound straight...

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Through a solitary window one mile from the sea

the breeze blew a leaf the last from a tree

yet still it stood proudly unwavering true

defiantly stripped to remind me of you


of the battles you fought some lost and some won

and the lessons you taught to a waywardly son

that even when life takes us down to the bone

if you stand up for something your...

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