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Sentenced to Peace (notes on Don McCullin)

Passing through six rooms of a life

in the aperture of his minds eye.

From Finsbury Park to Palmyra,

in this final space he speaks to me.


Grotesque gargoyles broken against rocks,

an empty child on the withered breast.

Poverty in Black and White,

a gloating victor defiles a corpse.


In this end room landscapes open out,

trees reach to darkened skies where the su...

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Gods bless us all

When Gods rise people fall,

so bless us all

Gods bless us all.


We carved Jerusalem from golden stone

to cover its glory with a blinkered dome,

once from The Mount we could see the stars,

once all the stars were all of ours.


We cut the forest to build a church,

we carved a tree to make a cross.

What have we gained but something lost,

its men not Gods that pay...

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Sad holiday



We went fishing my boy and me,

Sea fishing

it was our holiday, he was excited

and I was sad.

Sad only for myself in a selfish destructive way.

We shared a tiny room 

Seagulls nested on the rooftops,

I cried in my narrow little bed when he fell asleep.

I went to the bar and drank 

because I was weak and selfish and broken.


In the ...

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Jean's hands

entry picture



Eight fingers interlocking

rest untrembling on Jean's cold knees,

blackened in Whitechapel grime

steadied only by each other.

Torn and bloodied claw,

once pink and curled in beautiful birth

once reaching and clutching,

no hope to cling to now.

She folds them to her face 

tears trace lines that pool in scars,

hand's which once pick...

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Knife crime with a flourish

Stick it in, twist it round, pull it out

the red faced Sergeant Majors shout,

those black boys make such good recruits

just teach them drill and give them boots.


This country has a wealth men

devoid of hope unknowing zen,

so fix the blade and set them off

a torn off rag for the Molotov.


Bayonets glinting in the schools,

to not be used we’d look like fools.


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The exquisite beauty of your pain keeps me awake,

each line on your face

bought and paid for,

worked for,

snorted and imported.

Gone now, your clothes are strewn about.

Your dresser smeared with spittle,

shoes have parted company, have stepped away.

The bed bugs miss your taste,

An unimpressed pillow lies forlorn. 

I touch where once we laid, stalactite tears hang...

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A Farnham Prayer



On being turned away from a place of worship


Passed the playing children

on through the garden gate,

in haste toward the altar

to pray it's not too late.


But pew on pew is filled with souls

already in Salvation, 

I hear the call to other world's

some other congregation.

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The Empath



The Empath took the path of least resistance,

the tilted head, hand held insistence.


The Princess Di of all things forgiving,

a Mother Teresa for the miserably living,


“I know your pain” she’d caringly intone

as gracefully she glided home.


In interviews and Q & A’s

the impassioned confession, her “Worst of Days”


and then...

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How many Monks did the Chinese get?



How many Marks for a loaf of bread?

the pre-putsch civilised citizens said


Then later with the ovens stoked up strong

they vapourised outcast’s who didn’t belong


See how one thing leads to the next

how a printing press expands to a text


How a fake news crisis leads to war

how a woman of dignity bends to a whore


How an emp...

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The perfect vacuum



He wrote because he didn’t want to talk,

he didn’t want to talk because no-one listened,

no-one listened because they were busy talking.


He read because he didn’t want to listen,

he didn’t want to listen because no one ever read,

no-one read because they all knew everything.


So he buried himself in solitude

so no-one ever knew.


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Continental drift

Now closer than in recent years

separation is measured by sunlight and moon,

by sleeping and waking,

by cell phone roaming charges.


You live on the edge of Empires

divided by perfumed Seas, Minarets and Steeples.

I exist like a refugee in my crumbling Kingdom, 

yet still it fortifies my heart.


Once when we were worlds apart

when love still served a purpose,


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The Voyage of Sleep


This bed my nightly raft to sail a thousand seas

descending into darkness the davit lowers me,

cast and swept, ripped and hauled beneath the waking world,

through silver blue translucent light some other plane unfurls.

Mirrored scales reflecting cool peaks of milky foam 

my cells mitosis multiply renewing then regrown,

from the healing of a timeless womb cocooned in vacant...

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The skyline spattered by air bursting shells, 

canvas of grey, the birds have flown free.

The Belfry relieved of its heavenly Bells,

the crucifix splintered to saviourless tree.   


Rats eat bootlaces through to the bone

then we eat the rats and so eat our own.

God has deserted what we now defend

but the Devil is stoic, the Devil's a frien...

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Sycamore seeds turning like keys,

unlocking new seasons

blown on a breeze,


but now they lay dormant

through Rain and through Snow,

colours fast fading no warming red glow.


Within them sleep Summers and Winters unknown,

but all shall rise up

wherever they're sown.


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Bolton Abbey



Nothing can be written of beauty

for serenity is silent.


Only cannon and drum

can pepper the page.


These hallowed places cleansed by blood,

their gift is peace.


Across history riders rode

Angel and Demon,


Tyrants sent emissary’s,

altars smashed and crosses burned


From darkest night

came the brighter day.


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The face is broke against the wheel,

diamond shard peppered flesh.

Now bloody pulp, once squeezed to life

between thighs of painful birth,

between creation of hope and the damnation of men.


Lips as blue as Iceberg Oceans

cannot one single word now form,

not one goodbye, no gratitude nor regret,      

no moment remembered, 

nor o...

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Fire gazing



Shimmering under kindling embers glow with fiery promise,

stoked from lazy slumber they crackle into flame.

Beneath the hollow sky a fine white shroud descends,

vapour trails glide eastward as if searchlights of the Gods.


In moments so peaceful I hope the world sleeps on,

the Sun to lose its wings the waking bells to never ring,

while timber...

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Sprung between the cracks of the slabs in Peckham Rye

the Sprigs of Empire Mothers defy a concrete sky,

here where Blake saw Angels and Shepherds quenched a thirst

the once downtrod are rising and learning to come first.


From Terraces and Towers confined and stacked unseen

they dare to poke their hopeful buds to where they've never been,

while Highwaymen of history defo...

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Bury your head in the sand and get fucked in the arse

When did humility become disability?

there are no benefits to claim. 

To withhold a word for impact

is lost on the inane.


Why should less mean more than more?

was war suppressed by jaw, jaw, jaw?

When rationale walked out the door

the room filled up with bore, bore, bore. 


When did lies become invisible?

impervious to all that's risible,

When honesty hides i...

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Each word separated from the other

removed from the greater part which gave it meaning,

the vowels waterboarded,

exclamations electrocuted.


The CAPITALS made to sit in corners

while comma's had their toe-nails pulled.

Question marks eradicated, 

full stops turned informer.


Phonic's disembodied to a hum

their transitions obliterated.

All died in lonesome sile...

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Reflections on the reading of a will



Old people are ghosts trying out their shrouds

parachuting lemmings taking refuge in the clouds,

a ground rush of senility invades their tired brains

degrading their ability with each day that still remains.


They stand on cliffs to paint the sea

and focus on tranquility.

Their dodgy valves leak pints of tea,

they wonder how they came to b...

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This land healed me,

no Man upon it, no God above

no Shakespeare Sonnet,

no act of love.


These gentle hills

their majesty,

renewed all hope,

took tragedy,


and placed in me

a seed to grow

the fruit of all

I've come to know.

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In the gentle fold of petals



Between the miracle of petals

form tears of diamond dew,

like the passing of grief they settle

and quench my thirst for you.


On a sideboard by a window

sad blooms toward the sun,

one earthly journey ended

one lonely walk begun.


But wilt as may, I'll wilt away

and fall with withered time,

though never fades one single day


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On New Year Morning



Halfway up the rise looking back 

across the Hamlet rooftops,

through scented woody swirls,

I see six horses like statues bent to earth,

necks and fetlocks steam with strength.


In the space between us only silence,

though there lie a hundred souls to sleep, to dream,

yet not one to see this sight.

This New Years Morn when life is all a...

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