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Reflections on the reading of a will



Old people are ghosts trying out their shrouds

parachuting lemmings taking refuge in the clouds,

a ground rush of senility invades their tired brains

degrading their ability with each day that still remains.


They stand on cliffs to paint the sea

and focus on tranquility.

Their dodgy valves leak pints of tea,

they wonder how they came to b...

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This land healed me,

no Man upon it, no God above

no Shakespeare Sonnet,

no act of love.


These gentle hills

their majesty,

renewed all hope,

took tragedy,


and placed in me

a seed to grow

the fruit of all

I've come to know.

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In the gentle fold of petals



Between the miracle of petals

form tears of diamond dew,

like the passing of grief they settle

and quench my thirst for you.


On a sideboard by a window

sad blooms toward the sun,

one earthly journey ended

one lonely walk begun.


But wilt as may, I'll wilt away

and fall with withered time,

though never fades one single day


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On New Year Morning



Halfway up the rise looking back 

across the Hamlet rooftops,

through scented woody swirls,

I see six horses like statues bent to earth,

necks and fetlocks steam with strength.


In the space between us only silence,

though there lie a hundred souls to sleep, to dream,

yet not one to see this sight.

This New Years Morn when life is all a...

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