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Wolfgar Miere on The Tree in My Garden (2 days ago)




As if being pulled toward a force,

free will became delusion.

Greeted by ashen faces in the shallows, swallowed whole,


powdered with fine crushed bone,

they parted ranks to let me pass.

Stairs of Hyacinth garlands pressed my feet.


Skulls spun on bamboo scaffolds, jaws agape, sockets black,

lemon grass malaria,

Incense spiralled fun...

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The Tree in My Garden



The tree in my garden never bares strange fruit

is never draped with torn limbs or guts 

the tree in my garden is a refuge for birds

and apart from its growing does nothing much 


No burning crosses rage on my lawn

no carpet bombing laid down at dawn

no drought or famine to wither the root

the tree in my garden grew free from a chute



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The Lazarus Tears



The night brings rain

on a curtain of cool air


it falls like secret promises

that will never be kept


our house stands proud in the deluge

the tracks now not so easily traced  


morning Sun will raise up the dew

like Lazarus tears


and the day so resplendently renewed

resurrects the remnants of all our fears



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The River steals light

from the Street and from the Stars,

like floating lanterns of reflection

launched from the cupped hands of Gods


the city skies are blinded

where men's eyes are lit by lesser wonder,

in darkness all that shines distracts 

in darkness only the sightless see,


hearing storms in telling trees,

sensing sea salt ...

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Beyond The Fringe



We had gone beyond the fringe

stopping in Kirkcaldy, a B&B on Bennochy Road


The North Sea looked furious,

The Landlady dusted the crucifix at breakfast.


I bought a book of Scottish Poets and a bottle of Glenfiddich,

We went to the rocky edge while you stayed in.


Sober found me lying on the dining table under Jesus,

you had abando...

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