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My favorite game

Furtive hand inside my pants.

Fingers do a clitoral dance.

As the feelings start to rise.

Oh yes, oh yes oh yes I cried.

A phalus pulses deep inside.

The pleasure that builds, I cannot hide.

It thrills me so into my core.

Surley I can take no more.

The sweat it sits upon my brow.

Oh my God, im comming now.

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Drinking again? maybee



I was at a party don’t you know?

Bottles everywhere, booze was in full flow.

Coke in hand, want to play it safe.

Work in the morning, not staying out late.

A glass of wine then caught my eye, and with a cheeky wink said give me a try.

Vodka was in the corner Cossack dancing trying to impress the lemonade.

Jack Daniels had already pulled, the ice cubes melted at his fiery touch.


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Man`s Folly

Humankind cannot take too much reality.

They retreat into their minds.

It’s all just wishfull thinking.

Reality is invisible, so what is it that we see?

We must prepare for every eventuality.

Prepare ourselves to hear the truth.

The population, so aloof.

Given no reason our thoughts are carried on the wind.


Civilisation fragile as glass.

Minds stretched thin, soon will snap.

Is it a...

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No More Drinking

No more drinking

I’m not drinking anymore.

My mates think I’ve become a bore.

Rather wake up in my own bed.

Than wake up with a banging head.

Mouth like a birdcage? Not for me.

The buzz word is sobriety.

Look at Gazza he`s a mess.

Don’t want to end up like Georgie Best

I’m glad I got that off my chest.

Sallow skin and bloodshot eyes.

How long can a body survive?


Drunken brawls, don’...

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Dance Dance...

Dance Dance...

Let’s trip the light fantastic.

Let’s get up and have a dance.

Eyes meet across a crowded floor.

A possible romance?

We’ll shake around like Stevens.

We’ll float like fred Astair.

Sometimes we look like dickheads, but we don’t really care.


The teds they like to rock and roll.

The rockers like to mosh.

I wanted to try ballet, but I’m much to fat for that.

So instead we’...

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