You wear a mask, so do I.

I have possessed many masks.

Each one chosen with forethought,

Not a soul would see my face.


My masks were all spectacular.

Some assumed the mask was me.

While it remained out of sight,

Forgot what my face looked like.


Till I wearied of the façade,

And every mask I ever wore,

Lay hurled away and broken.

Discarded pieces on the fl...

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Have you seen the fae folk,

On a chilly winter’s eve?

Marching round the hill fort,

Atop the midnight hill?


Have you met the wise folk,

On a sunlit afternoon?

Down in the eerie forest,

By the silvan brook?


Sweet the babe is sleeping,

Beside the cheering fire.

Or is a faerie changeling

Resting peacefully there?


If you encounter fae folk,

Do not ...

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The Innkeeper’s hair is white,

His beard is long, and a smile

Plays on his ruddy countenance.

Bright eyes convey consolation

To the world-weary traveller.

When storm winds fume and

Distressed trees bend and creak,

His dwelling place beckons.


His abode is a welcoming sight,

Radiance glows from its windows.

His provisions are of the finest,

Tankards full and fir...

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I witnessed a pixie once,

Trapped inside a glass bottle,

On a shelf in a friend’s house.

Watched as the tiny creature

Crept to the back of the vessel.

Eyes gleaming with fear.


What is that? I asked my friend.

Her gaze rested on the sprite.

Vivid fragile wings shielded

Most of the tiny being.

Some sort of bug? I enquired.

Or maybe a butterfly?


Not a but...

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Evening, quiet as a cat,

Creeps in search of a warm bed.

Darkness seeps like smoke

Into crevasses, into corners.

Into houses and neat back yards.

Between trees in the forest

Spreading its thick blanket,

Lulling life to sleep.


Stillness falls.

Wild creatures retreat to lairs.

Birds settle their feathers for sleep.

Nocturnal creatures, alert, sharp-eyed,


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The eagle fearlessly rises

On gigantic wings beating.

Strength in sinews surging,

Hesitant thoughts abandoned.

Visions of a new beginning,

Gusting through his mind.

He revels in potent vigour,

As the sudden rush of life

Flows beneath wings extended.

Uncertainty, fear of failure,

Left in the dismal valley,

in driving storm and rain.

Sun in sharp eyes reflected,


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What is that tap-tapping

Upon my windowpane?

A goblin seeking shelter,

Or the music of the rain?


What is that noise creeping,

Creaking on my stairs?

Could it be the gnome I saw

By the bathroom door?


Is that the wind shrieking?

Whistling in the hearth?

Or is it an ancient banshee,

Outside in the dark?


They say this house is haunted,

I tell them ...

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I was despondent in the house,

In the house where the light was dim.

Phantoms crept within the house,

Where sunlight had not been.


Woeful tunes played in the house,

In the house where the light was dim.

Shadows loomed and time was lost,

Where sunlight had not been.


Window shutters bolted firm,

In the house where the light was dim.

Oft times I felt no hope at...

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I knew a man who could fly.

He was born that way.

Kept his wings hidden

Beneath his shirt.


He showed them to me.

Long silken feathers,

Gleaming silver flecked with blue.

Believe me, it’s true.


He raised his head to the wind,

Extended his wings and soared,

Under the sun’s Sparkling eye.

I do not lie.



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If you should spy a crafty gnome

Beside an open fire, humming a tune.

Tap- tapping his tiny hammer

Upon a diminutive shoe.

Expression on his face a mix

Of mischief, curiosity, and wit.


Would you think him comical,

With ruddy cheeks, eyes aglow?

Entrancing scene to witness,

A fortunate happenstance?

Friend, no! Pass him by.

Do not disturb the gnome.



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