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All I need
is if I was 
the only human 
on the planet 
is my furry 
friend by my 
side then I'll 
be doing just 
fine and dandy


©Tina Glover  All Rights Reserved/ One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer 2017 but posting here on February 21,2018 

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The Darkness

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{The Darkness}

Your whole 
aura is 
giving off 
that deep 
down darkness 
that we all 
fear to love 
but you are 
making yours 
to resist 


©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved/ One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer 2017 but posting here on February 21,2018

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The Moment

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{The Moment}

The moment 
when happiness
arrives but some
stubborn asshole 
comes along to 
screw that up for 
you so steer clear 
of all assholes 
that's even 
including you 


©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved/ One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer 2017 but posting here on February 21,2018 

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humorouslifelivingOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina GloverPoempoetryquoteshort storyTina Gloverwriting

Just So Sick

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{Just So Sick}

I'm so sick of 
being so tired 
of being so weak 
all of the time 
due to my 
illness and 
sickness but I 
hope and pray 
it will get 
better for me 
but I honestly 
don't know if 
it ever will 


©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved/One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer 2017 but posting here on February 21,2018 

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cure_chiarihurtlifelivingmy rare brain diseaseOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina GloverpainpoempoetrysicknessTina Glover

When I Am A Sleep Or Awake

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{When I Am A Sleep Or Awake} 


When I am a sleep or awake I dream of you all the same 




©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved/ One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer Originally written in 2016 but posting here on February 15,2018 





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Erotic Naughty Poems

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(Eroitc Naughty Poems)




He walks in from work with his shirt draping off his rock hard body that has me looking straight at him in his eyes while locking on with his eyes then I start to twist and bitting my tongue and lips while licking them wanting to taste his body on my lips and you can't take it anymore I get up walking over to him while doing a sexy stripper walk dance while...

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The Love I Have For My Husband Jeff

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(The Love For My Husband Jeff)



I love my husband Jeff

He was my first love 

He will be my last love 

He puts his pretty Country Queen up on a pedestal 

And my husband is my hero he is my life he is the one that I was waiting on and I thank God that I found him he's one of a kind he's the man of my dreams is everything I could want he takes care of me like I'm his Queen he ...

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Erotic Naughty Girl Poem

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{Eroitc Naughty Girl Poem} 



Chain me up and put a collar around my neck and then you command me to sit down on my plumped ass and then you are telling me to follow you and then you are telling me to beg you for harder punishment like a dog and then you are yanking on my chain and then you are telling me to climb up on the bed and then pulling out the leather whip then you spank my ass...

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He Plays Cat And Mouse Games

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(He Plays Cat And Mouse Games) 




​​​​​​As he chases me and many 

more women because

he likes to play 

little cat and mouse game's with me 

but I am tired of running away 

from him and now 

you have all the other women that you are chasing



Because I am gone 




And we will not

have no more

playing cat and

mouse game's

for me...

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Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #50 (Havana)

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Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #50 (Havana)



My heart is hurting because I left something extra special behind in beautiful Havana 




​​​​​​He was a tall tan skinned man that was a tall glass of water that kept thrusting for him day and night and I think I am about ready to lose my mind because of that man in Havana 



And as I need and want Havana to appe...

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Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #49 (Doobie-Doobie)

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Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #49 (Doobie-Doobie) 





When the doobie-doobie drugs don't work any more girl you are just a fool if you think love don't hurt because hot damn it does that's why one more blow to sniff until I cannot breathe 

And when the doobie-doobie-doobie don't work any more as one more sniff and one more puff and popping one more pill until...

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Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #48 (His Fine Self)

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Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #48 (His Fine Self) 





His fine self 

Had my heart bumping, thumping to the never ending thirst of his endless muscles that was rippling like the ocean waters beneath our feet touching every base of my body that had me longing for you to touch me all over my body because it aches for you and do you wanna reach for the never ending thirst fo...

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