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The warmth in her eyes

took me by suprise

and her gentle smile was my sunrise

I thought I recognised a kindred spirit

a woman truely intuative and not materialistic

like a femail reflection of myself

if I'd had better health

well that was my conclusion

but was it as usual

self delusion?

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My M E Brick

You think that M E is all in the mind

you think I am a malingerer

don't you know you are being unkind

and your cruel words they linger


I never wanted to live this way

I never asked to get sick

so if you've got nothing kind to say

then you must be as thick as a brick


M E is a physical illness

I'm exhausted confined to a bed

so why should I put ...

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A Portrait of Love


Once upon a time,

in a land of rhythm and rhyme,

there lived a rather plain looking princess,

who wore a gaudy crown and a frumpy dress.

Princes courted her just for the money,

not for love and to make her their honey.

The princess felt so awfully sad,

that these princes were so thoughtless and bad.

Then one day a rather plain looking artist,

who was just longing to ...

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To Baldly Go


Would you be appalled

If you saw I was bald

Or would you be enthralled

Go on and have a feel

My bonce has sex appeal

Could you fall for a slaphead

It has to be said

My head is made for hats

I’m a real cool cat

Looking funky, walking tall

I never stall

We could have a ball

So gimme a call

Let me take my pick

And make it quick

I want a moonlit flit

With a baldy chick

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Creativity Rap


Don’t be shy

Give it a try

Bring out your creativity

Ignoring the negativity

Be the best that you can be

It’s not for popularity

Or notoriety

Do it for yourself

Can’t you see

It’s completely free

Bring out your talents

In every circumstance

Music poetry and art

Come from your head and heart

Be experimental with that pencil

Show no restraint with that paint

Take th...

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Portly Portrates


I was walking around an art gallery,

looking at the old portraits of kings and queens,

when I felt that all those stern historical eyes were focussed on me

and I felt hysterical at the weight of their condemnation.

So as no one was looking,

I took a black marker pen from my pocket

and drew a pair of shades on each of the portraits.

Then I thought why stop there

and drew...

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Preston FM DJ


I’m your Preston FM DJ

You’ll find me here the same time everyday

I really am a wacky bloke

I like to natter and tell a joke

I’ll tell you about the latest craze

Even though it may just be a faze

Perhaps I’ll do an interview

We’ll talk about things you like to do

Maybe I’ll have a special guest

I hope they are funny and won’t be a pest

Sometimes I’m too rude and need to ...

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Sci Fi Christmas


Darth Vader is a sinister bloke

He often wades through clouds of smoke

Making threats and acting roughly

Isn’t he ever so huffy puffy


Luke Skywalker is a really nice bloke

To all colours and shapes of alien folks’

He protects us all with daring do

Merry Christmas!

And may the force be with you

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It’s no fun being a tortoise

Hiding in your shell

You don’t do it through choice

It’s a lonely place to dwell

Please try and pop your head out

And sniff the world around

Take a look about

Then lift your shell off the ground

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I want a woman


I want a woman

Who listens to my reflections

Who gives me direction

And offers me protection

I want a woman

Who will shield me from the flack

To never change tack

And go on the attack

I want a woman

Who wears a sharp suit

And killer boots

Who is never cute

I want a woman

Who knows invention

And is intentional

In being sexual

I want a woman

Who can rap and sing


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Boiling Trouble


Three witches round a pot

Boiling frogs nice and hot

Murmuring and muttering

Little bats a fluttering

Wafting whiffy smells

Incanting nasty spells

What will be your curse?

All your boils will burst

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The Changeling


The evil elves are in your house

And they are quieter than a mouse

They’re heading for your babies room

And they’ll get him very soon

They will play games with your head

Then snatch your baby from his bed

He’ll be replaced by an elf child

Wicked spiteful deceitful wild

You’ll love him as your very own

But he’ll disown you when he’s grown

This changeling child will be yo...

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Olympic Sports


We British are good on a bike

As fast as you bloomin well like

We British are good in a boat

As long as the damn thing floats


We row and we pedal

To win all those medals


Now we should be bold

We’d be sure to win gold

If we could go go go go

In a lightweight pedalo


Ps I’m brilliant at crazy golf

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Love Beach


There are plenty more pebbles on the beach

That are within easy reach

But I must head

The slippery seaweed

And I don’t wish

To be stung by jellyfish

Now there are times

When I deride

The tides of love

But the sand

Trickles through my hands

So I must be selfish

And find the elusive starfish

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Place of Peace


Every person has disarmed

No one thinks of doing harm

The swagger and fist

Have been dismissed

The savage beast

Is now deceased

The doves of peace

Have been released

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